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<Ternoa {Forest}> To say the Dragonite named Ternoa was feeling nervous right now would be a highly accurate statement, albeit one helped by the fact that it was his normal disposition. He was currently flying over a forest unknown to him, hearing a roar echo through the sky. It didn't bother him any further than he already was, though. He considered having one of the Pecha Berries in the sack he always carried with him, but that only reminded him that his supply was running low. Stopping, he opened his sack to see exactly how many he had. Turns out he was down to six. He frowned at this discovery. "W-Well that's not good..." he murmured to himself before closing his sack and finding a good place to land. Once on solid ground, he began walking around for any Pecha Berry bushes. As he searched, something suddenly sped past him, causing him to let out a small "eep!" It took him a few seconds to recover, then a few more to process what just happened. When he finally figured it out, or so he hoped, he wondered aloud, "Was...was that a...Raikou?"
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Autumn The albino pachirisu perked up at Scarlet's request. "Oh! That would be fun." She chirped, but as she did so a blue feather landed at her paws. She poked at it for a second before her ears flipped up, twitching a bit. She looked upwards to see a shiny Braviary. She seemed to get really excited and her tail started to twitch. "Is that Halawir??" She asked happily before pausing. "Oh- it's not." Now sad gurl. Axel Axel was continuing to walk through the forest, gathering food.
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[ Gear > Forest ] A lone Magearna sat upon a rock within a dense part of the forest, their gears humming and whirring as the Magearna polished off an egg. The egg itself wasn't very detailed, thus the robotic Pokemon didn't know what to expect from it. But, they just continued to polish the egg, clearing the dirt from it. The Magearna began humming some sort of tune as they placed the egg into the bag the robot carried wherever they went. Gear, as this Magearna was referred to, adjusted the hat that sat on their head as they picked the bag up and placed it on their back. It had been a while since they had seen Elio and Selene, and Gear wondered what the two were up to now. However, Gear just began walking, seeing as how the scenery of the forest was rather beautiful to them, despite having traveled long distances.
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Dreamer+Valerie A Jirachi was walking along in the forest along with her best friend Valerie. “Come on, Valerie. At least make an effort to not care about fashion for once” “Yea yea, whatever. Look, why did we run away from Erica in the first place? She is the number one fashion designer.” The Tsareena replies. “If I was to make you grant a wish, It would be-“ “to be a fashion designer, bla bla bla.” Dreamer sighed. She knew Valerie. Valerie was sassy, yet she was her best friend. How did that compute?. They both walked together in the forest, Dreamer flying with her pink ribbon wings. “Wait, who is that Magerna?” Dreamer pointed at a robotic Pokemon carrying some type of egg.”And what’s that egg?” “Probably just some toy, let’s just go already!” “Why? She seems friendly! And lonely...” “She’s probably waiting for friends. Let’s go,” The Tsareena continued walking. Dreamer pulled her magenta arm to stop her. “Well, If she’s waiting for friends, why is her face like that? Put some effort in, Valerie! Now let’s go to that Magerna. Valerie sighed and followed her. They walked to the point where the magerna is. “Hi!” Dreamer said to them.” What’s your name? I’m Dreamer, my BFF over there is Valerie. Anyway, where did you come from? What’s in that egg? Are you male or female? What are you doing here?”
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<Ternoa {Forest}> Ternoa decided he'd worry about whatever had zipped past him later. Right now, he had to restock his berry pouch. As such, he continued wandering around, searching for a good Pecha bush to pick from. After a while, he found what he was looking for, which made him smile a little. He approached the bush and began picking berries from it, putting them in his pouch and telling himself he wouldn't have to worry about it again for quite some time. As he was wrapping up, however, he looked up and noticed a Shinx not too far away from him. This put him a little on edge, hoping they wouldn't see him, or at least pay him any mind.
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<Farylia - Forest> Today seemed normal enough for this Snivy. She'd just woken up and gotten to grips with this forest at last. She brushes dirt off of her scarf and fans away some more using her tail. "Well then... seems I have a bit of work to do, considering I need to properly settle in here. I'd prefer not to sleep on the grass tonight." A faint rustling came through a nearby bush(one of you guys) and it caused Farylia to give up a eager stance. "Well then? Can I ask if anybody has shown up in my terrain?" @Anybody
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Gear Gear, who was quite shocked to be getting any sort of attention, shook as they were approached. Once they had calmed down, they looked at the Jirachi and Tsareena. Gear thought it would be impolite to stay silent... but what if they went silent again...? They quietly sighed as they finally began to speak. "U-Uhm... hello... I am Magearna, though my friends Elio and Selene called me Gear, so, I go by that... And it is very nice to meet you two. As for your other questions, I was created in Kalos around 500 years ago, and then I went to Alola... the patterns on the egg lead me to believe that it contains some sort of grass type, and as for why I am here, I cannot say."
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Dreamer+Valerie “Ugh, let’s just go already Dreamer-“ BLAM! “At least introduce yourself!” The Tsareena hesitates. “I’m 10 million years old, I grant wishes” Dreamer replies. “I’m from the Unova region!”
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Farylia's dark personality instantly changed to a cheerful tone. "Alright! Just making sure you're not bad or something. I have split personalities, so I'm a bit confusing- I have a dark side and a light one. So, er, do you plan on heading anywhere? I'm trying to sort out my home here...." ((be sure to tag me with @ when you respond. I don't like getting confused!))
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Scarlet Scarlet looked up at the bird flying in the sky and wondered if Halawir was reincarnated but why was Autumn fine? “If you’d like we could go talk to them.” She stated and extended her black feathery wings.

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