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<Ternoa {Forest}> To say the Dragonite named Ternoa was feeling nervous right now would be a highly accurate statement, albeit one helped by the fact that it was his normal disposition. He was currently flying over a forest unknown to him, hearing a roar echo through the sky. It didn't bother him any further than he already was, though. He considered having one of the Pecha Berries in the sack he always carried with him, but that only reminded him that his supply was running low. Stopping, he opened his sack to see exactly how many he had. Turns out he was down to six. He frowned at this discovery. "W-Well that's not good..." he murmured to himself before closing his sack and finding a good place to land. Once on solid ground, he began walking around for any Pecha Berry bushes. As he searched, something suddenly sped past him, causing him to let out a small "eep!" It took him a few seconds to recover, then a few more to process what just happened. When he finally figured it out, or so he hoped, he wondered aloud, "Was...was that a...Raikou?"
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Pages: 12

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