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sacrificial offerings

-list- Crab: .x. .x. .x. .x. .x. .x. .x. .x. .x. .x. .x. .x. .x. .x. .x. .x. .x. {.x.} .x. .x. .x. .x. Bug: .x. .x. .x. Bugaloo: .x. .x. .x. Scatterbug: .a. .s. .s. .s. .a. .a. .s. .a. .a. .s. | .a. .a. .a. .a. .s. .a. .a. .a. .a. | .s. .s. .s. .s. .a. .a. .s. .a. .a. .a. .s. .s. .s. .a.

bug yeet

Morpeko: .a. .s. .s. .a. .s. .a. .a. .a.

mouse yeet

(pokemon traded for delta points) {saved from the pit}
✩ [ Me
Lex | They/Them pronouns
Hunt Chain! 61
✩ [ avatar
Alastor; Hazbin Hotel ep1
TR Score: 2820
stand up be strong know right from wrong forever hence
-♫- believe yourself
so today (06/Jun/2020) I got pokerus at 11am my time (17:00 pfq time) and hatched about 90 eggs? There were 99 Crabrawler I could evolve, after the fact. Hatched 1 shiny and 1 albino during the 'rus. Adopted 249 eggs in total. Today's Bonus: x3 Niet, x2.4 Shazi

Type Race Season 3!

Type Race 1: August, 2020

Ghost Team Never-Ending Nightmare Score: 1140

Type Race 2: September, 2020

Psychic Team Shattered Psyche Score: 841

Type Race 3: October, 2020

Electric Team Gigavolt Havoc Score: 1025

Type Race 4: November, 2020

Rock Team Continental Crush Score: 882

Type Race 5: December, 2020

Ground Team Tectonic Rage Score: 2079

Type Race 6: January, 2021

Type Race 7: February, 2021

Fairy Team Twinkle Tackle Score: 1294

Type Race 8: March, 2021

Dragon Team Devastating Drake Hunt: Dreepy/Gible Score: 1090

Type Race 9: April, 2021

Normal Team Breakneck Blitz Score: 1589

Type Race 10: May, 2021

Grass Team Bloom Doom Score: 2256

Type Race 11: June, 2021

Dark Team Black Hole Eclipse Score: 1934

Type Race 12: July, 2021

Water Team Hydro Vortex Score: 1307

Type Race 13: August, 2021

Bug Team Savage Spin-Out Score: 2590

Type Race 14: September, 2021

Ice Team Subzero Slammer Score: 1397

Type Race 15: October, 2021

Fighting Team All-Out Pummeling Score: 845

Type Race 16: November, 2021

Steel Team Corkscrew Crash Steelers Thread host! Score: 1126

Type Race 17: December, 2021

Poison Team Acid Downpour Score: 1593

Type Race 18: January, 2022

Fire Team Inferno Overdrive Score: 2255

Hunt Post Fifteen

Another new post.... HM duration of 25/Apr 19/Jul til 22/Oct
Weedle easy evos [41♂A] [53♂S] [80♂S] [100 eggs] 19/Jul/2020—23/Jul/2020 Chimchar easy evos [65♂A] [77♂S] [88♂A] [100 eggs] 23/Jul/2020—28/Jul/2020 Grubbin easy evos [86♂A] [108♀A] [130 eggs] 28/Jul/2020—06/Aug/2020
More Galar! (Part 8) Morpeko [67♂S] [91♂A] [100 eggs] 06/Aug/2020—08/Aug/2020 Pincurchin [36♀A] [79♀S] [100 eggs] 08/Aug/2020—18/Aug/2020 Type Race: Ghostalbino Pumpkabooalbino Dreepy Stonjourner [125♀A] [138♂S] [150 eggs] 18/Aug/2020—28/Aug/2020 Lab Egg Tourneyalbino Nickit Duraludon [76♀A] [93♂A] [197♂S] [200 eggs] 28/Aug/2020—06/Sep/2020 Shelter Hatch Tourneyalbino Rockruff Indeedee [31♂S] [54♂A] [140 eggs] 06/Sep/2020—27/Sep/2020
Pink Egg Tourneyalbino Stuffulalbino Stufful Type Race: Psychic none :c Shelter Hatch Tourneyalbino Blipbug V~Wave Hatch Tourneyalbino Rockruffalbino Poochyena Blipbug Impish tourney [39♂A] [74♂S] [76♂A] [136♀A] [155♂A] [200 eggs] 27/Sep/2020—07/Oct/2020 Blitzle [109♂A] [260♂A] [284 eggs] 07/Oct/2020—23/Oct/2020 Type Race: Electricalbino Shinx
i really do like the berry tournaments haha it's just so easy?? i've got all 32 plots, put bluk berries in there with some growth mulch, you can get 3-10 berries every 6 hours. makes for a rough sleep cycle but it's worth it! (currently at 2,290 points, 9th place, and there's a full day left) gonna get an ardik egg out of this and i love ardik. a plus tourney this week bloop :)
Lv. 24 — 185 / 1,801
Aspear BerryAspear Berry
Aspear Berry (SOUR)
Cheri BerryCheri Berry
Cheri Berry (SPICY)
Chesto BerryChesto Berry
Chesto Berry (DRY)
Pecha BerryPecha Berry
Pecha Berry (SWEET)
Rawst BerryRawst Berry
Rawst Berry (BITTER)
Any food
Happiness 27%
Docile nature

Hunt Post Sixteen

Another new post.... HM duration of 23/Oct til 21/Apr
Scatterbug tourney/wishforge/accidental melan hunt


[46♀A] [127♀S] [136♀S] [158♂S] [223♀A] [226♂A] [344♀A] [376♂S] [378♀S] [392♂A] [412♂S] [433♂S] [439♀A] [477♀S] [503♂S] [511♂A] [543♀S] [622♀A] [629♂S] [777♀S] [804♀S] [814♀A] [836♂S] [920♂A] [943♀A] [1034♂A] [1045♀A] [1069♀A] [1132♂A] [1210♀S] [1225♂S] [1245♂A] [1297♂S] [1316♀A] [1377♀S] [1394♂S] [1416♀S] [1460♂S] [1467♂A] [1509♀A] [1525♀S] [1528♀S] [1554♀S] [1559♀A] [1596♀A] [1647♂S] [1674♀A] [1817♀A] [1845♀S] [1862♀A] [1878♂A] [1932♀A] [1936♀A] [2034♂A] [2100♀S] [2153♂S] [2205♂A] [2250♂S] [2276♀A] [2334♂S] [2456♂A] [2464♀A] [2469♂A] [2495♂A] [2565♂A] [2571♂A] [2603♂A] [2751♂S] [2759♀A] [2899♀A] [2982♀A] [3015♂A] [3037♂S] [3064♀A] [3145♂A] [3159♀A] [3190♂A] [3295♂S] [3374♂M] [3429♂S] [3509♂S] [3511♂S] [3528♀S] [3642♂S] [3644♂S] [3668♀S] [3748♂A] [3793♀S] [3817♂A] [3837♂S] [3922♀S] [3942♀S] [4010♂S] [4014♂S] [4018♂S] [4038♀S] [4043♀A] [4060♀A] [4114♀S] [4146♀A] [4156♀A] [4158♂A] [4168♀S] [4170♀S] [4225♀S] [4293♀A] [4322♂A] [4324♂A] [4331♂A] [4336♀A] [4348♂A] [4377♀A] [4389♂S] [4404♂A] [4406♂S] [4461♀A] [4540♂A] [4564♂S] [4622♀S] [4624♂S] [4723♂A] [4764♂A] [4783♀S] [4800♀A] [4828♂S] [4832♂A] [4900♀A] [4938♀A] [4995♀S] [4999♂A] [5068♂A] [5084♂A] [5123♂S] [5183♂S] [5197♀S] [5205♀S] [5215♂S] [5231♀S] [5348♂A] [5413♂S] [5420♀A] [5507♀S] [5516♀A] [5527♀A] [5563♂A] [5566♀A] [5595♀A] [5602♀A] [5606♂A] [5623♂S] [5627♀S] [5724♂A] [5729♂A] [5781♂A] [5785♂A] [5793♀S] [5813♀S] [5843♀S] [5856♂A] [5863♀S] [5902♀S] [5921♀S] [5969♂S] [6005♂A] [6006♂A] [6084♀S] [6104♀S] [6119♂S] [6198♀A] [6216♀S] [6224♀S] [6240♀S] [6248♂S] [6304♀A] [6316♂A] [6333♀A] [6338♀S] [6350♂S] [6368♂S] [6446♀S] [6478♀S] [6552♀S] [6586♀S] [6594♀S] [6607♀A] [6672♂S] [6685♂S] [6722♀S] [6826♂S] [6842♂A] [6828♂A] [6898♂S] [6931♀S] [6934♀A] [7069♂S] [7119♂S] [7136♀A] [7181♂S] [7183♂S] [7228♂A] [7249♂A] [7264♂A] [7286♀A] [7396♀S] [7405♂S] [7441♂A] [7464♀S] [7490♂S] [7535♂A] [7548♀S] [7565♀A] [7602♀S] [7628♀A]
[ 108S / 104A / 1M ] [ 7640 eggs ] 24/Oct/2020—paused 23/Feb/2021 Type Race: Rockalbino Omanytealbino Nosepass Type Race: Groundalbino Drilburalbino Numelalbino Larvitaralbino Sandileshiny Nincada Type Race: Flyingalbino Murkrowalbino Ducklettalbino Hoppipalbino Combeealbino Aerodactyl Type Race: Fairyalbino Raltsalbino Raltsalbino Ralts
Nosepass tourney evos [5♀A]/8 eggs 23/Feb/2021 Shelmet [92♀S] [118♀A] [201♂S] [217♀S] [229♂A] [256♂S] [259♀S] [297♂A] [333♂S] [368♂S] [390♀Sδ] [416♀A] [422♀M] [533♂A] [544♂S] [555♀S] [632♀A] [693♂A] [726♂S] [736♀S] [814♀S] [898♀S] [909♀S] [929♂A] [948♀A] [997♂S] [1001♂S] [1016♀A] [1050 eggs] 24/Feb/2021—05/Mar/2021 Litwick [54♀A] [69♀S] [71♂S] [88♂S] [113♂S] [120♀S] [123♀S] [150 eggs] 05/Mar/2021—08/Mar/2021 Dreepy type race hunt [188♂A] [189♂S] [191 eggs] 08/Mar/2021—16/Mar/2021 Random albino Scatterbug Cufant goal: 1 albino [41♂S] [60♀S] [91♀S] [93♂A] [100 eggs] 21/Mar/2021—25/Mar/2021
Paused Hunts Boxaby [42♂S] [58♂A] [68♀A] [99♂A] [ 109 eggs ] 15/Sep/2019—paused 23/Sep/2019— Scatterbug [ 108S / 104A / 1M ] [ 7640 eggs ] 24/Oct/2020—paused 23/Feb/2021—

Advent Calendar Icons 2020

Day 1 ✓

Saiyan Rattata

Day 2 ✓

Shooting Star Cleffa

Day 3 ✓

Flying Pichu

Day 4 ✓

Guild Igglybuff

Day 5 ✓

Apocalyptic Growlithe

Day 6 ✓


Day 7 ✓

Death Star Voltorb

Day 8 ✓

Early Bird Natu

Day 9 ✓

Vampire Gligar

Day 10 ✓


Day 11 ✓

Blue Moon Slugma!

Day 12 ✓

Orthrus Houndour

Day 13 ✓


Day 14 ✓

Apocalyptic Poochyena

Day 15 ✓

Apocalyptic Shroomish

Day 16 ✓

Arctic Numel

Day 17 ✓

Seasonal Turtwig

Day 18 ✓


Day 19 ✓

Snow Combee

Day 20 ✓

Hallowe'en Witch Purrloin

Day 21 ✓

Apocalyptic Golett

Day 22 ✓


Day 23 ✓


Day 24 ✓

Oricorio (Pointe)

Day 25 ✓

I wasn't even trying to make this a melan hunt, but Scatterbug is just so convenient for the recent tournaments (hatch eggs, evolve pokemon). And now I have a 3000+ chain and I'm committed to the hunt lol. I just wish I could actually hatch a melan XD Apparently shiny charms are a major help?? That's the only boost I don't have for Chances. Ugh. ...you know, I have 55 million credits in storage. I could just buy a charm box and maybe even the charms from the market. My big holdout is the ZC cost, but if I just bypass that... Hmm. Something to think about.
Flawless Bug Gem

Flawless Bug Gem


(: 0)

A beautiful Bug Gem that shines radiantly.

Sells for 10,000

Lv. 1 — Locked
Aspear BerryAspear Berry
Aspear Berry (SOUR)
Cheri BerryCheri Berry
Cheri Berry (SPICY)
Chesto BerryChesto Berry
Chesto Berry (DRY)
Pecha BerryPecha Berry
Pecha Berry (SWEET)
Rawst BerryRawst Berry
Rawst Berry (BITTER)
Dry food
Happiness 27%
Rash nature
I— I was so shocked to see this I didn't get a screenshot but !! A Melan Bug!! I never did get that shiny charm box (I'm waiting for it to drop below 13mil) but I guess it's not as important as I thought! Haha!! My heart hurts.
Krampus Baflammet!! Oh my god, that's amazing. I love him.
Lv. 37 — 216 / 5,274
Aspear BerryAspear Berry
Aspear Berry (SOUR)
Cheri BerryCheri Berry
Cheri Berry (SPICY)
Chesto BerryChesto Berry
Chesto Berry (DRY)
Pecha BerryPecha Berry
Pecha Berry (SWEET)
Rawst BerryRawst Berry
Rawst Berry (BITTER)
Bitter food
Happiness 69%
Gentle nature
want to sell these scatterbugs also makes it easier to link them later if i yeet them Shiny: 12 DP | Albino: 18 DP Price— Shiny: 12/60/60k | Albino: 18/90/90k PM or send a labelled trade. DO NOT post in my journal :)


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