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Delphox Sprites?

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This is just my personal question, since I only just now noticed it. Why does Delphox have two alternative sprites? It's not different based on gender, and I know it's not a totem (obviously not), so what gives? There's nothing wrong with it, I think they're both very cute and pretty, I was just wondering what the point of it was since most Pokemon on here don't have that.
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One is right handed and the other is left handed.
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Hahaha I just now noticed that. So its just a randomized sprite? Because I actually like that little detail.
Yep! And just like us lefties in real life, the left-handed ones are rarer too! ^~^
By Mataamoja
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That's an AMAZING detail then! Glad I got that answered, haha, can't believe I didn't think of that one myself. I just saw two sprites and was like, "hmm, I must inquire."

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