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№ 334 {Oneshot}

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I am unique. There are no Pokèmon that could replace me. She said she would never replace me. She lied. I still remember the day I met her... I was so little. My mother and I had traveled everywhere, looking high and low for the perfect home. And we found it. It was a hidden little space at the foot of Mount Lanakila. Every day, we would fly over mountain paths. She taught me everything I knew. We were never apart. Than one day, she told me she saw a large Pokèmon climbing up closer and closer to our secret space. She hid me in our moss nest, and left to defend our home. She told me she would be back. But she never was. I never knew what happened to my mother. That was when she found me. I was tiny; I didn't put up much of a fight. She captured me in a strange green Pokèball. Later, I found out it was called a friend ball. She cared for me, just like my mother. I was happy. My trainer said I was her favorite Pokèmon. She never forced me to battle; she always asked me. And as soon as the battle ended she would rush me to the Pokèmon Center, even if I was hardly hurt. Soon, I evolved. I grew bigger, and I could fly my trainer to places! I was happy to help her, after all she's done for me. Then, one day, we went back to Mount Lanakila. It brought back memories. The moss nest, the berry garden me and my mother had spent so much time on were gone. But it didn't matter because I had my trainer. Then, we met a Pokèmon. But it wasn't any Pokèmon; it looked familiar. It looked like me. Me before I evolved. Me before I met my trainer. Me... before I lost my mother. But at the same time, she looked different. There was something off, something strange about her. It didn't matter to me then. I helped my trainer catch the Pokèmon. As the Pokèball stopped shaking, my life suddenly took a turn. I was happy at first; finally, someone like me who I could teach and care for like my mother had cared for me! But then, my trainer... changed. At first it was a tiny change; I was sent less out it battles, she took less pictures of me. Then, suddenly, one day, she sent me out of my Pokèball. I thought we were finally going to play, battle, and take pictures together. But I was wrong. When I came out, my trainer looked at me. There was something dark in her eyes. She didn't look happy to play, battle and take photos. She shifted her gaze to my Pokèball. "There's no space left in the Pokèmon Center boxes for another Pokèmon." What did she mean? Suddenly, she pressed the Pokèball button. She never did that while I was outside. Suddenly, the world started flashing and fading out. And my trainer... she just stood there. There was no shock or concern or fear on her face. There was so many questions I wanted to ask her... but suddenly it all went blue. I didn't know where I was. It was some sort of... box? Where was my trainer? What was going on? Something appeared in front of me. It said something. It said my name. Than it said... "has been released"... ? How could she? You said I was special. Unique. Beautiful. Amazing. You said I was Avelyn. But to you I was just Pokèmon № 334, Altaria.
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this is really great :3 i love it !!! this sad story style is what i like most!!
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