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Raichi's AvatarRaichi
Raichi's Avatar
Welcome! This is my side and i'm the beginner level artist! I am currently: Open!


  • Follow all PFQ rules!
  • Please be respectful, i'll treat you the way you treat me
  • Don't steal my work please, I work hard on it
  • Understand people have lives outside of pokefarm, so it might take a while to get your order
  • Please pay me for my work in 48 hours, after payment is sent, i'll pm you the piece without a watermark
  • Password is your favorite color!
Now let’s move on to the Products!

Art Products!


A Sketch is just an outline of a drawing!
  • 20 gp
  • 20k Credits
  • 5 zc


Full Color

A fully colored image, takes the longest to make but is worth it!
  • 50 gp
  • 50k Credits
  • 10 zc
Add-Ons! Simple background
  • 20 Gp, 20k Credits, or 4 zc
Special Effects For example Fire or Electricity
  • 30 Gp, 30k Credits, or 6 zc


Example of Full Color Example of Simple Background Example of Special Effects


A little chibi version of your character!
  • 100 Gp
  • 100k Credits
  • 20 zc



[b]Hey Raichi, Can I get a doodle?[/b] [b]Username:[/b] [b]Type of Doodle you’ll like! (This includes add ons):[/b] [b]Reference:[/b] [b]Total Cost:[/b] [b]Password!:[/b] [b]Other?:[/b]


1: Empty 2: Empty 3: Empty

Story Adopts!

This is a little special thing I came up with! Some people are either great at backstories, or not so great. Im not that great myself But here if your looking for an adoptable creature with a backstory already, just check out below! None atm, sorry!
Thank you for checking out my side!
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Made by Kiryu
etherea's Avataretherea
etherea's Avatar
Etherea's Side - Closed!
hello, and welcome!
Welcome to my side of the shop! Let's get the legal bit out of the way, shall we?


Follow all PFQ rules. Duh. Be patient and kind. We're all humans, right? Please don't steal artwork. It's rude. Payment should be delivered up to 48 hours after your art is posted. If you will be unable to, PM me in advance if possible.. Please don't order when I'm closed. Password is any emoticon, include it in your order!
Aand the art.

chibi icon

(Human or feral/pokemon) 100gp or equivalent


(Human only) None atm- 300gp or equivalent


(Human or feral/pokemon) (with background) (traditional example: specify in your form if you want this kind) 475gp or equivalent

(experimental) sketchy animation

(Human only atm) 700gp or equivalent


[b]saera, doodle me this![/b] [b]username-[/b] [b]character / expression-[/b] [b]type-[/b] (icon, fullbody, etc.) [b]payment-[/b] [b]other-[/b]


1. Glaciersong 2. Meg277 3. Shiftry
female - nerd - INTP I play roblox fight me
sig coded by me, sig art by Lumineu, avatar by me
BumbleJuice's AvatarBumbleJuice
BumbleJuice's Avatar


  • Home
  • Samples
  • Other info

Welcome! I am Open!!


  • Please follow the PFQ rules!
  • Please Credit all work that you recive from me.
  • I have right to accept or deny any order
  • Do Not post any of my work without my permission.
  • Please send 50% of payment once I accept your request. I will only start after payment is received. Send the other half once the order is finished and I will send you the unmarked version via pm.
  • I am in college so I can get pretty busy. Do not expect you request to be filled instantly
  • Please make sure you subbscribe to this thread. All info about your request will be posted here unless stated otherwise. I will not hunt you down.
  • Password is your Favorite
  • If you wish to see more examples please follow my journal

Order Form

[b]Hey Bumble! Draw me a thing![/b] [b]Username:[/b] [b]Password:[/b] [b]Art Type:[/b] [b]Payment:[/b] [b]Info:[/b] Describe what you would like! [b]Reference[/b](In hidebox):
Name Payment
Name Payment
Name Payment


Ratio: 5k/5/1

Alternitive payment

Sometimes i'll be collecting items for a future hunt. It isnt gaurenteed that I will have alternative payment options at any given time. You will still be required to pay 40% of the orginal total. If it is a melan you are required to pay the rest in curency. You may not pay for the whole order with a melan. Im currently collecting: PR Memory Stick= 300zc Sapphire Orb= 60zc Melans = dp price **I am very picky when it comes to this. More often then not I will not accept this form of payment**
Sketch 200/1000/1mil _____________________________________ Custom Pokefusion/Pokemon 800-1000/4000-5000 *Price depends on the complexity of the character. Will also include a free icon made from the piece* _____________________________________ Poke Head 500-800


Just a simple yet deatailed sketch of your choice!

Poke Head

Your fav pokemon or fake-mon head!

Custom Pokefusion/Pokemon

Pick some pokemon and I will design a new fusion of them!

Finsihed Work!


whew that was a lot. still more to do like my awful banner lol
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Collecting × 26 / 500 for 60 ZC each
Avatar done by me. PM me if you want to bribe me to draw. Art Shop!
Raichi's AvatarRaichi
Raichi's Avatar
Hello pokefarmers! Both Bumble and My side are now open! Feel free to order art and when Etherea’s side opens, they’ll announce it!
etherea's Avataretherea
etherea's Avatar
I am now open, so feel free to order! 25% discount to the first customer!
AzureJustice's AvatarAzureJustice
AzureJustice's Avatar
saera, doodle me this! username- AzureJustice character / expression- This boy with a shy smile! If you feel more comfortable drawing females however I can give you a female to draw~ 😄 type- Chibi Icon! payment- 25% discount so 75k credits? other- I love your art so much omg ;v;
"The hands on the clock will never move again" Icon by SlimeMold Signature by CatEnergetic. Gif + Image Official Ensemble Stars Media
etherea's Avataretherea
etherea's Avatar
@azurejustice haha that was fast! I'm flattered omfg, accepted :)
etherea's Avataretherea
etherea's Avatar
double post, don't kill me mods @azurejustice order up! your boi has very interesting hair

good bean

if anything needs to be changed let me know! I'm terrible at eyes :P pm me for the smaller version if you want!
AzureJustice's AvatarAzureJustice
AzureJustice's Avatar
Waaah I love him!! Thank you so so much ^v^ I'll send payment asap, definitely planning on ordering again~ :>
Raichi's AvatarRaichi
Raichi's Avatar
Quick update on my side, I now have adopts and I’ll be adding more soon! All of my adopts will have their own backstories, but your welcome to change them if you adopt them!

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