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Brief downtime planned

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Original post

Don't worry, it's only a few minutes! Server Guy needs to make some more adjustments to get the server running even more smoothly, but these changes are easier to do when people aren't hammering the server with requests ;) So there will be a brief downtime, no more than a few minutes, around midday today (25th) Server Time. So when this happens, please do not panic. Thank you!
Adjustments complete. Let's see if they work! There's been a mysterious bug that's been dumping out massive log files and this is what is suspected of contributing to the lag. It's probably not the only thing, admittedly, but the way you beat these things down is one at a time, right? Then you identify the next and... It continues xD Also re-enabled OpCache which basically means that Sally only has to read Niet's code once upon any user initially loading the page - then only reading it again if Niet changes the code, which just helps speed everything along.
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oooookie dokie!!
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If it'll help with the lag I'm all for it. I wish you could do it now xD
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Alright; I think I won't be on then, so I have nothing to worry about.
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D33RG0D5's AvatarD33RG0D5
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Im glad to hear that it be worked on so it will be running much smoother :D Good luck server guy!
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*Sees the word downtime* Oh no! "it's only a few minutes." Phew...that got me worried <3 Hope this helps the lag <3 glad it will be quick
RayRay598's AvatarRayRay598
RayRay598's Avatar
thanks and gl!
Thanks for the heads-up!
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Thank you for the heads-up, and good luck!
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BlueSapphire's AvatarBlueSapphire
BlueSapphire's Avatar
Ok thanks. Glad its only a few minutes
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