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skypony101's Avatarskypony101
skypony101's Avatar
i was using my summons when suddenly... this bab gave me its egg! how common does this happen? has this happened to you? what does it mean?
Arsenal's AvatarArsenal
Arsenal's Avatar
It is pretty common. I believe the chance is 10% of this happening. I have had this happen to me dozens of times during legend hunts. It does nothing. It is just a nice easter egg. It does NOT guarentee your egg to hatch as a special/have increased chances/etc.
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skypony101's Avatarskypony101
skypony101's Avatar
ok thank you!~
bloodworm's Avatarbloodworm
bloodworm's Avatar
i had that happen to me and i was pretty heated when my egg wasn't shiny because I didn't understand why it happened not a fan of the easter egg tbh

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