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The Gem Collectors

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Zerobold's AvatarZerobold
Zerobold's Avatar
Welcome to The Gem Collectors!
Here at The Gem Collectors, Pokefarm members of all ranks and sizes come together with their association of gems! Whether collecting for badges, hoarding for personal reasons, or any other reason for your love of gems, here your love can be expressed between multiple members through contests, conversation, polls, and more! Everyone is welcome regardless of badge progress or the purpose for your collection of gems; there are no biases among members.

The Rules

💎 PFQ Rules will always apply. 💎 Do not ask for gems- begging or trading is not allowed within the thread. Please keep trading among PMs or shops. 💎 Members are allowed 1 Main Post of their information within the thread. Trade Thread Links are allowed within your main post, but no portrayal or display of your trade thread in any post in the thread outside of your main post will not be allowed. Breaking this rule will end up in a report to a Managing Member. 💎 Please send applications to Yinyun.Giranite. He will approve or disapprove and give you further instruction.

Update: 02/14/2017

Helpful Guides have been added to the First Post.

Past Updates

No Updates yet!

Helpful Guides!

Guide to Egg Hatching and Gem Hunting: This guide can be used to see what eggs are under type categories and how much EXP it takes to hatch them. More will be added when found.

Clan Banner/Button

Avatar by myself | Art Shop | Trade Shop
Rock Gems: 4599 of 12500 = 36.79%
Fighting Gems: 1858 of 3200 = 58.06%
Terracotta Epees: 104 of 500
Zerobold's AvatarZerobold
Zerobold's Avatar
Managers & Members Please read this post in regards to your application process and managing members in charge.

Managing Members

MemberOccupationGemMain PostPM Link
Gamecrown442Thread ManagerSteelLinkPM

Application Process & Form

Steps to apply for The Gem Collectors: 1.) Read the Rules and regard them carefully. 2.) Copy the Form. 3.) Make sure you are sending it to Yinyun.Giranite through PM! 4.) Once accepted, please either reserve your main post to edit later, or create one right away.
  • You may include: your username, the type of gem you collect, your badge progress, your trade thread, and anything regarding your love of gems.
5.) If you are rejected, please review the rules and submit your form after making proper revisions.


[b]Username:[/b] [b]Type of Gem(s) you collect:[/b] [b]Reason for collection:[/b] [b]Reason for joining:[/b]

Clan Members

We currently have 72 Members!
UsernameGem(s)Main PostUsernameGem(s)Main Post
OkamithornSteelLinkRoryGhost Link
Tabitha MoriFireLink SilentWolfFlyingLink
Z3roBug/Flying Dark/FireLink KaraiElectricLink
BeemojiBugLink LunaOokamiFire/Electric Dark/DragonLink
LunarisPoisonLink HowlingCatDragonLink
AutumnEeveeFairyLink KarakaraGroundLink
ScorpyiaDragonLink BuddinbikerWaterLink
MellarkDarkLink MarcelineFairy/PsychicLink
DrakaasenGhostLink Dior CrossGrass/PsychicLink
ALRUNADragon/FairyLink Dave StriderWaterLink
SedrickWater/Fire GrassLink StormfangAllLink
AuracleOfBaconWaterLink PrimeZSteelLink
DylanGamingArmyFire/FightingLink Mossfire85Normal/Dark AllLink
ninjagrifonFlying/FireLink funnygamer95Dragon/Dark PoisonLink
LILLIE22Dark/Dragon Fire/PoisonLink EbonyKnight6Fighting/Dark Ghost/Electric Fire/DragonLink
CepheusBug/NormalLink Lord PyronBug/Poison FairyLink
YamiroBug/WaterLink GodOfZombiesFlying/BugLink
Trash-chanAllLink Rinoa716NormalLink
TimeLordSnowyNormal/Water Dark/FlyingLink KestrenXNormalLink
StrangedollGhostLink SoraXNormal/Fairy/DragonLink
CalleAllLink SamanthasapphrsElectric/FairyLink
james341789Dark/Fire Electric/WaterLink MinatoDark/GhostLink
Greninja285Water/AllLink livingstoneNormal/Bug Fairy/PsychicLink
AxewDragon/SteelLink HilloFairyLink
AshlynScribblesPsychic/WaterLink Cats13567AllLink
CharsaurtleFlying/BugLink SilverclawzzDark/FireLink
SathlayelUnknownLink KlairinetteWater/GrassLink
The Ashen ArrowSteel/AllLink DezertReynWater/SteelLink
MisukoDragon/Grass FlyingLink AzulHarpGrass/PoisonLink
ZellyElectric/Water FairyLink RedvulpineDragon/Dark ElectricLink
NightcallerZFighting/Fairy DarkLink PØssessNineTailsDragon/Dark GhostLink
GradisPoison/GhostLink SunnyPyroarElectricLink
AstraeaWater/FlyingLink popcorn8784Flying/NormalLink
heizedhyukFairyLink skyfieldAllLink
yueshui916DarkLink Vriska Serk8GhostLink
Pug27AllLink StarofnightsWater/NormalLink
UsernameGemsLink UsernameGemsLink
UsernameGemsLink UsernameGemsLink
UsernameGemsLink UsernameGemsLink
Zerobold's AvatarZerobold
Zerobold's Avatar
Contests & Polls
Every month, there will be a new poll created to allow members to compare and contrast one another, decide on future contests, and more! Contests will be held every so often, with a month to allow entries to be submitted. A theme (art, story, sprite, multiple, etc.) and a prompt will be given. A start date to allow submissions will be given, and an end date exactly a month (30 Days) from the start. Submissions will be taken from the start date up until 23:59 pm server time on the end date. Entries will be listed in this post under the current contest tab.

Current Contest


Past Contests

None yet
Zerobold's AvatarZerobold
Zerobold's Avatar
Hello! My name is Zerobold and I am the Clan Creator, with Co-Owner Yinyin.Giranite. You can call me Zerobold or just Zero. I am The Tantrum Queen, collecting Rock and Fighting Gems! I am hoping to get all badges for Rock Gems for my little Tantrum babies. Current Progress: Geode Master
Rock Gems x4599 of 9001
Current Progress: Titanium
Fighting Gems x1858 of 1000
Hello there, my name is Yinyun Giranite. You can call me Yin or Yinny. I am a Co-Owner here at The Gem Collectors along side Zerobold. I will accept all PM applications to join in our clan as long as you don't seem rude and you've done everything correctly ^-^ I collect the precious water gems because my baby turtles just love giving me them every time they hatch! So, seeing as there were badges, I decided, with the Squirtle permission, to turn in some gems for badges. But, then there's also times I see a shiny I really want for any gems or water gems particularly, and I just have to go do it. I think I have a Shiny Problem... My gem progress is going pretty well, at a platinum right now, coming close to Platinum. I really want to get those Fabulous Water Gems some day. But the one I have on Giranite will have to do for now *^* Anyways, I believe I've taken too much of your time. Please remember to behave and follow the rules here, and everything will be awesome. Gamecrown is always watching! .3.
Avatar made by Zerobold for my use only. || Zerobold's and My co-owned Shop! Here are all of my gym badges!
Gamecrøwn442's AvatarGamecrøwn442
Gamecrøwn442's Avatar
Hello there, my friends! I'm Gamecrown442, but feel free to call me Gamer (or any variation of so, like Game, Gamecrown, etc.) I don't mind what you call me, really, as long as it isn't offensive. I'm currently the only Thread Manager, which essentially means I yell at you when you break the rules gently remind you to follow the rules, because they're there for a reason, eh? Due to having a deep and profound fondness for anything Steel-type, I've decided to start collecting Steel gems (and a Flying badge, on the side, for my Skarmory army), and I currently have a Platinum badge for both. I do have a trade shop now, where I will freely trade gems around. You can find it here!
(Feel free to call me Gamer, Game, or whatever you feel fits.) Note to everyone I interact with: I have Attention Deficit Hyperfocus Disorder and have a tendency to disappear for days at a time. I'm likely distracted with something IRL during these times. Please be patient; I will be back eventually to reply/interact. Avatar art created by me.
Zerobold's AvatarZerobold
Zerobold's Avatar
Correct Gamer! The Gem Collectors is now open for applications!
Apocapoo's AvatarApocapoo
Apocapoo's Avatar
Hallow. c: I'm Okamithorn. ^^ I was accepted recently as a member, and I'm so happy I was. :D I currently collect Steel Gems / / and I'm currently at a Gold Badge in my Wishforge. c: I might do a secondary collection for Rock types due to my plans for the Melan aron line. cx For now though steel are my aim. c: I've occupied enough of your time. xD Poof.-
I ♥ my characters
Rory's AvatarRory
Rory's Avatar
Hi! I'm Rory! I'm a great fan of Ghost Pokémon, and of course I collect Ghost Gems! I'm currently at the Adamantium Badge and trying to reach the Wishalloy Badge, and donation are always appreciated^^
× 8915 / 3200
I have a general trade thread with a gems section and a specific gems thread, hiring Ghost Gems hunters too! Okay, now I've taken enough of your time. See ya later!

  • Gems
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× 8915 / 16.875
signature icon: Official sprite (Digimon World Dusk)/Avatar: HI3 official art
Tabitha Mori's AvatarTabitha Mori
Tabitha Mori's Avatar
Hello, I'm Tabii! I managed to get my Master Fire badge, so I moved on to Ice! Currently, I have Ice Master 1, aiming to get to Master 4!
44.23% Ice Gem progress
Hi, PokeNerd!

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