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28 burns - flutter's journal 🔥

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todays weird post: *phases through wall while t-posing* sally snatched my shinies™ *phases through wall again while t-posing, leaving* (Sprite of Shiny Flaffy from here.)
| 21 / 100 Kagami | | GIF is of Kris from Deltarune (Toby Fox). |
last post was lies i got shiny bat when i came home from school thank you sally edit: hey guys i really enjoy this fast rp going on right here its great i love it (Sprite of Shiny Flaffy from here.)
...i really like this song and the person doing the vocals... *kisses youtube algorithm* thank u

steven universe movie spoilers?

sorry its precaution

also noibat hunt is now a melan hunt. because why not. edit: the party after i posted this... contained shiny... edit 2: going to sleep knowing a thread will have 20 posts is a-ok (Sprite of Shiny Flaffy from here.)
me going to bed knowing there will be about 30 posts on the rp thread and 10 in another and i have to go to school uhh pretty sure this is from a pokemon anime (Sprite of Shiny Flaffy from here.)
my arm is acting like jello but is slowly coming back to its senses reason: i clicked ~7,000 times normal post: finally its the weekend... actually the week went by fast but thank gosh weekend eeeee edit: we have a new addition, he is the 10th special delta, i have no impulse control (Sprite of Shiny Flaffy from here.)
sick made me waste 1/4 of the niet day yesterday :( uhhh.. school happening.. and event happening in rp.... haha. im not gonna complain but sad. also can i please have first mlem please. i just want bat child. stop with trolls. also wii-u broke again. so much bad in one sunday tho the new mega is epic. :) (Sprite of Shiny Flaffy from here.)
guys... im on hydro vortex this month... do you know what that means??? iT MEANS ITS GONNA BE TOTODILE TIMEEEE edit: PotD: Totodile yeah, thats a good sign. (Sprite of Shiny Flaffy from here.)
your daily reminder that it is, in fact, spooky month (Sprite of Shiny Flaffy from here.)
two more months until my birth-day two more months until my birth-day and the server resets at 8 on my side so an early birthday for me im hoping for box sally please, niet, make me happy editted because i forgot about november (Sprite of Shiny Flaffy from here.)
hello there 11th subscriber i got a sketchbook and uh... drawing help i think half my obsession is drawing and the other is pfq also heres a progress bar that im not gonna reveal about 'til someone guesses correctly via pm hint: special field,, but what one
13/40 - Special Deltas
congrats fennekava and rasmus ya figured it out :> (Sprite of Shiny Flaffy from here.)

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