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28 burns - flutter's journal 🔥

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-28 Burns survived the June 2019 Pokefarm Crash- Welcome. I have nothing to say. Here, atleast. Here's the contents.

Table O' Contents

(Sprite of Charmander from here.)
| "I gotta spend my GP, Jon. Its what I do." | | GIF is of Kris from Deltarune (Toby Fox). |
II - Bibliography Female / Pokemon Fanatic / Dragon Lover Favorite Color = Green | Favorite Season = Spring Birthday - December 5th Conversion Rate - 5k/5/1 / Brother is - catfun Yes, I rp. Anyway, I go by flutteristhebest on most online game sites. See someone with the user 'flutteristhebest'? Might be me. I absolutely love Charmander. And you can't change my mind. It's made up, and you can't. You just can't. (Sprite of Charmander from here.)
III - Ads for Shops

~Art Shops~

(Sprite of Charmander from here.)
III - Hatched Specials This spot will be turned into an 'important pokemon' spot at some point. I'm changing this slot because im afraid I won't be able to update it as often as I should. (Sprite of Charmander from here.)
IV - Wishlist


Hatch an Albino Bounsweet. Done!!! Hatch a Melan Charmander. Hatch a albino/shiny for Rasmus. Hatch a Random Shiny.
(Sprite of Charmander from here.)
V - Hunts


Lost stats for V.1, 2, and 3. V.4 - 6s/5a/0m - 12d


V.1 4s/2a/0m


V.1 7s/4a/0m - 1d/1tp


Lost stats for V.1. V.2 - 0s/0a/0m - 0d
(Sprite of Charmander from here.)
VI - Hiatus List

~The List~

~June 2019~

Summer Camp - 22nd - 28th
(Sprite of Charmander from here.)
VII - Most Recent Special May not be accurate due to me forgetting to update. -oopsies, flutter will update this eventually.- (Sprite of Charmander from here.)
VIII - People who deserve love Rasmus deserves love because he gifted me his melan, 8 albino children, 6 shiny children, 5 delta children, a lets go eevee cs, fire gems, and 110zc so that I could buy another Ubercharm. He need lov. Agent8, because he gifted me an albino venonat and shaded my avatar even tho I paid for a flat avatar. Please, Sally, give him melan venonat. Cetrouz, because they gifted me a Zubat with 450k (or the full 750k... Can't remember... Neverless, they gave me) credits just so I could buy a PokeRadar. miha deserves love because they gave me an albino Mareep and a shiny Mareep. I was like, "oh. ok. sheep." But, yeah, they're good bois, the sheep. And they will stay in my fields. Røxuls deserves love because he gifted me an albino alolan sandshrew and he said that he was my first journal subscriber. (Sprite of Charmander from here.)
IX - Random Stuff = 42908 | = 535 | = 0 (Sprite of Charmander from here.)

Pages: 123··· 111213

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