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Ivory walks out onto the deck after hearing she never won the Contest and quickly returned Liah to her pokèball, afraid she'd get upset seeing her upset. "If only I had somebody other than you guys. Somebody new e-" Before she could finish talking, a gliding bird Pokemon snatched her two pokèballs right out of her hands. "Aah! Someone help! That Pokemon took my pokèballs! Can anybody help?!" @Everybody
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"Well, I-" Starly! Starly! "Ehe. One second." Mila reached into her bag and pulled out a Pokeball. She threw it and a female Starly flew out, eager as ever. "Sorry about that! Feathers can't stay in her Pokeball for long." To her surprise, the bird Pokemon didn't perch on Mila's shoulder like normal. She soared up in the air and snatched the two Pokeballs from the wild Pokemon's grasp. She dived down and returned them to their rightful owner, looking proud. "Good girl, Feathers!" Mila beamed at her Starly and fed her a Pokepuff. "Back to the question.. I got him as my starter. He kinda ran away from me at first and didn't really listen, but we figured things out. How'd you meet Baxter?"
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SnivyQueen15's AvatarSnivyQueen15
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"Milky! Liah! Ohmygosh, I can't thank you enough for saving my partners! I bet they'd be willing to thank you as much as me, but they're both worn out. I'm heading somewhere to relax. I still can't thank you enough!" After she was at a small deckchair, Ivory let Liah out of her pokèball and rested her on her backpack. The two were sitting in a ray of golden sunlight, which brought Ivory into a relaxed state once more. "Next time we see her, let's thank her properly, okay?" Liah didn't respond: She was leaning up to her chest cutely as if she was saying, "Can't really speak. Too tired." Ivory stroked her head carefully, knowing a good sleep was all Liah needed to get back to her old self again. Voiee...snuh.
, was the last thing she mustered out before she was curled up, balancing on her back, asleep on her Trainer. Ivory had never seen her like this in a crowd. Maybe she was beginning to trust other humans? Who knew, her happiness was all that mattered for now.
Illusion52's AvatarIllusion52
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"Well. Baxter isn't my starter. Bojack is. My sister gave him to me when I began my training to become a...................POKEMON TRAINER!" Kaz said in fear of telling her. "As for Baxter, He was stuck in a ravine and Maria rescued him". Suddenly the bird-like Pokemon. Flew by "Your not getting away that easily! Bojack do your stuff!" Kaz called to Bojack. The pokemon Sprung into the air and crashed down with an aqua jet. The bird retaliated with wing attack and Bojack flipped over its wing. Bojack Landed, hopped into the air again and hit it with a metal claw dealing A large amountbof damage. The pokemon flew away cawwing in pain. "And Here I thought my Ninja training wouldn’t help." Kaz immediatly covered his mouth and looked at the baffled Mila
SnivyQueen15's AvatarSnivyQueen15
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After everybody was acquainted and having a good time, the boat came to a halt in a modern port with a view of a rustic, ranch like town in the distance, but at the same time not too far. "Good afternoon passengers, we have now pulled into the port of Ryoxa City. If you're staying to head to another island then we recommend you stay on board. Thank you for travelling on the S.S Zacian." Ivory was able to make her way off the boat with a smart idea to keep Liah safe whilst she travelled; she curled the edge of her bag up so she could fit in comfortably. "Right.. I heard one of those Hoenn gym leaders is doing a show somewhere in the village. I gotta find and see who it is!" She makes her way through the port to try and locate the location of this amazing attraction that rarely occurred once every year.
Once the boat pulled into the port Freya disembarked the boat and stopped to release Sleipnir, "we are here now Sleipnir, you can relax" she said, Hugin cawing in agreement. "Now let us go see what we can find, maybe we might meet some new Pokemon to join the team or something" Freya said with a smile and headed of her two Pokemone following close behind her

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