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The star crossed lovers [PG]

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Max sighed as he made his way back into boot camp. He was 10. 10 year olds shouldnt be in boot camp...not this one anyways...he glanced around and saw almost every other Zangoose he had known, all striking seviper shaped targets. He was of course taught from a young age that Seviper are bad and that they need to be killed....but never why. "There you are, pup!" Said a booming voice. A very familiar one at that. The seargent. Max groaned. "Stop calling me pup. I have a name." "You have been out for a month. Now, GET TO THE CHOW HALL!" THEhe seargent screamed. Max had always feared the bipolar attitude the sarge had. As Max slowly walked to the chow hall, he remembered his owner. Lilli. She was a nice young kid, but her life had bigger plans. When she moved to Kalos, she abandoned Max, now he was here. Just as Max was about to enter the chow hall, he noticed the bushes rustle, and a long shadowy figure reaching up to grab a small bag. Seviper. Max took careful aim, and charged, but nothing stopped him. Instead, the snake slipped out of the way. Max fell down a hill quite a ways, before colliding with a tree. He could not see anything...until the Seviper loomed over him. Max braced for fangs but instead heard a quiet voice. "Are...y-you okay?!" Max was shocked. Intead of killing him, the Seviper spoke. "Why do you care?!" Max said, still very confused and very dazed. "Momma believed all life was precious...." It quietly said. "How do I know you are not lying?!" Max said "I....umm...Dad would freak out if he saw us even talking...I was hungry..." She said, slowly backing up. "Max suddenly was able to sympathize with it. "I..I'm sorry if I scared you... I'm Max, by the way...Max the Zangoose." He said. "I-I'm Kaci..." She said. A twig snapped near them. "Crap!! I-I gotta go...come here tomorrow...late at night..." Max said.. Rushing away to camp.
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