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forklys's Avatarforklys
forklys's Avatar
Howdy! May I buy your pidgey breeding pair and also an alolan vulpix breeding pair for 60gp? :)
Kårñstêin's AvatarKårñstêin
Kårñstêin's Avatar
Hello again! My 20 medium bug and 20 medium ground gems for your 4 large grass gems?
darcerin's Avatardarcerin
darcerin's Avatar
Hi there, I am interested in buying 15 normal Medium gems from you. I believe that's 225GP if my math is correct? Thanks.
~ Darcerin Avatar picture used with permission from: https://pixabay.com/users/free-photos-242387/
Skylarin's AvatarSkylarin
Skylarin's Avatar
140 GP for an albino eevee? Gender and nature don't matter.

BlackbearII's AvatarBlackbearII
BlackbearII's Avatar
Hi could I buy 3 boxboxes with credits?
Kårñstêin's AvatarKårñstêin
Kårñstêin's Avatar
I'm back again! (hope you aren't sick of me yet). Could I swap my: 27 fire 29 electric 11 flying 3 fairy Totalling out to 70 medium gems, for your 7 large grass gems?
detse's Avatardetse
detse's Avatar
Hello Mata! You may or may not remember me, but could I get 3 shiny Eevees and a Magikarp pair for a total of 240 Gp, am I correct?
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Matamoja's AvatarMatamoja
Matamoja's Avatar
Name: Matamoja "And what if none of their souls were saved? They went to their maker impeccably shaved"
~Sweeney Todd
LockedHeart's AvatarLockedHeart
LockedHeart's Avatar
Could I buy an Absol and Mimikyu pair for 60gp?
darcerin's Avatardarcerin
darcerin's Avatar
Would like your 6 Med. grass gems. I believe that's 90gp?

Pages: 123··· 6162636465··· 697071

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