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The incredible pokemon jorney

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before we start i want to let you know i dont make very good stories but maybe i can be good at this one because i like pokemon._____________________________________________________________________ our main charaters flare ( a charmander ) dusty ( a sandshrew ) and spark ( an eevee ) going to class "how was the weekend"flare asked dusty "carzy"dusty said"i had to stay home alone because my parents were on vacation and they forgot me "sounds terrable"spark said"it was" dusty said as they got ready for class then they met jolt ( a pikachu ) "who are you?" flare said "im jolt amd im new here" jolt said " nice to meet you" flare said " my parents dont like fun stuff since it quote on quote wastes time"jolt said" sounds boring in your house" flare said " it is" jolt said as they went in class the first pireoid was math then it was health when it was recess our pokemon whent outside to play but then a treeable storm and the pokemon blew away in to the deep forest this is where our pokemon start there incredible jorney."where are we" flare said as they woke up "we are in a forest where i use to live untill it overgrowed and coverd the entire town"jolt said then they walked away to get back home but soon they stubled apon flowerdoom ( a venasaur that destroys any pokemon in his way)"WHO DESTROYS MY SLEEP" flowerdoom said "we_we did" spark said "WHY DID YOU CALL US OUT"flare dusty and jolt said "s_sorry" spark said "I WILL DESTROY YOU" flowerdoom said as she chased flare dusty spark and jolt "WE WOLDINT BE IN THIS MESS IF YOU DIDINT TELL HER WE DID IT" flare said " dont be mad i chouldint help it im to nice " spark said just before flare got clawed from flowerdoom " I MISSED THIS IS MY NIGHTMARE" flowerdoom said as they ran then our four pokemon found a place to hide and hid as flowerdoom ran past them "where did they go?" flowerdoom said "at least i can sleep again". "were safe!" jolt said then they found a bone it had a secret language printed on it " what is this laugauge?" dusty said "i dunno"flare said_im going to add more later
sparks frind chart in the everstone daycare: cosmics fraind chart in the everstone daycare: my code on dragonml is eee2f50 if you want to recruit me as a frend on the game and dont hesitate to pm me your friend recrute code plz join my rp pokeplanters i need people to join

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