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The incredible pokemon jorney

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before we start i want to let you know i dont make very good stories but maybe i can be good at this one because i like pokemon._____________________________________________________________________ our main charaters flare ( a charmander ) dusty ( a sandshrew ) and spark ( an eevee ) going to class "how was the weekend"flare asked dusty "carzy"dusty said"i had to stay home alone because my parents were on vacation and they forgot me "sounds terrable"spark said"it was" dusty said as they got ready for class then they met jolt ( a pikachu ) "who are you?" flare said "im jolt amd im new here" jolt said " nice to meet you" flare said " my parents dont like fun stuff since it quote on quote wastes time"jolt said" sounds boring in your house" flare said " it is" jolt said as they went in class the first pireoid was math then it was health when it was recess our pokemon whent outside to play but then a treeable storm and the pokemon blew away in to the deep forest this is where our pokemon start there incredible jorney."where are we" flare said as they woke up "we are in a forest where i use to live untill it overgrowed and coverd the entire town"jolt said then they walked away to get back home but soon they stubled apon flowerdoom ( a venasaur that destroys any pokemon in his way)"WHO DESTROYS MY SLEEP" flowerdoom said "we_we did" spark said "WHY DID YOU CALL US OUT"flare dusty and jolt said "s_sorry" spark said "I WILL DESTROY YOU" flowerdoom said as she chased flare dusty spark and jolt "WE WOLDINT BE IN THIS MESS IF YOU DIDINT TELL HER WE DID IT" flare said " dont be mad i chouldint help it im to nice " spark said just before flare got clawed from flowerdoom " I MISSED THIS IS MY NIGHTMARE" flowerdoom said as they ran then our four pokemon found a place to hide and hid as flowerdoom ran past them "where did they go?" flowerdoom said "at least i can sleep again". "were safe!" jolt said then they found a bone it had a secret language printed on it " what is this laugauge?" dusty said "i dunno"flare said "well lets just carry it for later"spark said as he noficed it was almost night "its almost night. better find a place to sleep"spark said as they serched but with no luck "welp. we can only sleep under this rock"flare said ( aurthor note:another post= another day )
sparks frind chart in the everstone daycare: cosmics fraind chart in the everstone daycare klilits (fusion no pic) friend chart in the everstone daycare: missings (sun looking unkown no pic) friend chart in the everstone daycare: plz join my rp pokeplanters i need people to join


you have to save the world! join a group of four and make your team to defeat team evil! in the last left
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DAY 2 all of the pokemon woke up "we are still where we slept so thats good"jolt said as a little weedle crawled on one of the rocks not noticing them with a metapod "lets keep serching the forest for items to help us"dusty said as spark saw the weedle and metapod "cool! more friends!"spark said "run!!!!"the metapod said as they ran away frighted fron spark "well thats strange"spark said as he sprinted to a oranberry tree plucking some oran berrys off the tree to eat them "well lets just keep serching"dusty said as they kept exploring. finding oran berrys most of the time. and stones with markers on them. "theres nothing here i see"flare said as they headed back home. but they stubled itno smog. a melan/shiny wezzing "well hello." smog said before going into the shadows as our heros go back to there home to rest. (aurthors note: that was a short day )
Pokakat's AvatarPokakat
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(aorthors note: im letting jirachi make a day so expect to see some stuff you didint expect)
(meow! J-Star here! I'm ready to Assist...but I probably can't write the whole thing in one post like Poka does.) PART 1! The group awoke with a chorus of yawns. "That was a nice rest," said Dusty. "Certainly better than getting left alone all weekend..." "How'd they forget you in the first place?" asked Spark, looking amused. "No idea!" replied the Sandshrew, bewildered. "...so, which way do we go now?" asked Spark. "Well, the weather report from two days ago said to expect northbound winds," said Flare, getting on top of a nearby rock, "and moss only grows on the north side of trees. So we go towards the moss!" "...what kind of insane logic is that?!" asked Dusty. "If we go towards the moss, aren't we going north?!" "No," replied the Charmander, defiantly folding his arms. "If we follow the bare sides of the trees, the moss is on the other side. So we'd be going north. Going the other way means going south! It's simple logic!" "...he has a point," noted Spark. Dusty rolled his eyes and walked off to go bonk his head on a tree. Only for a Vine Whip to shoot down and drag Flare into the trees. TO BE CONTINUED! (...eh? You like?)
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(yep! )(aurthors note:the parts made by jirachi are day three)
(AH GREAT GIRATINA SORRY) PART 2! "OhmyGroudon WHAT?!" yelled Flare, frantically edging away from the Leafeon beside him on the branch. It had eerie green vines wound around its face, littered with tiny maroon flowers. "You're very clever," hissed the Leafeon, in countless voices. It was very frightening. "Th-thank you," murmured the Charmander. "You are going to be very useful," said the Eeveelution, before fleeing with her quarry in tow. Meanwhile, down on the ground, Spark was freaking out. "Dusty!" she screamed. "Flare got stolen! Oh sweet cheese and sprinkles, FLARE!" Dusty ran back, all in a tizzy as well. "Whadda ya mean, Flare got stolen?!" asked the Sandshrew. "Some kinda Grass Pokemon used Vine Whip on him! He got dragged into the trees!" Spark frantically explained. Dusty wordlessly started using Rollout on the trees. "Wait, what if you hurt Flare?!" asked Spark. "Getting him away from whoever took him is more important!" cried the Sandshrew. TO BE CONTINUED (Sorry, haven't quite gotten the climax figured out yet!)
Pokakat's AvatarPokakat
Pokakat's Avatar
(i wonder how many parts there will be )
(Even I'm not sure yet)
Pokakat's AvatarPokakat
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(i cant wait for the next part)
(mreowr don't want this deleted but writer's block)

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