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a fennekin's ridiculous journal

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FennekOoba's AvatarFennekOoba
FennekOoba's Avatar
guys I asked for ONE upvote not 7. you failed the challenge
hi! i'm fennek. i love dunsparce!! if you have any spare i'd love to take them off your hands.
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FennekOoba's AvatarFennekOoba
FennekOoba's Avatar
ref sheets take so long hhhh

but I finished it

FennekOoba's AvatarFennekOoba
FennekOoba's Avatar
Happy holidays everyone c:
FennekOoba's AvatarFennekOoba
FennekOoba's Avatar
my friend sofie is writing this journal post for y'all so enjoy *inhales* f i s h
FennekOoba's AvatarFennekOoba
FennekOoba's Avatar
ok so i'm doing it too lol if you are subbed, you are allowed to post EXACTLY once but pls remember the rules c:

QUOTE originally posted by Constantine

Only the owner of the Journal may post in their journal regarding starting a topic/posting an article. Other people posting is allowed if the user allows it. But remember, this is only to get opinions/thoughts - one/two posts are allowed. A full on conversation should be reported.
so yeah no conversations thanks you can post now
ScørKaji's AvatarScørKaji
ScørKaji's Avatar
bucketsparces should take over altenia. evil fish lady? nah fam what about the dunsparce with the biggest bucket on it's head.
heya! i'm scor, your local homestuck!! i love fairy types and scorbunny. also hoarde sassy pokemon. buttons made by mochafox.
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fennek is a good bean can i have my five dollars now
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quinnpanda's Avatarquinnpanda
quinnpanda's Avatar
hey fam! fennek is amazing, i’d like to be tall, at least five people just laughed, and you deserve love!!! - quinn
my cheap shop you are so loved. don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
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Swag3Tails's AvatarSwag3Tails
Swag3Tails's Avatar
fish cakes
i was gonna spam the bee movie script but i have to follow ze ruled s
Starting a Cresselia Hunt!! Buying Lunar Wings for 40zc/200gp/200k each! Send a PM
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Grïmslëy666's AvatarGrïmslëy666
Grïmslëy666's Avatar
Oh? Allowing us one post each? Well then. Prepare for trouble! And make it double! To protect the world from devastation! To unite all peoples within our nation! To denounce all evils of truth and love! To Extend our reach to the stars above! Grimsley! Awkward silence Team rocket blasts off at the speed of light! Surrender now or prepare to fight! Meowth thats right! ok all team rocketing aside u cool.
It's more important to master the cards you are holding than to complain about the ones your opponent was dealt.

Pages: 123··· 4344454647

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