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Canis Minor Art Shop [Open | Adopts, Art, Sprites]

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POLL: Should I add egg adopts/customs?

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— Poll closes: 09/Mar/2020 12:00:00 (in 1 month)

Welcome, my shop is PWYW for now, but please be fair. It is also not strictly pokemon on my side. Feel free to order your Steven Universe, Overwatch, or Undertale OC!
  • Rules+Conversions
  • Orders+Rewards
  • Advertisements


  1. Pokefarm rules apply.
  2. Only offer what you have.
  3. Be polite.
  4. First come, first serve.
  5. You can only use what you've commissioned, with credit back to me.
  6. Subscribe if you are planning on buying from me. I will not hunt you down.
  7. Please send a refrence. If you don't have one give me a detailed description and a color pallet. (Dots with labels what they are for or even colors off the internet.)
  8. The password is bnyehnyeh.
  9. I reserve the right to refuse to do any commissions .
  10. Please fill out the form.
  11. Do NOT resell.
  12. Feel free to ask for an update if it has been over a week.
I upload to a private discord server so I don't accidentally delete your commission.


5000:5:1 Boxes are 30k|30|6 Zophan is my currency of choice.

Loyalty Program

Shiny: Ordering 5 drawings gives you 10% off! Albino: Ordering 10 drawings gives you 25% off! Melan: Ordering 20 drawings gives you 50% off! Adopts do not count.


Milove: 100% off Lord Celery: 100% off LeviTehLillipup: 100% off VictoriusVictini: 100% off Doveable: 100% off If you guys want anything, you are allowed to order via PM or through discord.

Customer Order Organization

Sprites --- AudreyC27 | x7 Blu3Skyy | x1 Caramel123 | x1 FrostNova | x4 Imperfect | x2 Trikzter | x1 Firsty | x1 nancybtsislife | x1 Braixen101 | x1 Jalakins | x1 FrostyMew | x1 DrakoTheDragon | x1
Drawings --- MV-JV1 | x1 DeathBird | x2 DrakoTheDragon | x2


Sprites --- AudreyC27
Drawings ---


Sprites ---
Drawings ---


Sprites ---
Drawings ---




I do alliances! Benefits:
• You get advertised here • You get another 25% off all of my commission types on top of whatever tier you are • You can order a free sprite once a month (you can't skip 10 months and get 11 free sprites) • Birthday Gifts! • Holiday Gifts! (Done in late December/early January because of the New Year and multiple holidays around that time.)
Your banner will also be at the bottom of this post, on all tabs. However if I check your shop and see that I'm not being advertised there, I will pull your banner. If you are interested in being an ally, either post the form here, or PM me.


[b][u]Blue, lets be allies![/u][/b] [B]Username: [/b] [B]Birthday: [/b] [B]Top 5 Favorite Pokemon: [/b] [B]Top 5 Favorite Sprite Types Offered: [/b] [B]Top 3 Favorite OCs (of yours): [/b] [B]Top 3 Customs Offered*: [/b] [B]Benefits From You: [/b] [B]Banner Code: [/b] [url=SHOP LINK][img]SHOP BANNER[/img][/url] [B]Password: [/b] [B]Other: [/b] If you need me to fill out something for your shop, send the form
The password is Tartar Sauce
* Check poll for now


free use template by érable
LF: Deltas | H: GP/CR Dexes PFP by FennekOoba Type Race: 33
Signature by CatEnergetic, with help from Wardove.Art
  • Prices
  • Traditional
  • Digital
  • Reference Sheet
  • Monthly Specials
To Be Added!
Options: Sketch, Line Art


Options: Line Art, Flat Color, Shaded


For mv-jv1's use only
Examples and prices will be added
The monthly specials are their own commission type. They are done digitally, and are colored.
Month Special Themes(s)/Drawing(s)
January Catch-Up! Pick any drawing! NO MONTHLY DISCOUNTS
Febuary 2 characters for the price of 1!
March Theme: Equinox
April Theme: Water
May Theme: Flowers
June Pride Month! (25% off)
July Theme: Countries
August Theme: School
September Theme: Solstice
October Theme: Spooky/Halloween
November Theme: Thanksgiving (25% off)
December Theme: New Year, Holiday (50% off)



I want a drawing! Username: Medium: (Traditional/Digital) Type: (Icon, Bust, etc.). Subtype: (Line art, flat color, shaded) Background?: (Ex. Yes, flat pink. No, transparent.) Reference: Payment: Can I Use This as an Example: Speedpaint: (Y/N, listed/unlisted) Password: Other? [b][u]I want a drawing![/u][/b] [b]Username:[/b] [b]Medium:[/b] [b]Type:[/b] [b]Subtype:[/b] [b]Background?:[/b] [b]Reference:[/b] [b]Payment:[/b] [b]Can I Use This as an Example:[/b] [b]Speedpaint:[/b] [b]Password:[/b] [b]Other?[/b]


Note: I'm only doing mon that hatch from eggs. All requests are free. Blue, may I request something? Username: Request: (ex. Adopt idea, bait, type of sprite, etc.) Pokemon: (if applicable) Password: Other: [i][b]Blue, may I request something?[/b][/i] [B]Username: [/b] [b]Request: [/b] [b]Pokemon: [/b] [b]Password: [/b] [b]Other: [/b]

free use template by érable
Customs & Adopts
  • Adopts
  • Customs
Prices are based on complexity and how much I like the design. RNG Batch 1 1. Electabuzz • Unown N | 40:200:200k 2. Amaura • Rotom | PinkKyli 3. Poochyena • Yanma | BugDaze 4. Purrloin • Articuno | Jalakins 5. Burmy • Cresselia | 50:250:250k 6. Jangmo-o • Sableye | 100:500:500k
Open | No Examples Yet Slots: 1. Empty | Payment 2. Empty | Payment 3. Empty | Payment


Normal Customs

Deltas (Retypes)

I'm ready to spend my delta points~ Username: Pokemon: Type: Payment: Password: Other:


[b][i]I'm ready to spend my delta points~[/i][/b] [B]Username: [/b] [B]Pokemon: [/b] [B]Type: [/b] [B]Payment: [/b] [B]Password: [/b] [B]Other: [/b]


My pokemon was fused~ Username: Pokemon 1: Shiny: Pokemon 2: Shiny: Payment: Password: Other:


[b][i]My pokemon was fused~[/i][/b] [B]Username: [/b] [B]Pokemon 1: [/b] [B]Shiny: [/b] [B]Pokemon 2: [/b] [B]Shiny: [/b] [B]Payment: [/b] [B]Password: [/b] [B]Other: [/b]


My pokemon became human~ Username: Pokemon: Shiny: Skin Tone: Accessories: Payment: Password: Other:


[b][i]My pokemon became human~[/i][/b] [B]Username: [/b] [B]Pokemon: [/b] [B]Shiny: [/b] [B]Skin Tone: [/b] [B]Accessories: [/b] [B]Payment: [/b] [B]Password: [/b] [B]Other: [/b]


My pokemon has a theme~ Username: Pokemon: Theme: Payment: Password: Other:


[b][i]My pokemon has a theme~[/i][/b] [B]Username: [/b] [B]Pokemon: [/b] [B]Theme: [/b] [B]Payment: [/b] [B]Password: [/b] [B]Other: [/b]

DnDice Custom

Please order them from favorite to least favorite going from biggest number to 1. I included all the numbers you're allowed to use for each one. With the Luck of the Roll~ Username: Favorite Pokemon: (Top 5, 10, or 20 | spoiler mon go in hides, i have no problem with them) Favorite Types: (Top 12/6/4) Favorite Aesthetics: (Top 10/5/2) Favorite Offered Customs: (Top 8/4/2) Non-Specific Interests: (Top 6/3/2 | Ex. Greek mythology, videogames, sci-fi) Favorite Accessories/Features: (Top 4/2/1 | Ex. Amulets, horns, fluffy tails) Payment: Password: Other:


[B][I]With the Luck of the Roll~[/i][/b] [B]Favorite Pokemon: [/b] [B]Favorite Types: [/b] [B]Favorite Aesthetics: [/b] [B]Favorite Offered Customs: [/b] [B]Non-Specific Interests: [/b] [B]Favorite Accessories/Features: [/b] [B]Payment: [/b] [b]Password: [/b] [B]Other: [/b]

free use template by érable
If you want to use a sprite made by the PFQ team you MUST ask here, and show the screenshot. They are all PWYW with the exception of scratch sprites which will fall within 10k credits and 30k depending on how much I enjoyed doing it, and complexity. Feel free to ask for a glitched fusion, or a recolored sticker! I can use pokesona's too if you have a sprite for them.



[b][u]Blue, I'd like a recolor![/u][/b] Username: Pokemon: Color: Payment: Password: Other:

Pallet Swap

[B][u]Blue, I want a pallet swap![/u][/b] Username: Pokemon: Password: Payment: Other:


[B][u]Blue, I want a fusion![/u][/b] Username: Pokemon (up to 4): Base Pokemon: Colors: Payment: Password: Other:


[b][u]Blue, I want a Gijinka![/u][/b] Username: Pokemon: Trainer Sprite: (you MUST provide a link or the image) Payment: Password: Other:


[B][u]Blue, I want a Retype![/u][/b] Username: Pokemon: Type(s): Payment: Password: Other:


[B][u]Blue, I want an outline![/u][/b] Username: Pokemon: Color: Payment: Password: Other:


[b][u]Blue, draw my pokemon![/u][/b] Username: Pokemon: Payment: Password: Other:


[B][u]Blue, I am determined![/u][/b] Username: Pokemon: Soul: Soul Color: Background grid: Animated: Payment: Password: Other:


[B][u]Blue, I want some Data![/u][/b] Username: Pokemon: Color: Payment: Password: Other:


There are 3 styles: (1) Partial, (2) Outline, (3) Silhouette [B][u]Blue, they hold the galaxy![/u][/b] Username: Pokemon: Style: Image: (MUST be f2u if you have a specific one) Payment: Password: Other:


[B][u]Blue, I want a silhouette![/u][/b] Username: Pokemon: Color: Payment: Password: Other:


For Blueassassin247's use only
[b][u]Blue, my pokemon is glowing![/u][/b] Username: Pokemon: Color: Where: Payment: Password: Other:


There are 2 styles: Partial, and Silhouette. I automatically default to partial, but if I can't find a pattern I'll do a silhouette. [b][u]Blue, I want a flag![/u][/b] Username: Pokemon: Flag: Style: Payment: Password: Other:


[b][u]Blue, my pokemon is lineless![/u][/b] Username: Pokemon: Payment: Password: Other:


[b][u]Blue, my pokemon has no shadows![/b][/u] Username: Pokemon: Payment: Password: Other:


For BlueAssassin247's use only
[b][u]Blue, my pokemon is flat![/u][/b] Username: Pokemon: Payment: Password: Other:


[b][u]Blue, my pokemon has no heart![/u][/b] Username: Pokemon: Payment: Password: Other:


[b][u]Blue, I want a Sticker![/u][/b] Username: Pokemon: Payment: Password: Other:


For BlueAssassin247's use only
[b][u]Blue, my pokemon glitched![/b][/u] Username: Pokemon: Payment: Password: Other:


Infernos get lighter as they go in, and reversed infernos get darker as they go in. [b][u]Blue, my pokemon is hot![/u][/b] Username: Pokemon: Color: Inferno or Reversed: Payment: Password: Other:


[b][u]Blue, it came from the past![/u][/b] Username: Pokemon: Payment: Password: Other:


[b][u]Blue, I want a pattern![/u][/b] Username: Pokemon: Pattern: Payment: Password: Other:


[b][u]Blue, my pokemon are in love![/u][/b] Username: Pokemon: Blush: Hearts: Payment: Password: Other:


[b][u]Blue, I want a Team![/u][/b] Username: Pokemon: (up to 6) Trainer Sprite: (you MUST provide a link or image) Payment: Password: Other:


The price is given when I accept your form. If you don't like the price you can haggle a bit, or withdraw your form.
For LeviTehLillipup's use only
[b][u]Blue, make me a sprite[/u][/b] Username: Reference: Password: Other:


[b][u]Blue, help me advertise![/u][/b] Username: Shape: (Oval, circle, rectangle, etc) Size: (60 px wide x 30 px tall is my default) Shop Name/URL: Color: Designs: Theme: Words: Pokemon: Animated: Payment: Password: Other:


For BlueAssassin247's use only
[b][u]Blue, sprite my character![/u][/b] Username: Pokemon: Reference: Fused with: Retyped to: Accessories: Payment: Password: Other:

free use template by érable
LeviTeh's AvatarLeviTeh
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Closed, new shop coming soon
LeviTeh's AvatarLeviTeh
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LeviTeh's AvatarLeviTeh
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Le bump!
MV-JV1's AvatarMV-JV1
MV-JV1's Avatar
I hope its okay if I commission both of you!! BlueAssassin247 I want a drawing! Username: mv-jv1 Type: Lineart Subtype: Fullbody Reference: Could you draw my Gothorita oc? This is the only pic I have of her right now, sorry ;; let me know if you need a better one! Basically its Gothorita with the Bisexual flag colors ^^ (i know its a little early for pride month lol) but maybe she could have flowers since its your flower month?? Payment: 20k credits + 2 boxes! Can I Use This as an Example?: Sure! ^^ LeviTehLillipup Username: mv-jv1 Art type: more detailed art! Payment: 20k credits + 2 boxes! Could you draw this character? Its my ace pride Sylveon oc ^^ Thank you!!
~MV (button art by MochaFox!)
@mv-jv1 Added! I'll get started on it! But would you like a background, or should I leave it transparent?
LeviTeh's AvatarLeviTeh
LeviTeh's Avatar
Thank! Edit out the password, any details for the background?

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