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[CLOSED] Ghost Draws Stuff For You

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GhostArcher's AvatarGhostArcher
GhostArcher's Avatar
@CHIHIIRØ: Sorry for the late answer, tumblr wouldn't let me upload images for some reason :( I did one just recently~
@Icebreath123: I guess the description is enough for me to picture her, however, I prefer a refsheet, at the very least a sketch. May you provide one, please?
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Icebreath123's AvatarIcebreath123
Icebreath123's Avatar
I could try to draw a quick sketch of her, though I have to warn you, it wouldn't be very good haha. ^^" But if you'd prefer it, then I can try to draw her up real quick.
Avatar by xaandiir of my oc, Skye.
shinonon's Avatarshinonon
shinonon's Avatar
It's alright!! Username: Chihiiro Type of commission: Icon Payment via: gp Character(s): x! Shading?: Yes please! Background: Anything that fits Further details of the picture: Just her being smug and looking to the side of the screen Do you want to have your commission featured as an example?: Your choice!
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GhostArcher's AvatarGhostArcher
GhostArcher's Avatar
@Icebreath123: Doesn't matter, I think a ref sheet/sketch tells me more about how you picture a character than just words^^ Just write me a PM and send the picture to me~ @CHIHIIRØ: Accepted! Thank you I'll work on it soon :)
Starkban's AvatarStarkban
Starkban's Avatar
Hello, how are u doing? If you need any picture of my character without the watermark from th, i can pm it to you. Thanks and have a nice day. Username: Starkban Type of commission: Full Body Payment via: 2k GP (I converted the highest price you listed for fullbody to gp) Character(s): Here c: Shading?: Yes, you can choose what type of shading. Background: If you can do transparent bg would be awesome, thanks. Further details of the picture: I always like to see the artists choices on art, so i leave it to you ♥ Do you want to have your commission featured as an example?: You can use if it will help you.
Avatar art made by ALKM. I have permission to use the image.
GhostArcher's AvatarGhostArcher
GhostArcher's Avatar
It's fine, I can work with it. Thank you, I'll work on it soon^^
Røxuls's AvatarRøxuls
Røxuls's Avatar
Username: Roxuls Type of commission: Doodle please! Payment via: Mix of Zophan/Gold Character(s):here Shading?: No shading ¢: Background: transparent Further details of the picture: In this pose (credits in the link) Do you want to have your commission featured as an example?: Of course!
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GhostArcher's AvatarGhostArcher
GhostArcher's Avatar
Thank you. I'll work on it, soon~ That would be 150 ZC, if that's alright with you^^
Braìxen101's AvatarBraìxen101
Braìxen101's Avatar
could we do an art trade? If so could you draw me Skylari used a f2u base with soft shading?
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GhostArcher's AvatarGhostArcher
GhostArcher's Avatar
Hello, sure! Could you draw her, please? :)

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