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Pokemon In Disguise (actual RP)

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[post so this doesn't get deleted!] Snivy is managing my characters (Nightshade and Mrs. Aldrua) but she seems to be a little busy at the moment. Since she can't RP as them for now, just disregard any current interactions with them. If one of your characters is talking to Nightshade or Mrs. Aldrua, please pretend it didn't happen? XD Sorry this is weird;; I couldn't think of a better solution. Time Skip to the next morning as there is nothing else to roleplay about at the moment ^^"
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//i like the fanfics i make better but this was the original one// //this roleplay is my baby// The brilliant sun scorches Holly's face like a cake in an oven. She winced, she didn't like the sun. Perhaps it was because she was an ice type. She squinted at the sun, the big ball of light almost blinded her. She closed the blinds, the warmth fading and sighed. She gazed at her Victorian/Medieval looking house. Hearing the birds chirp and sing, she stood up. She looked at her bed and decided that now wasn't the time to make it. Holly was starved, so she went downstairs to go make breakfast. Nightshade wasn't really the parent type. Her happiness fell into a pit of despair and sorrow. No, not now. I can't feel this way so early. Pushing it aside, she turned on the stove and began cooking. not sure what to do uh
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Pages: 123··· 535455

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