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Pokemon In Disguise (actual RP)

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"Um, I'm Magnolia, but call me Maggie. Or Mags. Or whatever you want to call me." Maggie tried not to make eye contact with Zeke. "Why do I always act like this around guys?" Maggie sighed in his thoughts.
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“Well we better head to class, I think I know the way, c’mon let’s goooooo!” He ran towards the class room
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Mr. Scott watched the students go to their class until they turned the corner and the Whimsicott couldn't see them anymore. He then began cleaning up the garden; putting the tools away, sweeping the stone walkway, and watering the other flowers.
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//its weird to bump rps but i dont want this to get deleted XD someone please post here lol//
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After she got detention she had an even WORSE day. At the point her rage meter was through the roof! Probably broken because she was so furious. She felt like she was on fire. She wanted to burn down the school with her rage. Yes, many flammable things in the school. She wanted to burn Zoey especially. How dare she snatch the stall when Solstice was using it?! She also bit me, Solstice thought as she glared at the bite mark. Great, that would just look perfect when she's a human. It would look like she was babysitting and a baby bit her. Good thing she can cover it up with pants. She wanted to do something. Something..bad, she smiled to herself. Revenge on Zoey would be good. An angry teacher would be a bonus. Solstice wanted to make a mark on this school. Graffiti would be okay for a start. Right, she'll do it after school and the next day everyone will come to a surprise. @anyone please
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// i'm skipping to the end of the day, i hope everyone is ok with this, there just isn't much happening// Meanwhile outside of the school, trouble was stirring. Nightshade was hiding in the top of a high tree, waiting for something. "Darnit blarnit," he muttered to himself. "This tree is itchy." He picked a piece of moss off of himself and squinted. "Where IS Holly? She's taking waaay too long. We need to discuss the plan." @cherrii
Cherrii's AvatarCherrii
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Holly appeared out of the shadows as if he had summoned her. She narrowed her eyes at him. "Um..what are you doing? It's going to look suspicious if I'm talking to myself, Nightshade." She spoke his name with ease. "Don't worry, I'm not being followed by anyone. I made sure of that." She looked behind her, just in case. "Okay, what do you want? I know you're not hiding in that tree for nothing." She rolled her eyes. It was hard to believe he was the most wanted supervillain or whatever.
The Darkrai's face lit up. "Holly! What the Arceus took so long? I thought you were a Glaquine, not a Slowpoke." He rolled his eyes before rushing her up the tree. "Listen. My sources tell me the Pokehuman with the answers goes to this school. His parents were a big part of the war, according to rumours. I think he's a Vulpix of sorts. Have you seen him anywhere? Wendell, I think his name is?"
Cherrii's AvatarCherrii
Cherrii's Avatar
Holly wrinkled her snout. "This school is big but I'm positive there isn't a vulpix called 'Wendell'. Are you sure the name is 'Wendell'? It might be someone else." Please tell me it isn't who I think it is.. "Um, I know a vulpix named Wes, if that's who you're looking for.." Please tell me it isn't. He can't get involved in these sorts of things. What's he going to think of me? Of course, I don't really care about that but what's going to happen to him? "And what do you mean 'vulpix of sorts'? You mean..another version?" Nightshade always called her and her parents 'defects', which was one of the reasons she hated him.
"Aha! Yes. Wes. That's right. He's the weird white Vulpix, but not like Alolan. Uuuuhhhh..." He trailed off, trying to think of the word. "You know what I mean. Anyway! Get invited to his house and ask him about the war, his history, and his parents' past. And if you can, ask for his serial number and mother's maiden name. And give me his address so I can stalk- I mean- watch him later. For info. Totally necessary." Nightshade awkwardly smiled at her, but quickly turned his expression into a stern look. "And do not get distracted. You are supposed to get close to him but only to learn his information. Make him think you're friends but you are not really his friend. He is your target."

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