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Pokemon In Disguise (actual RP)

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Hi friends! I'm Bulba and I'm one of the moderators for this RP, Pokemon In Disguise! The other moderators are pixelkitty, SnivyQueen15, and Cherrii! This is an RP about Pokemon that live in a world where they are not accepted, and can turn into humans to hide themselves from others. UPDATE :: Bulba has quit Pokefarm, and now Snivy, pixel, and possibly other people will be running the RP. If you have questions, please contact one of them and not bulbasaurOWO. Thank you.

Rules, What This Is About, Characters

Rules (please read)

Here are the rules: 1. This is an RP for everyone, so please keep it PG 2. No Mary Sues! Make sure your character has flaws as well as perks :) 3. PFQ rules apply, of course. If you don't know them already, please read them. 4. Make sure your characters are original. 5. No gore. Mild violence is allowed but don't make it too graphic. 6. Be kind! If you're not respectful of others, you're not welcomed here. 7. Pay attention to the status of the setup before joining. 8. Please tell us if someone is breaking the rules and we don't notice. 9. In addition to the Mary Sue rule, please don't make your characters too overpowered. Yes, they can be legendaries, but they can't win every battle. Not only that, but they're Pokemon in training. So they're not the master of everything. Make sure they have weaknesses, too. :p 10. Posts must be at least 2 sentences long. Put some effort in, please. 11. SUBSCRIBE. STATUS OF RP SETUP: Accepting forms! Teachers are preferred if you are going to join.

What the RP is about (LONG)

The characters are pokemon that live in Trozia. They were born to normal Pokemon, but the characters were born with the power to transform into humans. They each have an item that corresponds to their Pokemon species (Can resemble their species or appearance, i.e. a Jirachi having a Wishing Stone) that can be used once a day* to turn into a human. The region they live in is against Pokemon, so they must keep their identities secret from humans. The one thing possibly giving away their identity are Poketures, a feature or features that come from their Pokemon species that are present even in human form. For example, an Electric pokemon might have crazy frizzy hair that is always out of control. Poketures are more like birthmarks than anything else. They are not a consistency in clothes or color schemes (if they wear something that is inspired by the pokemon, that is not a Poketure.) I explain it here:

QUOTE originally posted by bulbasaurOWO

Also, just an fyi for everyone, a Poketure isn't really a certain way they dress or color scheme. It's almost like a birthmark that gives their identity away. For example, my character Star has Jirachi symbols under her eyes. This would give away her identity if she didn't act like it was makeup. If anyone wants to change anything, you can let me know, or if you don't, that's fine. This was just a quick run through of what Poketures were designed to be like :)
The Pokemon go to a hidden away school called Aldrua's School for the Poketured, the only place in Trozia where they are accepted. They learn how to control their powers, how to battle, and more depending on their type. The main antagonist is Monsiuer Nightshade, whose friends were lost in a past war between Pokemon and humans. He has been against pokemon ever since, and is always trying to stray them far away from Trozia. He is secretly a Darkrai in human form. The Pokemon are being trained for the future battle between Pokemon and Monsiuer Nightshade (and the other humans). Their Pokemon parents are off to prepare, so they are not present in the RP. Students are to remain pokemon in class. They only use the transform items when going home, walking to school or in case of an emergency. Their classes are Swimming and Water Sports (Water types), Stealth and Dark Magic (Dark), Invisibility and Mind Reading (Psychic), Combat PE, Sumo(Fighting), Cooking and Archery (Fire), Speed and Ice Sports (Ice), History (Ground), Science and Defense (Electric), Gardening and Biology (Grass), Reading (Bug), Art and Music (Fairy), Home Econ (Normal), Concealment (Ghost), Flight Control (Flying), Mythology (Dragon) and more to come (suggest some!) Each student is assigned 5 classes. Most are dependent on their type, but of course they can have other classes. (Decide what classes you want your characters to have) *They can use their item once every day in the Roleplay. This doesn't apply to real time.



Character Name: Star Gender: Female Human Age: 14 Human Appearance: Pale skin and bouncy golden hair in buns held together with blue ribbons. Dark blue eyes. Wears a white sweater, jeans, and a long drapey yellow cloak. Personality: Friendly and always excited, but acts without thinking and doesn't take her classes too seriously except for Magic Pokemon species: Jirachi Transform item: Wishing Stone Poketure: Short (About 4 feet tall) and has classic Jirachi marks under her eyes. She tells humans it's makeup, even though she can't get rid of it. Played by: bulbasaurOWO


Name:Trinity Gender:Female Human Age (must be 13-20):15 Human Appearance:To put it a simple way, like May but clothes are colored like a Gracidea. Personality:Quite shy and honest, easily accident prone. Pokemon species:Snivy Transform item:Miracle Scarf(Just a green Silk Scarf) Poketure:Keeps a flower in her hair, hence the Grass type. Played by: Vulpix88 Other:Moderator


Character Name: Silver Gender: Genderless as Pokemon, female as human Human Age (must be 13-20): 15 Human Appearance: Closely resembles a younger version of Lusamine, but has silver hair and wears a black sundress. Personality: Snarky and playful, deeply enjoys destruction but restricts herself to going nuts in video games most of the time Pokemon species: Silvally Transform item: Ghost Memory Poketure: Wildly sharp fingernails Played by: JirachiStar5525


Character Name: Kapu Gender: M Human Age (must be 13-20): 16 Human Appearance: Kapu has messy orange hair, with light blue eyes and tanned skin. Generally, he likes to wear summer clothes, wearing a yellow T-shirt that has a palm tree on it and khaki colored shorts, with yellow sandals. In the winter or cooler weather, he'll wear a pair of blue jeans and usually a yellow zip up hoodie over his shirt and yellow tennis shoes. He stands at around 5'4. Personality: Kapu is usually very outgoing and easy to get along with. He has a bringing curiousity to learn, so he often approaches people, sometimes to their annoyance, to have a conversation. However despite this seemingly childish outside, Kapu takes professional business (IE his classes) very seriously and his temper is likely to kick in when these things are interrupted. His favorite subject is PE, as he loves to run and excersise. Next to that is lunch period, as he has a high metabolism and loves any and all Alolan style food. Pokemon species: Tapu Koko Transform item: Ku Idol (worn around his neck) Poketure: Fave Colors and eye color represent his Pokemon self, has a strong like for summer weather and a dislike for cold weather as well as enjoys malasadas which are traditional Alolan food, has a short temper like Tapu Koko is known for, yet is also curious like one as well. Hair is often out of control due to his Electric Typing. Played by: Icee


Character Name: Aria Gender: Female Human Age (must be 13-20): 15 Human Appearance: Aria is a pale girl that's a bit taller than average, though that should come as no surprise given her species. She has long, aqua hair with feathers 'decorating' it throughout. If a human were to ask, she would simply say she liked how they looked. Thankfully nobody's tried to pull one yet. Her eyes are gray in color and thankfully more normal. Personality: Aria is very relaxed and easygoing, deciding to simply take things as they come. Perhaps too much so. She tends to ignore her problems until they get too out of hand. Pokemon species: Altaria Transform item: Altarianite Poketure: Feathers Played by: Noi


Character Name: Zoey Gender: Female Human Age (must be 13-20): 15 Human Appearance: She has short, fluffy red hair that fades to dark gray and tan skin. Her eyes are a misty blue and she measures at about 4'5. Her outfit changes, but she usually wears large fluffy jackets in the winter, similar to fur. But no matter what the season, she is always wearing gray sweatpants and red boots, representing her Pokemon species. She always wears her transform item in a ring with a silver band. Personality: Zoey is an ambivert, meaning she doesn't mind hanging around people or talking, but she isn't exactly extroverted. She also enjoys hanging out by herself. While Zoey is fun-loving and is cool with most anything, she is also pretty sensitive. She gets upset fairly easily but is pretty open about her feelings because talking about it to her friends usually makes her feel better. Pokemon species: Zorua Transform item: Flawless Dark Gem, kept in her ring Poketure: Pointy nose, similar to a Zorua's pointed snout. Her eyelids are also red, like the pokemon. She tells humans that it's eyeshadow, even though she wears no makeup. Played by: bulbasaurOWO


Character Name: Topaz Gender: Female Human Age: 15 ("and a half! very important folks!") Human Appearance: With long white-blond hair, bright green eyes, and pale skin, Topaz really does bring to mind her species. She'll typically be seen wearing a yellow hoodie, somewhat frayed at the cuffs from extensive use. She's fairly short for her age, only coming up to about 4'7", so is often mistaken for someone much younger. Her high-pitched voice only seems to cement the idea, and she knows it! Personality: She's a bit of a handful, brimming with energy and seemingly bottomless creativity. She's very fond of art, and will show you her sketchbook if you've gotten to know her. Which typically takes all of five minutes and a hand shake. Introverted? What's that? Topaz sure doesn't know! Pokemon species: Shiny Latias Transform item: A golden Soul Dew, inset into a single earring. Poketure: Larger than average bright green eyes, pointed fingernails, and hair that pokes up around the ears a bit more than it should. Played by: La.ti.as


Character Name: Tobias Gender: Male Human Age: "Why the hell should I tell you?" (He's 17 :D) Human Appearance: His greyish-white hair surely has to be dyed, though he'll insist that it's natural. While he typically wears dark clothing, you could swear there was a hint of purple in there, even after you bought the exact same black pants! The only thing that really offsets the 'edgy' look is a spiky, neon-pink pendant on a thin black chain of a necklace. And seriously, with skin that ashy, he really needs to see a doctor. The green eyes make you wonder - if he looks like that, what the heck kinda parents did he end up with? Personality: Tobias would love nothing more than to be left alone, though he's typically unfortunate enough to end up in the same area as someone like Topaz. It irritates him to no end when others try to continue conversations past their end point with him, and more often than not he'll simply walk - or float - away from one. When on his own, he's surprisingly good at the guitar, and late at night it's sometimes possible to hear music coming from somewhere you can't place. Pokemon species: Shiny Darkrai Transform item: Nightmare Shroud, spun into a thin strand and made into a necklace. The pink pendant might draw your eyes, but it's the chain you should pay attention to. Poketure: Sickly grayish skin, pointed fingers, and eyes that glow so faintly you couldn't see them except on the blackest of nights. Played by: well I'm not da.rk.rai, I'm la.ti.as Other: He's not a fan of Nightshade, and will push away anyone who tries to compare him to them.


Character Name: Wes Gender: Male Human Age (must be 13-20): 16 Human Appearance: Wes is short with light reddish blonde hair that he wears slicked back, with a darker streak that curls similar to a Vulpix tail. He has light brown eyes and light freckles across his cheeks and nose. In both his human and Pokemon form, he has several scars - the largest being a cut across the bridge of his nose/muzzle. He generally dresses in hoodies, t-shirts, jeans, and boots. All of them, are, of course, orange and brown to match the coat of his Pokemon form. Personality: Wes is very loud and crass. He doesn't make friends easily because they get turned off from him due to his personality - however, once you are on his good side he's insanely loyal. He'll fight to the death for anyone he cares about. Pokemon species: Kantonian Vulpix Transform item: an obsidian pendant Poketure: His darker streak in his hair as well as his pechant for eating spicy foods and not really reacting to them. Other: He's an albino Vulpix! Played by: pixelkitty

Moonblast (Moon)

Character Name: Moonblast (Moon for short) Gender: Female Human Age (must be 13-20): turning 15 Human Appearance: Moon has pale skin, blue fire colored eyes, braided midnight sky colored hair, and she likes to wear dark and white colored clothes, to match with her moon theme (dark for the sky and white for the moonlight). She usually wears a frown but in special occasions she smiles. Personality: Moonblast does not like social interaction. She'd rather go to the library and read. Therefore, she doesn't have friends. And she prefers it that way, just her and her books, no one to bother her. She's also very shy, she likes to blend in and not stand out no matter what. In this case, she has to. She's quite tolerable once you know her, but no one knows that. She has low self esteem and when she does something wrong, she punishes herself. She looks very happy on the outside, but you can't judge a book by its cover. On the 1/100 chance someone tries to conversate with her, she doesn't speak much. She just politely nod to what they are saying and continue reading her book. She has many secrets, since, you know, she doesn't speak. Pokemon species: Lunupine Transform item: Moon Stone necklace Poketure: Moon wears small crescent moon earrings and has unique yellow moon markings, but she hides most of them with clothing and shoes, but there are a few on her face. Played by: Cherrii


Character Name: Alex Gender: Male Human Age (must be 13-20): 15 Human Appearance: Unfortunately for Alex, he tends to stand out in human form. He has green, somewhat spiky hair and lightly tanned skin. His eyes look red in color, which he typically blames on contacts or just the lighting in the room. He does have patches of dragon-like scales on some parts of his body, but thankfully his clothes hide them pretty well. Personality: Though friendly and energetic, Alex is as blunt as they come. He tends to say whatever is on his mind no matter the consequences. This has got him into trouble in the past. Pokemon species: Flygon Transform item: A dragon fang on a string. Most of the time it's kept in his pocket. Poketure: Eyes, scales Played by: Noi Other: Brother to Aria


Character Name: Luna Gender: Female Human Age (must be 13-20): 14 Human Appearance: A girl with black hair and some nvery pale skin (Almost white!). She also has red eyes. Personality: Shy, secrative and quite. Only comftable around her friends Pokemon species: Absol Transform item: A little small orb with the black and white strikes though it. (Kinda like a Absolite) Poketure: A little black gem thing on her forhead. She normaly just tries to hide it with her hair. Played by: FunnyCat117


Character Name:Hishori Gender:Male Human Age (must be 13-20):13 Human Appearance:Identical to Brawly, only orange hair. Personality:Describes himself as brave, but quite cowardice and always seems to get aggravated for no reason. Pokemon species:Hawlucha Transform item:Hawluchite Q(Can't use it) Poketure:Light headed for Flying type. Played by:Vulpix88


Character Name: Holly Gender: Female Human Age (must be 13-20): 16 Human Appearance: Holly has beige-tan colored skin, jet black hair with purple tips (a little strand of hair sticks out on the top), thorn green eyes, pointy ears (she's not an elf), and wears light shades of green to match with her eyes. She wears a flower crown with leaves sewn into it. Personality: Holly is the very opposite of Moon. Holly loves social interaction and is extroverted. She has many friends and few enemies. But she is a real cute scatterbrain and forgets things often. She's also blunt and won't hesitate to tell you anything. She has lost a few friends because of that. She is a perfectionist, and sometimes it gets annoying. She tries to make up for all of these things but sometimes..it's too late. She is pretty in both Pokemon form and human form, and most of the time she wishes she wasn't. Guys were falling for her with just a peek, and she has to reject all of them. It's tremendously awkward between them after that. Pokemon species: Melanistic Glaquine ([link to Pokemon appearance]) Transform item: Ice stone wrapped around her chest when she's a Pokemon. When she's a human, it turns into a small white pouch with an ice symbol on it. Poketure: She is always cold, no matter what. When she's a Pokemon, she has a small bit of fire on her tail. That solves her coldness problem a bit, but not too much. (Thanks Bulba for the idea uwu) Played by: Cherrii


Headmaster Aldrua

Teacher name: Headmaster Aldrua Gender: Female Human Age (Must be adult): 32 Human Appearance: Has short, black hair identical to that of Luxio. Has yellow eyes and wears a blue uniform and black pants. She also wears two yellow bracelets on each arm. Wears her transform item around her neck. Pokemon species: Luxio Class/classes: Headmaster/Principal Transform item: Sun Jewel Poketure: Constantly crazy hair, since she's an eletric type. Played by: bulbasaurOWO

Mr. Inu

Teacher name: Inu (Inuyasha) Gender: male Human Age (Must be adult): 22 Human Appearance: A fair-skinned human, about 6’ 1”, deep red-brown eyes and royal blue hair. Pokemon species: Houndoom Class/classes: Stealth/Dark Magic Transform item: Razor Fang Poketure: a thin tail that he keeps tucked under his pants Played by: squishypanda

Miss Galiau

Teacher name:Miss Galiau Gender:Female Human Age (Must be adult):35 Human Appearance:Like Misty, just red hair and pink clothes. Pokemon species:Ninetales Class/classes:Cooking/Archery Transform item:Charcoal(Around her neck) Poketure:Easily gets hot. Played by: Vulpix88

Mister Scott

Teacher name: Mr. Scott Gender: Male Human Age (Must be adult): 38 Human Appearance: Fluffy, light cream-colored hair that reaches his shoulders. Light brown skin and yellow eyes. Always wears a darker cream-colored scarf around his neck. Other than that, he just wears his uniform and a large baggy jacket to keep his gardening supplies. Pokemon species: Whimsicott (Get it? Whimsicott? Scott? I'm proud of that one.) Class/classes: Gardening and Biology Transform item: Root Fossil, kept carefully in a secret pocket of his jacket Poketure: Smells of mulch and old grass, and all of his hair is very fluffy. Played by: bulbasaurOWO

Madame Lurie

Teacher name:Madame Lurie Gender:Female Human Age (Must be adult):40 Human Appearance:Exactly like Agatha. Pokemon species:Umbreon Class/classes:Stealth Transform item:Black Shades Poketure:Rarely ever seen, red eyes. Played by:Vulpix88

Mr. Mater

Teacher name:Mr Mater Gender:Male Human Age (Must be adult):46 Human Appearance:Wallace with yellow clothes and black hair. Pokemon species:Gyarados Class/classes:Flight Control & Swimming Transform item:Prism Scale Poketure:Always wet. Played by:Vulpix88

Miss Anise Suzuki

Teacher name: Miss Anise Suzuki Gender: Female Human Age (Must be adult): 70 Human Appearance: A small, wrinkly old asian woman with faded grey-pink hair she keeps in a bun. She's nearly always smiling and wears large knitted sweaters she knits herself. Pokemon species: Skitty Class/classes: Home Econ (a normal type class suggestion, not the same as Home Econ for humans but rather a class that teaches them how to take care of themselves (I.E provide for themselves and others) as both humans and Pokemon) Transform item: knitting needles Poketure: it seems like she stores pins in her bun, but they're actually the remnants of the pins in Skitty's tail. Played by: pixelkitty

Miss Gale

Teacher name: Miss Gale Gender: Female Human Age (Must be adult): 25 Human Appearance: A pale, almost ghostly complexion. She has white hair, held together in a ponytail with a barrett that looks almost like ice. She tends to wear dresses or flowy clothing that matches her Pokemon form. Tends to float rather than walk if she isn't paying attention. Pokemon species: Froslass Class/classes: Speed & Concealment (Ghost-type class suggestion. How to keep hidden from enemies in order to keep safe from danger, to surprise attack, etc.) Transform item: The gem in her hair is actually a never-melt ice, and her transform item. Poketure: Tends to float unless she focuses. Cloudy eyes. Played by: Noi

Miss Echo

Teacher name: Echo Phocany (Echo) Gender: Female Human Age (Must be adult): 24, and a first-time teacher. Human Appearance: Echo is... somewhat... extravagant. With her green cape and many pieces of jewelry, she's certainly an attention-getter. She's got bright green hair and wears oversized headphones with what looks like Noivern ears covering her human ears. Sometimes she gets comments about her young age, but tends to brush them off. Pokemon species: Shiny Noivern Class/classes: Flight Control (Flying) and Mythology (Dragon) Transform item: A Dragon Fang, in the form of an earring. Pretty much just a sharp fang stuck through her ear. Poketure: Sharp, pointed teeth, slitted pupils, and purple talons rather than fingernails. Played by: La.ti.as
CURRENT EVENTS: Students are walking to school for their second day of classes
PFP art by PupperCakes
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"Hey edgy boy, you're going to the same school as I am, right?" "For the last time, stop calling me that. It was one time in middle school." "You know you love the nickname." "I hate it. I absolutely hate it." "It fits you though!" Looking at these two people, one wouldn't guess they would ever choose to even get near each other. One dressed in whites and yellows with a cheery vibe, the other tall and clothed in black. Their bickering carried across the schoolyard as the two tried to find the entrance. The one in black threw up his hands in frustration. "Look, if you're just going to bother me, I'll find my own way around." "Ah c'mon Toby, you know I get lost easily!" "It's. Tobias. Not Toby. Not 'edgy boy.' Just. Tobias." "Whatever you say, Toby!" The shorter one in yellow grinned before running off, her feet skimming the ground. It gave her the impression of almost flying, which wasn't too far off from the truth.
il vento d'oro timestamp 3:45 starts playing yello there the name's lati and i'm here to steal your bones, send me a PM if you exist and want to yell about jojo with me
"Curses," Star muttered, "The breeze is messing up my hair." She pushed a lock of hair out of her face, but the wind immediately blew it back in front of her. Star sighed and looked down at her class plan. "First class, Mind Reading. Second, Invisibility. Those two sound fun!" She smiled and forgot about the pesky breeze. She might actually enjoy this school year, which was a surprise by itself. "Third class, Speed. Fourth, Defense. Wow, this might be great!" Star turned the page to read her last class. "Fifth class is... Dark Magic?!" She nearly dropped the page. "I can't be going to DARK MAGIC! That's proposterous! I'm a Jirachi! Not a Dark Type!!" She face palmed and groaned. "Maybe this won't be such a good year after all. I heard the Dark Type students aren't friendly." "That's not always true," a voice behind her chimed in. Star jumped and turned around to see a short girl with a friendly smile standing by her. "I'm a Dark Type, and I'm totally friendly! In fact, I hope I can make friends with everyone here!" Star felt a little guilty for assuming all Dark Types were unapproachable, especially when this girl was listening the whole time. She decided to just forget about it and introduce herself. "Oh! Hi! I'm Star, a Jirachi." She smiled and extended her hand. "Hi Star!!" The girl took her hand graciously and shook it. "I'm Zoey, a Zorua! Hey, I'm in Dark Magic too! We might just become best friends." With a pleasant smile, Star replied, "Yeah, I hope so!"
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Wes stood near the wall, scanning the crowd for some sign of another fire type. He knew that they where the ones he would be having class with, and he didn't want to end up on the wrong foot with any of them. And if all else failed with fire types, well, it wouldn't hurt to try and meet an ice type or a fairy type, either. With his mom being Alolan, it wouldn't be a huge deal. His eyes caught on the groups having a conversation. He could force himself into one of those, but that was definitely the kind of first impression he wanted to avoid at all costs.
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Flawless Fairy Gem

Flawless Fairy Gem


(: 0)

A beautiful Fairy Gem that shines radiantly.

Sells for 10,000

Lv. 100 — +5,343,414
Aspear BerryAspear Berry
Aspear Berry (SOUR)
Cheri BerryAspear Berry
Cheri Berry (SPICY)
Chesto BerryCheri Berry
Chesto Berry (DRY)
Pecha BerryPecha Berry
Pecha Berry (SWEET)
Rawst BerryRawst Berry
Rawst Berry (BITTER)
Dry food
Happiness 27%
Rash nature
Star continued to chat to Zoey, but noticed her friend's eyes were fixed on something else. "What's up?" Star asked her. Zoey smiled and motioned to a tall figure walking out the front entrance of the school. Her features were hard to see because of the dark shadow cast onto the person's face, but Star could see clearly that it was a woman. "I think that's our headmaster," Zoey said. The Jirachi turned and replied, "Headmaster Aldrua, isn't it? I hope she's nice." With a turn of her head, the supposed headmaster examined the students standing there and announced, "You have 10 minutes before classes start. Once the bell rings, you must be in Pokemon form. Do not transform before the bell rings. We are still in range of humans."
"WAITUPWAITUPWAITUP!" called a frantic voice. A tall girl with long silver hair and razor-sharp nails ran up to the steps. She wore a black-as-night sundress-a seeming oxymoron. "OHMYSPLATSORRYI'MLATE" she babbled, in a panic, before doubling over panting. "Ohmysplatthatwasatiringrun" She sat there, panting, for a good minute or so. (@anyone) (Well, that's certainly a way of making an entrance...)
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Lv. 63 — 6,240 / 12,097
Aspear BerryAspear Berry
Aspear Berry (SOUR)
Cheri BerryAspear Berry
Cheri Berry (SPICY)
Chesto BerryCheri Berry
Chesto Berry (DRY)
Pecha BerryPecha Berry
Pecha Berry (SWEET)
Rawst BerryRawst Berry
Rawst Berry (BITTER)
Spicy food
Happiness 27%
Brave nature
Star and Zoey rudely stared at this girl without noticing they were looking at her. The two then both burst out laughing- not in a mocking way. They seemed to find friendly amusement in the girl's grand entrance. "Heeeeeeyyyyy!" Zoey called. "You're not too late! Class starts in a couple minutes! Star nodded and gave the girl a nice smile. "Headmaster says we have-" "5 MINUTES BEFORE YOU HAVE TO GET TO CLASS IN POKEMON FORM!!" the Headmaster interrupted loudly. The two friends looked to each other and grimaced. Maybe the headmaster wouldn't be so friendly after all.
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The girl in yellow, unfortunately enough, hadn't had the foresight to actually check where she was going. As such, anyone in her way was bound to get- "ohmigosh I'm so sorry are you okay" Ahem. As such, anyone in her way was bound to get knocked over, just like the silver-haired girl she had just done so to. Tobias heard the announcement, thought about it for a moment, then decided he really didn't care enough to bother. Sure, he'd go inside, but he preferred having legs, thank you very much. They'd have to make him get out of human form if they wanted it so badly.
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It seemed a girl human walked past, checking her timetable on a bench. "Hmm..Biology, Gardening, Home Econ, Speed and Cooking? Seems like a great fit for me!",she smirked while marking where and when it was. When the announcment blared through, she full force crashed into a Brawly-like figure only with orange hair(Hishori). "Ack! Trinity, you gotta sort him! Uhh, you okay?!" He regained control over himself and leapt to his feet. "Yeah...don't sweat it.",he says before leaving. His timetable read: Combat Flight Control Art Defense Speed He just shrugged and said, "Huh. Seems...fair." Trinity walked to a secluded zone, pondering when she could use her Miracle Scarf; same deal with Hishori and his Hawluchite Q.
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Zoey checked over her plan, reading the classes with a solemn and blank expression. She didn't seem to care about which ones she got. Star, however, was curious. She couldn't care less about her classes, but she wondered what kinda classes a Zorua would have. Star peered over and read over Zoey's shoulder, which the Zorua didn't seem to mind. Looks like Zoey had gotten Dark Magic, Home Econ, PE, Stealth, and Reading. As soon as she read "Reading" on Zoey's list, Star was overcome with envy. "Aw, darn! Reading is a class? I would've loved to have gotten that." "That's too bad.. I wish I could swap. Reading isn't my favorite." Zoey looked over. "What classes did you get?" After she was told, Zoey clasped her hand over her heart overdramatically. "You got Speed as a class?!!" Zoey gasped. "That's the one I wanted!" The two were terribly distraught from the unfortunate events, but they quickly got over it once they remembered they'd be in Dark Magic together. Star pushed her hair behind her and sighed, "This is the longest 5 minutes ever. When is class going to start?" "I don't know," was her reply. "I don't see many students here, either." Zoey repeatedly batted her eyelashes, as if she had something in her eye. "Ugh. The light is really getting to me. If only I wasn't a Dark Type." "Being a Pyschic type isn't the easiest either," Star responded. "Like, every other type expects me to read minds." The two laughed together and continued to wait for the bell to ring.

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