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The Pokesona/OC Daycare - RP

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Onjii laid his back against a tree. Idling in the Forrest, absentmindedly stroking Bellus's fur. Had Aikiko really left? Was it finally peaceful? He hoped so.
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((hi can we get some life in this thread? also i guess this is a bump?)) Starburst had gotten up and walked into the room where Stumpy, Lu, and Aiko were. Aiko was still a little startled by what had happened.
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Akiko sniffed and walked away, cackling. "This will be so easy!' she exclaimed.
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Flare walked up to the daycare "Do we really have to be here..." Flare asked, Kano coming up to him "We really don't have another choice, besides Setchi and Toku are coming with us.." Kano responded, looking back at Toku with Setchi on her head
merinqüe's Avatarmerinqüe
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"Ah! New kids." Akiko cackled. "I wonder what they're here for?" she snickered. "Noi? Noi?" Akiko cried, scanning around the daycare for him. "Ugh, show yourself coward."
Toku got over to the Kano and Flare, Setchi got off Toku's Head "How many other pokemon are in there..." Setchi said, looking at the daycare "Oh Setchi don't worry, any pokemon gives you trouble i'll fire fang them in the face!" Flare assured setchi, smiling. Toku sighed "Boys..." She mumbled to herself as she went up to the door
Aiko looked around. She was confused because Stumpy and Lu were... Frozen? They hadn't said anything. It kind of scared her. Meanwhile Starburst looked over at Aiko, then to Stumpy and Lu, then back to Aiko, then left the cabin and sat outside without saying anything.
merinqüe's Avatarmerinqüe
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"Ugh, that wimp probably left." Akiko sighed, then sat on a tree stump. "What do I do now?" she wailed and fell back. "I have nobody to emotionally and mentally manipulate." she sighed. The sun was shining, and a nize breeze came in, the grass and flowers, dancing to the wind.
Toku slowly opened the door to the daycare, Going inside with the other three "Hello?" Toku asked, Her voice naturally cheerful
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(( i forgot what my kids were doing Iama is now, somehow, on the roof. She stares out into the horizon, just contemplating her existence.
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