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The Pokesona/OC Daycare - RP

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Starburst stopped halfway to the cabin. ...Did he just call me by my name?.. Why does he know my name? Starburst put Aiko back into the cabin, and stepped outside, looking stressed. "Charmeleon."
...How in the name of Arceus do you know my name??
This question was directed toward Noi, obviously. Meanwhile, Aiko looks like she's fallen asleep... But this may not be the case, because there are vines around Noi's feet now. They're not thorned vines, but they're still vines.
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Shade finished up with the punch and put it with all the other food she had made. "Well, that's done." she said, getting a slice from the pie she had made that was made from non-spiked berries and offering it to Aiden. She then got a slice for herself, and began eating it.
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Stumpy walked to aiko and sighed "thank arceus for you starburst" he looked at where starburst was . Lu hugged aiko while she was sleeping Noi looked back where starburst was and walked towards him slowly
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Both Aiko and Ovelin had apparently fallen asleep.
Now, Starburst had turned around and sat against one of the cabin walls, not noticing Noi walking toward him. Oh, yeah, I meant the outside of the cabin, not the inside. Starburst thought to himself, Hey, maybe he is nice. I doubt it, but maybe.
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"Ah yes, we are weary travelers who come from a land far far away from here! We braved storms, crossed oceans, and battled monsturous beasts, the kind you've never seen!" Akiko said dramatically. "We are on are way to find a lost treasure, but ended up here! We decided to take a rest." She shrugged
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Noi stopped himself and walked back to akiko and nodded.He began to calm himself down so he doesn't run after starburst. He turned to akiko and nodded "yup" My fell asleep beside ovelin while stumpy walked outside to starburst "what are you doing out here?"
Starburst looked at Stumpy. "Charmeleon, char."
Uh... I heard Noi say my name and I have no clue how he knows my name. So I asked.
He seems completely calm about it, because he hadn't seen Noi walking up to him before.
Lilo had entered the daycare. "Alright, i'm pretty sure I missed something so I better go check on my Pokemon." And with that, Lilo is walking in the meadow, looking for her Pokemon.
Ok, so Ovelin and Aiko are still asleep.
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"Well, what an interesting story... and a new idea for a potion." Aiden chuckled again. Glacies sighed, regaining proper posture. "Well, I'm very sorry for thinking you guys were... y'know, evil or something." She smiled.
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"No problem!" Akiko smiled, internally cackling. She pulled Noi behind a tree. "Well, we know how this one reacts." she snarked. "She's more gullible than a dim-witted dog." she whispered.
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"What, you didn't think of negative effect potions before?" A small grin stretched across Iama's face. "Look. I fully know the reason why you're carrying those potions -- for a prank or something else. The way you're talking makes it pretty evident whatever you're carrying doesn't have the best intentions." She shrugged. "I know you're smarter than you seem... or maybe I'm wrong since you radiate the prankster energy and don't even try to hide it that well..."
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