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The Pokesona/OC Daycare - RP

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Setup Here


It was th break of dawn and two figures emerged from he forrest near a small and peaceful meadow, with a tiny cottage/bunker in the cente of the meadow. "Ugh, they reopened this place" a gruff, scratchy voice grumbled, piercing through the darkness. "Yeah, it looks pretty peaceful since it's dawn, don't you think so Aikiko?" a very high-pitched voice responeded. "Shut up Daichou" Aikiko said sharply. "Looks lik nobody is here...yet"
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Sahde walked in, with a small mechanical celebi bobbing after her. "Ahhh, it's definitely good to be back." she said, taking in the sight of the familiar building. "Ypu'll love it here, I promise." she then stated, glancing at the celebi behind her. She quickly checked her potion belt, smirking slightly as she planned all the pranks she'd be able to do eventually.
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Nina hopped out of a nearby tree, hopping infront of Shade, shouting 'Sorry!' as she did. She tripped then, got up, and then tripped again, falling into a bush... Nina isn't feeling quite balanced today. (@The Lich Queen)
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(@flutter- please don't feel offended, Aikiko is very rude in general :C) Aikiko cringed from the darkness when she saw Nina. "Ugh, what's that! I can barely see and yet I'm cringing." she sniffled. Daichou elbowed Aikiko. "That's not very nice Aikiko." she frowned. "I'd like to remind you, that YOU helped me burn a village down." Aikiko retorted.
"Oh, it's okay." Shade said. She checked her potions again, and went back to quietly planning her pranks again. Cerebra looked at Nina curiously. She had never seen a creature like her, and she had certainly seen quite a few strange creatures where she had come from.
Nina had heard what Aikiko had said, and shouted- "Just so you know, im a Fusion!" ...A couple seconds and- "I think, from memory, a Buneary and Charmander fusion!" Nina then got out of the bush and pulled a leaf from her ear fluff.
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Apollo and Mahina made their way to the daycare, the moon bat gliding calmly while her brother walked calmly below her. “Isn’t this nostalgic Apollo? Last time I was here, I was a little baby Cosmog!” Mahina said somewhat cheerfully, “I think it’s great that the place opened back up!” The Solgaleo gave a quick nod before starting to walk a little faster.
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Cerebra quietly flapped over to over by the main building, and started tinkering with one of her small inventions. Shade sighed, looking at the building with fondness. "I evolved here..." she quietly said to herself. She took out an old black cape, smiling slightly.
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"Oh sheep wool Daichou, I think she heard us!" Aikiko hissed. "Hide in a tree, I'll make a bolt for the cottage, I'm just waiting for potion lady." and with that, they both separated with top speed, one in the air, one on the ground. Aikiko rounded a corner and watched Shade, Nina, and what looked like a new pokemon
Shade eventually got tired of wandering around, reminicing, and put the cloak away. She went inside, going into the kitchens, and started innocently baking a pie. The fact that her potion belt was out and several potions were scattered on the table seemed a bit suspicious, however.

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