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Defiers of Fate[PMD][RP]

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Beams of soft, orange light began to shine through the trees' many branches. The trickle of a stream and chittering of little creatures echoed throughout. This is where you wake up: nestled within the soft grass of a forest canopy. There are others nearby, as unconscious as you were earlier. The murmuring of a crowd can be heard in the distance, though you're too far to see them or hear exactly what's being said.
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Topaz cracked her eyes open a fraction of an inch, her cision still somewhat blurred having just woken up. "Hhhh... five more minu-" She trailed off mid sentence, eyes snapping open after realizing something important. This wasn't her bed. This wasn't her room. And she couldn't feel her legs. "The hell?" she muttered, pushing herself up from her awkward position. She hadn't realized until now, but she was extremely sore and, unusually enough, resting on her stomach. As her bleary eyes adjusted to the scenery, another surprise hit her like a ton of bricks. Pokemon. There were Pokemon. Everywhere. So, surely this was a dream? She'd had some dreams about Pokemon before, right? So it was only natural that this was just a product of some... dream... thing. As was quite obvious, Topaz wasn't an expert on dreams. "Wait, if it's a dream, how am I awake? Usually I'm... eh?" Usually? Usually what? Her blood ran cold as she found she couldn't remember anything 'usual'. Faces blurred when she tried to recall them. Names slipped out of her grasp like a song you were desperately trying to remember by one strand of melody. And she still couldn't feel her legs! Where were they? (Hopefully this is an okay starter :D)
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Surprisingly Luss woke up fist. He saw no differences, so he assumed he was at home. But for some reason he felt.. shorter. He frantically felt his bosy, finding an unfamiliar one. He was round. He had antenna. He had wings. "Lyss!! Lyss!!" He yelled, terrified. Lyss stirred, only to freeze. "Luss, what the.. what.." She muttered, looking at what once wqs her human brother and her human body. She was.. a bug. She remembered it as one of those Pokémon she liked back when she was younger, Illumise. Luss was Volbeat. Lyss tried to run over to Luss, finding her legs ineffective. She clumsily flew over to him, and hugged his tightly. "Luss, it's gonna be OK.. it's gonna be OK, I swear." "MOM!!! MOM!!!" Luss called out, in a desperate attempt to wake up from this nightmare. Lyss sharply inhaled. "Luss.. I don't remember what mom looks like. Or the room. Or ANYTHING."
La.ti.as's AvatarLa.ti.as
La.ti.as's Avatar
Topaz shuddered. She couldn't really make out what the two Bug-type Pokemon across the clearing, but it didn't sound pleasant. They didn't seem that experienced with flying, either... Wait. If they were freaking out about being bugs, then what did that mean for her? She almost didn't want to look. But how could she just lie there without knowing what had happened? When she tried to lift her arm, it didn't seem as long as she remembered. Certainly not long enough to reach her head, which felt way too far away from her shoulders. Trying to twist her head around yielded... interesting... results. Who knew necks could get that long? She wasn't panicking. Really. No panic. Yeah, panic. But not too much panic, right? Because she recognized the body stretching out behind her, coated in a soft layer of yellow and white feathers that seemed to run together into something like scales. And if she was what she knew she was, then Topaz definitely knew how she was gonna deal without legs. Just as soon as she worked out the levitation. Clearing her throat, she tried pushing herself up with her much shorter arms, with little success. "Ah, hello? The Volbeat and Illumise over there? Er, do you have any idea where we are?" Wait, she should probably ask for help. But help with what? She certainly couldn't expect two small Bug-types to be able to lift a Latias. Looks like she'd have to figure out telepathy... somehow.
SnivyQueen15's AvatarSnivyQueen15
SnivyQueen15's Avatar
"...uuRgh..my non-hum-WAIT." Marina swore she was a human, but she could instantly tell she had a non-human head. It seemed Buizel-like. She squirted some water and made a puddle...she WAS a Buizel. "Welp. Stuck as a pokemon now, huh? What have I done to deserve this, huh?!" But as soon as she said that, a sickly feeling surged through her. "Ooow..my..head...i'm...fading away...." She blacked out of a unusual force nearby..just what?
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