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Mysteries of Moon, Stars and Eclipse

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What if...one selfish deed could impact the whole world? This is what three friends are about to find out; Is your hearts desire more important than friendship. Characters you'll meet: Strikonius- Villan Moon, Stars and Eclipse: Antagonists Stay tuned for Chapter 1: Start of a Nightmare!
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Chapter 1- Start of a Nightmare

Somewhere in deep Sinnoh, ominous blue blurs pierce the normally peaceful sky of Snowpoint City. The blurs lead to Strikonius, a evil genius reincarnated to a Swellow. He was hunting for Mespirit, Azelf and Uxie to drag them from their lakes and throw the Pokemon world into chaos. First was Uxie, Being of Wisdom. He lied in in the towns famous lake, Lake Acuity. But also in Snowpoint City lived a Dratini named Eclipse. Two others lived across Sinnoh, Moon the Vulpix and Stars the Charmander. But much to Eclipses' surprise, he was transported to a mystic void, unaware Moon and Stars were as well. They only heard voices; "Young Pokemon. A great threat is looming across Sinnoh. You and the two other chosen ones must unite." The voices were of Mespirit, Azelf and Uxie. Stay tuned for Chapter two: Moon and Eclipse Unite.
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Chapter 2- Moon and Eclipse unite

After the legendary encounter with Mespirit, Moon the Vulpix was heading up from Sandgem Town to snowpoint city, in order to find the "Other two" partners who'd save Sinnoh alongside her. If not perfectly timed,a Shiny Flygon offered a ride.Moon clambered on, and within a short timeframe, they reached the City. After thanking the Flygon by heating it up,the Idols Mespirit and Uxie gave to Moon and Eclipse glowed intensely. 'Thats a Equity Idol..you must be Moon. Uxie informed me of your arrival. I am Eclipse.' 'Thats right..i'm Moon. That must be a Acuity Idol. I traveled far to find you.Now we need to find the owner of the Valor Idol.' That was Stars. Coming Soon, Part 3- Stars' Fate

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