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S/A Spirit Maravol (Now Accepting Credits!)

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Canine's AvatarCanine
Canine's Avatar
Now accepting credits. All specials are view able in my first field. Released all the deltas, go hunt for 'em if you want. Shiny: 125gp / 125k credits Albino: 250gp / 250k credits 600gp / 100zc / 600k credits
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FireWolf1117's AvatarFireWolf1117
FireWolf1117's Avatar
If you are willing to trade, could I get this Albino and Shiny for an Albino and Shiny Robinsoni?
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Canine's AvatarCanine
Canine's Avatar
Sorry, I'm not looking for trades.
Zerø's AvatarZerø
Zerø's Avatar
Do you do nature requests, or would you be willing to let me know if you hatch an 'any' berry preference Maravol? I've got the GP to buy but need the no berry pref. for my collection. (I'll stay subscribed to the thread if you intend to announce newly hatched Maravol.) Also just a small note, you've got an Albino Maravol hidden behind the shiny ones. Just thought I'd let you know because I miss stuff like that myself. XD
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Canine's AvatarCanine
Canine's Avatar
I'm nature breeding for spicy, but I can let you know if I happen to get any 'any's. ^^
Zerø's AvatarZerø
Zerø's Avatar

QUOTE originally posted by Canine

I'm nature breeding for spicy, but I can let you know if I happen to get any 'any's. ^^
Thank you, I appreciate you taking the time to do so! :D
Hope Star's AvatarHope Star
Hope Star's Avatar
this one for 300 gp
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AglennA's AvatarAglennA
AglennA's Avatar
Could i buy a Shiny for 55 zc? I do not have more zc ^^
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lil pumpkin's Avatarlil pumpkin
lil pumpkin's Avatar

QUOTE originally posted by AglennA

Could i buy a Shiny for 55 zc? I do not have more zc ^^
it says only gp @canine are you done with the hunt or are you gonna keep going? i might cave in for my story character...
hiya! call me pumpkin, lil, rinny! single cause my love life sucks i play to many video games (PC+switch+3ds) so message me ^w^ profile pic made by little lee!
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Canine's AvatarCanine
Canine's Avatar
@lil pumpkin. The hunt's still going! ^^

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