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Hetus's AvatarHetus
Hetus's Avatar
can I get 1 48 dp and one 24 dp if they are left for credits - gp mix?
Tardigrade's AvatarTardigrade
Tardigrade's Avatar
I'm sorry, I don't have any left, if you were wanting them for DP then I could send others that add up to those?n
Hetus's AvatarHetus
Hetus's Avatar
Can i get one of each of whichever you have
Honchkrow's AvatarHonchkrow
Honchkrow's Avatar
Hello! Could I perhaps get any one random shiny Qwilfish for 40 gp, please? :> (if the price is wrong i'll gladly add on if you'd like!)
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ravenswings's Avatarravenswings
ravenswings's Avatar
Hello! Big-ish order, if that's ok ^^ May I have: DP 2 DP 2 DP 4 DP 4 DP 4 DP 4 DP 4 For a total of 200gp and 40k credits?
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TuneSakuNatsu's AvatarTuneSakuNatsu
TuneSakuNatsu's Avatar
Hello! Can I please buy these for Gp? Shiny Stunfisk, albino Stunfisk and shiny Heatmor Would be 160 Gp altogether, if I can count, right? c:
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alien713's Avataralien713
alien713's Avatar
Hello! Could I please buy - 1 shiny Murkrow (8 zc), 2 shiny Horsea (10 zc + 30 gp), 1 shiny Stunfisk (40 gp), 1 shiny Qwilfish (40 gp), 2 albino Mimikyu (160 gp), 2 albino Murkrow (160 gp) and 2 albino Turunt (160 gp + 80k cr). That makes 80k Cr, 590 gp and 18 zc. Thank you! upd: looks like you'll have only one albino Turunt after Hetus' order. If yes, then I'd love to take that last albino Turunt and 2 albino Togepi and 1 albino Pichu instead of second for same payment ^^ upd2: I found math mistake and edited it. Sorry ^^'
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Tardigrade's AvatarTardigrade
Tardigrade's Avatar
yessss! let me max out my adoptions really quick! Stupid work throws off my online time xD
Swag3Tails's AvatarSwag3Tails
Swag3Tails's Avatar
How many points can i get for 54zc ^^
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Tardigrade's AvatarTardigrade
Tardigrade's Avatar
swag: 27 ^^ waiting on these current ones to go though, then i'll update the numbers post and start sending more trades :)

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