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To Nimbassa! (Closed)

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Whit's AvatarWhit
Whit's Avatar
Fabien nodded. "Yeah, I er, really should just skip the pokemon center entirely and head right there, I don't think I'll have enough time to stop by there... but, if you want to stop by the musical hall later, that's where I'll be!" He gave her a weaker smile, thoughts of the pokemon center making it hard to be positive.
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Mataamoja's AvatarMataamoja
Mataamoja's Avatar
"Right then, see you later," Venus said and started walking towards the pokemon center. She noticed Eevee looking back towards Fabien with a worried frown. "Awww don't be sad Eevee, we will see them in a little while." She attempted to comfort the pokemon. Eevee looked at Venus and shook her head. "Okay, not sad then... Well, im sure that whatever you are worried about will be fine." Eevee didn't look all that convinced but Venus wasn't really paying attention to it anymore. Now let's see, if I remember correctly there is a gym inside this amusement park. Maybe we will be able to get some work done before the musical starts... Venus thought to herself, once again lost in her own thoughts.
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Pages: 123

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