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Obtain pokerus?

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Koreanraichu's AvatarKoreanraichu
Koreanraichu's Avatar
Greetings. I saw Get Pokérus! Credits5,0000 / 1 complete Pokérus is a beneficial virus that causes your Pokémon and Eggs to gain double the normal amount of EXP from Interactions, and you to gain double the Interation Points from clicking. It is obtainable by interacting with the current Pokérus host. The more you click the Pokérus host, the greater your chance of getting Pokérus. Why not give it a try? Click the "Pokérus" button in the top right corner beneath the bonus counters (on the mobile site, you must click the arrow in the bottom right corner, then click "Pokérus" under the bonus counters) to go to the host's page. this at to-do list. For get pokerus, I do interact(such as click host's egg) every every 15 minutes? some hosts change when its egg hatched but some host never changes, so minimum(or maximum) clicking is 6 time... too hard to complete this. I read Wiki but I confused. For get pokerus, click pokerus in up-right button of screen, and just hold egg of host or give a food by click?
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Arsenal's AvatarArsenal
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Look here for more explanations of PKRS Basically it boils down to this: Every 15 minutes someone gets pkrs. (Eg 08:00, 08:15, 08:30 etc). When you want to get pkrs, you should click as many eggs/pokemon of said user. This includes the pokemon in fields. The more clicks you give, the higher the chance to get it will be.
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Koreanraichu's AvatarKoreanraichu
Koreanraichu's Avatar
oh, just click as possible as is right... thank you for your answer!

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