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suddlestealth's Avatarsuddlestealth
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Im going to be on pretty much all day today and i was wondering if i should get a bunch of eggs with low XP to hatch or higher XP to hatch because i dont know which is better... on one hand they hatch faster but on the other i get more points
Arsenal's AvatarArsenal
Arsenal's Avatar
It depends on what your type of playing is, honestly. This is my recommendation: Low exp (5.120-) - When you mostly depend on people clicking your eggs - When you want more gems to upgrade your badge - When you have a high shelter badge and want it to max out - When you are actively hunting and want more chance of getting specials High exp (6400+) - When you have a high badge - When you have a small shelter pass and can't afford daycare and don't want to rely on the lab. - When you are passively playing and can only check every few hours Ultimately it is up to you. You can also try low exp first and if you dislike it go high exp, or vice versa.
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suddlestealth's Avatarsuddlestealth
suddlestealth's Avatar
ok thanks :)

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