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Fusion Revolution! [RP]

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A deino with red skin emerges from a nearby alleyway. As he drew closer it became more obvious that he had a cooled magma mane, rather than the normal fluffy mane most deino had. "My name's Obsidi. Did I miss something?" He asks looking at some of the goo on the floor.
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Sluger and Zach stare at the winged Froakie near them. “Hoi! Are knew around here?” Zach cheerfully says to the fusion.
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Skylar looked at the Deino cross. "Only my brother almost dying," she said, still looking cross over it. She scooped up the little Pichu, to his chagrin. "Skylar, put me down!" Zak wailed. (@Blue)
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The Froakie fusion flushed magenta and replied, "Yes, I'm new here.... I don't live close to here. Have I introduced myself? If not, my name is Melancholy, and don't get me mad or else weird things happen."
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Obsidi understood where the hostility came from, so he ignored it. "Is everyone ok otherwise?" He asked, seeing that the pichu was ok.
(oof I don't want this dying) Skylar nodded. "I'm okay," she said. "I'm fine now too," piped up Zak. (@Blue)

Pages: 123··· 678

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