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Fusion Revolution! [RP]

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"Good thing you got to him before he did! Some of the negative energy from the fight is still here and who knows what that might make other Pokemon do." Illuna could feel the anger in the room when she first entered, and she had always thought of the worst first, but shook her head. "Not like they'd take it out on your brother, of course!" (gasp, interaction :0 )
"I wouldn't let them!" Skylar confidently replied. Zak began poking his adopted sibling. "Zak, please-please just stop," she said, gently using her psychic powers to lift Zak off her shoulder and into her arms. (*blep*)
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"It must be fun having siblings. I'm Illuna, by the way! Nice to meet you!" The Gothorita introduced herself cheerily.
"I'm Skylar," said the Meowstic fusion, "and this lil fella is Zak." Zak cheerfully blepped. "Yeah, my siblings are pretty fun, but Zak in particular is a pawful."
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"And here I was thinking I was alone for the moment." The new voice came from above, a relatively short fusion swinging her legs whilst sitting on a ledge. Two diamond-shaped wings hung down like a curtain below her. and a tail wrapped around the plank of wood she was perched on. "Guess this place is a little more popular than I thought. Eh, oh well." (@Jirachi, @milove)
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"Oh, hello!" Illuna looked up, curious to who was watching them. She saw the other fusion and waved, trying to keep up her cheery and positive attitude, despite not knowing if they were dangerous or not.
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The blue hybrid glanced down boredly, flapping her thin, flat wings once. "Yeah, yeah, hello and all that jazz. Nice to meet you or whatever." Her tail unwrapped from around the bar and rewound itself. "So what're you doing here, I guess?"
"I dunno we were just watching!" said Zak. Skylar silently covered her brother's mouth.
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If the group by the building wer eto be careful, they would hear a slither. Suddenly, a goopy lump of poison landed on Zak, burning into his skin.
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