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🦚Mata's sprite shop {OPEN}🦚

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Mataamoja's AvatarMataamoja
Mataamoja's Avatar

Welcome to my little sprite shop!

Here you can order customized sprites of pokemon. Wish a pokemon had a different color? You got it. Those pesky lines annoying you? Order a lineless. Of course, most of the categories can be combined so feel free to mix and match. This is set up in a sort of tier system because some things are more difficult and time-consuming to do. HERE IS THE STATUS OF YOUR ORDERS!


1. BNBR (Be nice, be respectful) 2. I have the right to refuse an order for any reason and I am not obligated to give you the reason (even though I usually do provide a reason anyway). 3. I only accept currency as payment, so Credits, Gold Poké and Zophan Canisters are all acceptable. 4. Usually you pay the full price after getting the sprite, but if you are more used to/its more convenient I accept deposits. Just tell me and I'll make a note of it. 5. Pay for the previous sprite before ordering another. This usually just happens because of a memory slip though so don't worry too much. 6. Try to avoid double posting, for your own sake as much as mine. I check the thread and orders multiple times before making a sprite, so don't worry about me not seeing the edit. If you are truly worried send me a PM and I'll check it out immediately. 7. Please order a maximum of 2 sprites at a time. This is because I do the orders in batches, so if there are a lot of sprites it will take a long time to post. Chibi runners are an exception. If you order a chibi runner then please let that be the only thing you order. 8. If I for some reason don't post your order in the current batch, it's probably because it's complicated and I'm still working on it. Your order will be given a priority label in this case and it will be the first sprite I finish for the next batch. 9. If you want something on the sprite changed, please let me know ^w^ If it is an edit that will take longer or I simply don't have time, your order will be given the priority label. 10. If you do not pay within 2 weeks after I post the sprite, I will send a reminder (of course I check if you have been online during that time first). 11. There is no need to use order forms, but I know a lot of people, including me, like using them. So here is one you can use:

Order form~

12. Rules are subject to change at any time, so make sure you check them out every once in a while. Of course, if there is a change I will announce it.
Also, ghostaë is helping me out, so be nice to them, yeah? ^w^ Note; Any gen 6+ pokemon sprites made by conyjams, unless stated otherwise.
  • Tier 1
  • Tier 2
  • Tier 3
These are the easiest to do, and also the cheapest! Each sprite goes for 4zc or 20gp (except sticker).


This basically gives parts of or the entire pokemon different colors. You can be as specific as you like when requesting. Example:


This style make the pokemon look like... well, paper. Take a look for yourself.


Gives the pokemon this two-toned effect. Choose two colors and which color goes where. Examples;


This one comes in two styles. Outline and detail (and many different colors). Pikachu and the Ducklett are the detailed versions, petilil is the outline version.

Inverted Inferno

Same as inferno, except that it is inverted. I can't make it any clearer than that, but these examples can;


Makes a color-negative version of the pokemon. Bright colors become dark and so on.


Makes the pokemon look old and gray, like a statue. See, this is another one of those that explain themselves.


You know the drill by now, it makes them look like chocolate.


This one comes in two variants, with and without the background.


This removes the shading and highlights. Example:


I am running out of witty commentary. This one makes them look like they are stuck in the matrix. Example:


Ever wanted a pokemon-shaped neon sign? Well, here you go then. If you don't specify a color, pink is the default one. Examples; I got the idea from LemonZesty. Check out the sprite shop they do amazing stuff;

Inverted Neon

Inverted Neon. Only because i can't have something without making it inverted if possible. Examples;

Cotton candy

Gives them a bright cotton candy like look. Example:


Makes them look fragile and crystaly. Comes in different color variations. Example:


Creates these adorable little charms. Examples;

Fighters aura

These pokemon are supercharged and ready to fight. Example:


Another one that explains itself. It makes the main color black and the rest a secondary color. Example:

Half shiny

Makes the pokemon shiny in many different styles. Or three styles at least. Example:


An evil version of the pokemon. Example:


This adds a border around the pokemon to make them look like stickers. These go for 1zc or 5gp and are best combined with other things like recolor, it just adds 1zc to the price.

Evolution V.1

An animated gif of a pokemon evolution line;


Arranges a set of specified pokemon, and trainer, into a little group photo. You can choose between no background and with a background. Example;


Basically gives me the freedom to do whatever I want, (and experiment with new things XD). These sprites will most likely consist of multiple things and are PWYW, but I will be charging a minimum of 10gp per pokemon.Max 3 at a time. The only question is; are you feeling lucky~


Pre-made sprites that you can buy if you like any of them. Mostly random ones I feel like doing at any given time when I'm bored. You can see the prices when you hover over the sprites.
Withybloom: 75gp
Wee-twee: 65gp
Bumbledour: 50gp
These are not too bad, but a bit more time-consuming than just recoloring. Each sprite goes for 7zc or 35gp.


These are animated pokemon where parts of them light up and the rest is black (or a different color if specified). Example:


These are frankly adorable. You can decide the color of the heart, and pretty much whatever else you want really. It's hard to see it, but the non-shiny one is blushing~ Doesn't have to be animated, but that is the default.

Head in a jar

Just in time for Halloween lol. These are highly customizable, you can choose the jar design as well as the color of the liquid~

Animated neon

Wouldn't be neon if they didn't glow~ Comes in two styles, colorful or dimmed. Examples;


These pokemon are not having a good time. They can also be recolored. This one really speaks for itself. Example:

Angel/Demon/Fallen one

Makes a pokemon of your choice into a demon or angel. Or a mix of the two;

Substitute dolls

Makes a substitute doll version of a pokemon.

Face swap

Like fusion, but only the head and colors are swapped.


These pokemon are soft and fluffy, like a pillow. Example:


These pokemon got smooshed into the page. Example:

Yin Yang

For this I use a different version of the sprites and make them perfectly balanced, like all things should be.

Inked outline

Looks like they drowned in ink? I don't know, make up your own joke for this one.


Makes pokemon into pokeballs. Example:


These are exactly what they sound like. Just specify which flag and what style you want, patterned or whole. Example:


This galaxiefies the pokemon. This one is pretty annoying and difficult to figure out. If you order this, please be like really specific on what parts you want to be made into a galaxy.

Animated recolor v.1

Like recolors, only that the sprites are animated. Here are some examples;
These are the most difficult and time-consuming ones. Every sprite costs 15zc or 75gp.

Seosonal sprites

Changes based on the season. Currently christmas/winter sprites. Examples:


This is exactly what it sounds like, all the lines get removed giving the pokemon a smooth look. Example:


Here I take two or more pokemon and fuse them together, with varying degrees of success.


Like fusion, but with humans. Gijinkas are a fusion between human and pokemon. Please specify which human sprite to use for this one.


You provide a description, or ideally image, and I make a sprite based on it. Prices on these are pretty flexible, a minor edit will cost less than a major one. No set prices though, feel free to come with offers. Example pictures for octoren's use only.

Chibi runners

Pokemon that run. Either on all fours or on two legs. Keep in mind that bipedal pokemon might look kinda weird running on all fours.

Animated recolor v.2

These are more 3D than the other version but can take hours to do because I have to go through the animation pixel by pixel, frame by frame.

Evolution V.2

An animated gif of a pokemon evolution line;


The hatching of a pokemon (the yellow stripes above the head are optional);

I made a banner!

Here is the code if you want to advertise;


Note: the more specific your order is the better. Unless it is really specific I will take some artistic liberties, but you can always request a change :)
Name: Mataamoja "And what if none of their souls were saved? They went to their maker impeccably shaved"
~Sweeney Todd
morder's Avatarmorder
morder's Avatar
Hello, a glowie for 50 gp? Pkmn: Lugia Where to glow?: Underside of body and eyes Color of Glow?: Teal please ^^
Avatar made by MEEEE My joint shop.Banner by me
Mataamoja's AvatarMataamoja
Mataamoja's Avatar
Here you go :) Tell me if you want anything changed.
morder's Avatarmorder
morder's Avatar
yeah, coud you also do the wings and tail?
Mataamoja's AvatarMataamoja
Mataamoja's Avatar
Here ya go
morder's Avatarmorder
morder's Avatar
Thanks! Looks great!
Kirby23's AvatarKirby23
Kirby23's Avatar
Hi, can I have recolor? Pokemon: Torterra New color: Blue Where: Shell, trees, and head (I will pay 100 Gold Poke)
  • My shop!
  • Drawings!
  • Credit!
By fangraixiii
By Mataamoja
By Engineer
By Engineer
Luxray Sprite made by fangraixiii Torterra Recolour made by Mataamoja Luxray, Turtwig drawings made by Engineer
Mataamoja's AvatarMataamoja
Mataamoja's Avatar
Is this okay? Of course please tell me if you want anything changed :)
Kirby23's AvatarKirby23
Kirby23's Avatar
*Suprised face* I will send 200 it is so cool!
Mataamoja's AvatarMataamoja
Mataamoja's Avatar
Awwww, thanks :D I am pretty proud of how that one turned out, I must admit.

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