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Stranded! (Rp)

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SmolPhantump's AvatarSmolPhantump
SmolPhantump's Avatar
Well, we're stranded. Hopefully help will come soon..

Discovered places

Rocky Beach

This is where you crashed. There is a large clump of smooth, sun-warmed stones towards the east end of the beach, which tends to attract fire and cold-blooded pokemon. Towards the western end is a flat space of sand and palm trees. Towards the northern end is an unexploded end, and obviously, the southern end leads to the ocean.


Common: Pykumuku Krabby Corsola Seel Slowpoke Magikarp Uncommon Vulpix Growlithe Oricorio (Baile style) Rare Salandit Mareanie

Current Weather

Sunny. There's a slight breeze.
A rp of mine, pretty much a pokemon sanctuary! :D I made this avatar myself, and posted it under the username Stumpy on medibang.
Wildbreeze's AvatarWildbreeze
Wildbreeze's Avatar
Alexander, more often known as Bunny, was stressed beyond stressed. Somehow their boat had sunk and now he was on this island with only his pokemon. Speaking of his pokemon, Hoppy the Buneary and Joey the Riolu were currently inside their pokeballs inside his bag, which thankfully he had not lost. Oh and some other people, but Bunny was too stressed to make more then a squeak right now. He had just wanted to prove to himself that he wasn't as stressed as he was before, living with his parents. But noooo, the boat had to go and sink! He was currently rolled up into a ball, as small as possible, and was just laying in the sand. He wanted to reach for his pokeballs and call out his pokemon but he couldn't make himself move.
Jeff (Credits to TheIceCheetah) Icon by Chipiko<3
Adian's AvatarAdian
Adian's Avatar
| | Adian Savage & Team Sprite created by Arkiger for my personal use.

The only thing that had saved Adian was his desire to hold onto his messenger bag like his life depended on it. In truth, it had been what his life depended on. As the ship crashed and started to take on water Adian had lost his messenger bag sitting on the chair next to him on the outside deck. The sudden lurch of the ship had thrown it overboard - with it his three full pokeballs and all his sketching from the day. In a mindless panic he had simply jumped overboard to retrieve it. That act was why he has washed up on shore, bag clutched tightly to his chest and others... Had not. The man was numb from shock, unable to comprehend what had happened to the once bustling ship full of pokemon and people. The shell of the ship lay washed up on the beach, random articles of debris slowly floating to the serene shore. All Adian could think to do was to save his sketches from earlier for when he got back to the Alola Island. He had been working on a new exhibit for an art gallery and didn't want to disappoint. Still out of it he would slowly tear each water logged page from his sketch book and lay it delicately on the sand, hoping the warm sun above would allow them to be dried and saved.
Type Race Score: 233 Selling all kinds of pokemon, items, dexes, adoptions and newbie freebies! Banner created by, Maomi, purchased for me by ChibiLunaThorn. Avatar made by Yutalia@DA. Purchased and used with permission.
SmolPhantump's AvatarSmolPhantump
SmolPhantump's Avatar
Melody was up in an instant, releasing her team and checking them over. Since they'd been in their balls, they were relatively okay. "Alrighty, ya'll seem to be in tip-top shape. That's good." She stood up, patting Sizzle on the head. She knew better than to risk petting her Cacnea, so she just let the two move around. She pulled the slightly waterlogged book from her bag, alongside her first aid kit, and... "Ew." She lifted the soggy, gross sandwich from her bag. She wasn't gonna let herself, or her pokemon eat that. It could be bait, she guessed. That was about it. She left it out of her bag, not wanting to stink it up. She looked around at her fellow castaways. "Well, this is spectacular."
Brightheart's AvatarBrightheart
Brightheart's Avatar
(Omg, I'm sorry, thought I subscribed. ) Willow gave a little groan as he blinked open his eyes. Where....is he? He looked around the beach where he laid in, confusion clear on his face. When he finally realize what's going on, his memories crashed back into him, replaying what happened earlier over and over again. He was doing nothing more than traveling to another region, hoping to gather more data on some plant pokemons or plant themselves, but they were caught in the middle of the storm and his cottonee unintentionally flow along with the wind like its suppose to. Out of his own sheer panic, he grabbed on to his cottonee, fearing it'll fly away, and that's when the stronger wind blown in, snatching at the cottonee harshly and ultimately dragging Willow along with it. He hit the water hard. And now he learned that hitting the water really is like hitting hard ground. He rubbed his head, feeling a tiny bruise. Ouch. Suddenly remembering his poor partner, he looked around for his little pokemon. A tiny sound caught his attention and he found his pokemon dripping wet, the weight of the water holding it down. He quickly dried his cottonee, squeezing the water gently out of it. Soon after, he located his bag, dripping wet but everything is still inside. Except that his notebook is a bit wet and now he needs to wait for it to dry.
Avatar art made by me. ;w;

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