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What is this story about?

Ehhh, this is a story about Arceus who is dying and a new, evil Pokemon comes into power. Saoirse, an Eevee, whose family was taken by that evil Pokemon, goes on a quest to save them.

Who's the characters?

The Eevee family

Saoirse- A female Eevee Lineus- Saoirse's older brother Glacie- Saoirse and Lineus' older sister, Jolt's companion Lighthief-Saoirse and Lineus' father Peace-Saoirse and Lineus' mother Zinnia-Saoirse and Lineus' grandmother Sagethorn-Saoirse and Lineus' grandfather Patronia- Saoirse and Lineus' aunt Flare- Saoirse and Lineus' uncle Jolt- Glacie's companion


Narcissa- A kindhearted Pokemon who collects flowers
Enjoy the story!
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Prologue: “W-where am I? It’s just darkness here… Nothing but darkness… I can’t see.. Is it that I’m blind?” A creature writhed in the darkness. It could feel nothing, touch nothing, taste nothing, see nothing, and hear nothing. ‘Perhaps I am in nothing’, the creature thought. A determination came over that creature. ‘Even though there is nothing, I will create something’, the creature declared. But even it thought its words impossible. ‘There is nothing to make anything out of’, the creature thought miserably, ‘and I’m saying an awful lot of nothings… Think positive. There will be something I make. I will make more creatures like me to live on this blank space. I will create a world for these creatures.’ Instantly, the darkness faded. In its place, was a green pasture full of a light from a bright yellow thing. The creature looked amazed at its creation. ‘Am I an animus?”, a small voice in its head asked. ‘No… I guess I’m just a powerful being or something like that,’ the creature argued. The creature looked down at itself. “Powerful is an understatement. I’m an ultimate being! Speaking of which, I must give myself a name. From now on, I will be known as Arceus to the creatures I create. I will name the creatures Pokemon.” Billions of years later... ‘I am old…”, Arceus muttered. A creature of his creation, Mew, said concerned, “You aren’t going to die, Arceus! Are you?” Arceus smiled weakly, “You know, I haven’t thought of that. Most likely, I will. However, the Pokemon world may fall in chaos.” “Arceus, if you die, you always have us, the Legendary Pokemon!,” Mew replied confidently. Darkrai, another Legendary, said quietly, “Of course not, Mew. We will die eventually as well. We do not know how to create new legendaries, like Arceus does.” Mew’s confidence faltered, “B-but… Arceus will teach us!” Arceus gave a short barklike laugh and said, “I actually don’t know how I created you guys! I just thought that I needed help managing the Pokemon world, and it became true!” A catlike Pokemon, Zeraora, grumbled, “This is ridiculous. The Ultimate Legendary not knowing how to create life from its own hands!?” “Silence, Zeraora”, a shady Legendary, Zekrom snarled, “Arceus eventually know how and that’s final.” “That is not confirmed, Zekrom”, Latias says softly, and Zekrom knew. The Legendaries sat in silence and let the truth sink into them: Arceus was going to die.
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Ch. 1 Meanwhile... “Slow down, Lineus!” Two Eevee chased each other down a grassy hill, laughing as they went. The Eevee called Lineus, yelped gleefully, “You’ll never catch me, Saoirse!” Saoirse half panted, half snarled, “You win this time, fluff-head. Next time, I’ll win.” “Oh really?,” mocked Lineus. Saoirse licked Lineus on the nose, which stopped him mocking her. “Spare me!”, Lineus wailed, “you know I hate being licked there!” “Not arguing, I hope,” a old Espeon wheezed, plodding towards them. “Definitely not, Grandma Zinnia!”, the Eevee chimed, stealing looks at each other. “Good,” the Espeon called Zinnia, croaked, “your parents should be back from hunting soon. Saoirse, go to Narcissa’s little hut and ask for some Gracideas. Our bushes all wilting, even though we take good care of them. Lineus, go find Glacie and ask her to help find Gracideas. Sagethorn isn’t feeling well again. We’ll have to make that Gracidea medicine again.” Instantly, both Eevee bounded off in their separate directions. Saoirse ran towards Narcissa’s hut, panting exhaustively. She rapped on the door three times, before a melodic voice chimed, “Come in!” Saoirse walked towards Narcissa, who was hunched over a small cauldron. “Hi Narcissa! Is there by any chance you have Gracideas?,” Saoirse asked. Narcissa sighed, “Sadly, no. Unfortunately, I don’t think there are any healthy Gracidea bushes nearby. Is it Sagethorn again?” Saoirse’s ears drooped in disappointment as she nodded. Narcissa suddenly gasped. Saoirse’s ears flicked up in alarm , as she exclaimed, “What is it! Do you remember something?!” “Of course! There’s a rumor that there’s a Gracidea bush on the peak of Revelation Mountain!,” Narcissa exclaimed in delight. Saoirse did a sort of a victory dance. “Thanks, Narcissa! I’ll tell the others!” Narcissa smiled, “No problem. Say hello to your family for me, okay?” Saoirse’s nod was barely seen as she raced out the door. Saoirse jibbered her happy news to her family. “Slow down, slow down,” Glacie exclaimed, “we need to hear too! I can’t understand nearly every word you said!” Saoirse gave a glare worthy of Zekrom and repeated her speech slowly and carefully. Jolt gave a cheerful whoop, which got another glare from Lighthief. Peace smiled and said, “Now, now, no negative feelings! We’ll all go tomorrow, up Revelation Mountain. Saoirse mumbled, “Can I go by myself, I’m not a baby, I don’t need help.” Lighthief gave her a approving smile, “Now, that’s my girl! You’ll go by yourself.” Patronia and Flare said, “We’ll gather the ingredients. They’ll get ready, when you’re back.” Saoirse was outside the den, wearing a sachet. Peace nuzzled her daughter and spoke to her quietly, “Stay safe, okay? Whenever you need help, use this.” She dropped a white, horn-like seashell into Saoirse’s sachet. “A creation of Patronia’s. A true inventor,” Peace smiled at Saoirse’s incredulous look. “You should get going,” a old voice croaked. “Sagethorn?! Shouldn’t you be in bed?,” Zinnia shouted, pushing the coughing Leafeon back into the den. “Bye!,” Sagethorn wheezed, before disappearing into the den. Full of determination, Saoirse ran towards the looming mountain. A few moments after Saoirse had left, the air had gone cold. “What th-,” Peace whimpered, before being cut off. A eerie voice snarled, “Arceus is dead. I am now your ruler.” There was a flash of green light and the air became warm once more.
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Ch. 2
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Ch. 3

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