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A Mature Discussion on Gold Poke Prices, etc.

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Suríya's AvatarSuríya
Suríya's Avatar
Let's Discuss GP, User's GP Prices and Pokefarm GP Sinks

I will start off by saying 'mature' is not to mean specific ages or the content within this thread... it means that I will not tolerate people belittling, being rude to, vaguing or otherwise putting down the opinions, statements or comments made by others. Everyone is welcome to share their opinion, and welcome to their opinion however that does not mean you may directly bash them for having it, or bash the opinion. Providing constructive criticism is not the same thing as bashing someone. It is a form of disagreement and also a form of opinion. The topic of users not purchasing specials (shinies, albinos, melan, deltas, what have you) for GP was brought up in my personal Discord and it got me thinking about the drop in sales for GP. Honestly with all the GP sinks I think people really need to adjust their pricing mindset. There isn't as much GP in circulation as there was. Even I need to. As much as I want to sell a Skeleco for 500 or whatever (honestly can't remember what my prices are) but it's harder to get GP so people aren't spending it as much since they need it for charging charms and stuff. And, people who are hunting exclusives, specials or anything that requires/allows purchasing eggs for GP (or speeding up Egg Supplier eggs) are hoarding it for these purposes (as they should) so the amount being used between users purchasing from shops/threads is also lowered by this particular sink. Eggs are a GP sink as well, since that money goes back to the site instead of the wallet of a user who would turn around and use it. GP is a little harder to come by now as well, with the reduction in GP rewards and such that are given for goals. People need GP to charge shiny charms if they are using them, for buying Lucky Eggs, flutes, Gigas, trade center expansions, scour slots and boosts... suffice to say there is more than enough places for GP to be used before they are used in User Shops. And here I am with a mindset of "I can get 150-250GP for this uncommon (not exclusive) pokemon just fine!" and my prices tend to reflect this. It's a mindset of how the site used to be, with an abundance of GP in circulations, before all of the improvements. So now, I'm sitting here wondering if others are suffering from their own, similar mindsets and thus suffering for getting GP shiny charms, eggs for special hunts, Daycare Passes, etc. I should probably lower my prices so I can sell the pokemon and thus work up a GP hoard, but I find it really hard to think that less than what Im selling for is worth the effort put into hunting the pokemon. And even then, I still feel like I'm undercharging. I invite others to discuss their thoughts as well. Please respect and be kind to one another.
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Kiryu's AvatarKiryu
Kiryu's Avatar
I haven't really noticed this at all TBH? Though, truth be told, my prices for specials have almost always been a lot cheaper than others, hahA, but as a result I haven't really noticed any one payment method reigning above all others. I actually had a lot of people paying in GP for my special ayeren! :V (granted, I could have maybe charged 250 or even more per, but 200 seemed fair??) But overall I seem to have an even split of people paying in GP/CR/even ZC! My 5k shinies have always been 75gp + that's always worked just fine for me! :V I've never really had to adjust my prices for anything (unless I was on a really long hunt + was really tryina get rid of shinies fast, hahA) but yeah! :V I've always had """"lower"""" prices, so all of this ruckus hasn't affected me at all tbh. Edit: I remember, god this was a while ago, it was right as the GP inflation was kicking in at like 1:6 just starting to be a regular thing, I was kind of annoyed at people who were complaining about not being able to sell their regular ol' 5k shinies at 150GP. I always thought that was a bit silly, since there's a simple solution.......just..........sell them for less! It aint like exclusive hunts where you're losing money per hatch! Just! Lower the price! And bam! Problem solved! You're still making money! Some money is better than no money! I guess since I joined later than them, I never really got "used" to a 150GP/etc pricing? That never seemed normal to me? All I ever saw was those never selling well, so 75GP a pop has always seemed normal/fine to me.
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Suríya's AvatarSuríya
Suríya's Avatar
You are one of the people who adjusted then ^^ You're already selling for less than people (when I first started PFQ) thought was fair. The same amount that my mind is stuck in is a lot higher than your 75GP that you mentioned. When I have a sale, I usually drop the price down to around there -- then things will fly (and end up as DP, but I don't care about that)! And I agree, 75GP is a good price for some things -- but at the same time, I'm not about to turn around and sell Skeleco for 75GP on a sale when I have them marked at 500GP -- which, admittedly, needs to be lowered I think. You are a prime example of a flexible person, whereas I am trying to be flexibile while my brain fights me lol
Cele's AvatarCele
Cele's Avatar
So, I'm another one of the people who have gone and adjusted so my specials are around the 75GP -> 5k EHP baseline. I think that shinies will drop in price and this is reasonable despite the fact that GP sources are more controlled/limited than they once were. Shiny bonuses are prominent, and potent, and people are eager to hunt melans, and so the number of spare shinies is going to be rather drastically high. I do think that something needs to be done to discourage the idea of DP fodder shiny sales because those prices and that entire line of thinking is harmful to the specials-buying market/community. Even our melans get thought of as nifty large bags of DP (800ZC for a 5k EHP melan, anyone? That's insane. Sorry, I'm not in agreement that the hard work that goes into melan hunting should sell for basically £8.). So while I understand and think it reasonable that shiny prices are dropping... I don't like it. I don't think it bodes well for this market in general. It's going to make it pretty hard to get a reliable income in general, GP or otherwise, from this market.
Kiryu's AvatarKiryu
Kiryu's Avatar
Oh, I'm mostly talking about garden-variety 5k pokemon when I use 75GP! I understand exclusives are sold for higher because of the DCP/sweetheart/Hand Strain cost @<@;; (i VERY MUCH understand all the cost that goes into exclusives now) I feel like 200GP is about a good average/floor for shiny exclusives (maaybe lower for a sale??) since it'd cover the average 8GP per DCP for a 1/25 estimate shiny. (Again, you'd still probably lose a bit of money from sweethearts/worse DCP deals/bad luck/Hand Cramps(tm) but I'm way past viewing exclusive hunts as something to do for profit) I do feel like 500GP, especially as a sale is way too high for just a normal shiny exclusive mon (unless it's like, a 10k egg? maaaaaybe?) But, again, I guess I do have the mindset of If It Dont Sell Good Just Sell For Less(tm) AND also I'm someone who, personally, does not buy specials almost ever, because of the expense. I would only shell out 500GP+ for Really Special pokemon, like special deltas and the such, but even then those are a really hard sell for me. i guess this is balanced out by my weakness for art/adopts and my tendency to just freely leak money whenever i glance at them
Opalide's AvatarOpalide
Opalide's Avatar
I joined after the GP adjustment and I do find that earning it seems not to be as easy as I am told it was. It takes me a long time to get up to 1k gp - where as several older users have stockpiles of 10k+ sitting around from when it was a lot easier. So I have very little for comparison when it comes to "old" conversion rates, as the week I joined, was the week they removed the 100gp bonus. I haven't known any different. So I want to make two points here: - Most GP is held by older users and - It is now harder to make GP I feel like this is likely keeping most of the wealth among older players - who are spending less, I suspect, on shinies/albs when compared to newer players. As a result of this, users who are more likely to purchase shinies, as opposed to hunt them themselves, are likely newer, or mid-range users, who do not already have these shinies in their collection. At a guess, they cant afford shinies as often when compared to players with a GP stockpile, so they're buying less often, or holding off for the best offer. Compare this to summons. Summons are often kept at high value because a lot of users with excess currency hunt them. A lot of them are bought every time they dip below a certain rate. And, as a reflection, legendary S/A/M are seen as an endgoal, and consistently go for a higher benchmark. I'm not saying this is a bad thing. Merely, it could be A factor. This is also something I'll touch on a bit later. This only applies, of course, to older albinos and shinies. Newer ones always go for more, until they become more common, and their prices come back down. Of course, there will always be exceptions, such as "livingdex" hunters, hoarders, and so forth. == Now, Melans. I feel like Melans are a special point entirely, because it is not logical to purchase melans in GP/CR. There's not enough currency in circulation to make this viable on a large scale. Melans are again one of those "Endgame" goals, geared more towards older users as something to work towards. 2600ZC for a melan seems reasonable, and attainable. 13,000GP, on the other hand, seems far less so. 13,000,000CR... You see my point. Even though the exchange rate is the same, and interchangeable, it is far easier to come up with the price in ZC, than it is for GP or CR. 2600 also seems a lot smaller of a number to work towards, even if it's theoretically the same amount. === As far as currency conversion goes, I feel like conversion rates have never been more stable. Almost everyone I come across feels comfortable doing 5k=5=1, and it is not hard to exchange between currencies. My own sales - coming mostly via PM - have been significantly tilted towards GP sales overall. == So I'd like to propose the following: It is not so much the GP market has slowed, or stopped. Rather, the demand for shinies/albinos/deltas has slowed significantly compared to in the past. In addition, S/A/D have become more common. The fact GP is harder to come by could be a contributor to this, but I do not think it is the main point going on here. There are a lot of sinks for GP. More-so I'd say than Credits or ZC. With the recent nerf, the exchange rate seems stable, GP as a whole holds its demand. Shinies, on the other hand, very little going for them. There's DP, and there's looking pretty. There's nothing else. Delta Points lately seem to be a topic for debate, with specials netting very few points per sacrifice - and as such, the market rate reflects this. A Starly at DC rates is not going to go for more than about 40gp, if you use the rates of 1 DP = 2ZC = 10GP. And, as such, the market seems to be reflecting this and very few people seem to be able to sell shinies for much more than their DP rate. And again - users with currency to spare purchase shinies when they hit this rate, preventing the market from deflating further. I suspect if DP wasn't a factor at all, the shiny market would continue to decrease further. (I am deliberately ignoring the point that DP is meant to be a draw to site over a "shiny grinder" for the time being, as I don't feel it's relevant here.) TLDR: I don't think it's so much that GP has become rarer, or less traded, so much as shinies are losing value, more abundant and becoming less 'special' or in demand.
Suríya's AvatarSuríya
Suríya's Avatar
500GP is the typical price, not the sale price :P I agree that it is an expensive price for a sale though lol
Aust's AvatarAust
Aust's Avatar
I think I've mostly just adjusted as the economy slowly fell as well^^ Back when I started my Shiny shop (about 2.5 years ago) there was a 175gp to 200k credits to 50zc ratio with trading 5k shinys O_O (or at least those were my old prices for shinys) However even with my prices now around 75gp /75k credits / 15zc per shiny (no price difference for 4000ehp to 10000ehp eggs) and even with a large amount of customers paying with med gems I find myself with quite a good mix of currencys^^ (I accually have more of a problem with Gem prices tanking then finding enough sales for GP to get me through the week.) As for what Opalide said I agree with most of it^^ I get a lot of trades for Gems because it is the cheapest of my prices and everyone can get med gems pretty easy irregardless of how long youve been an the site^^ ***Checking out some of the older trade threads I found at least one that was a year older then mine selling shiny /albino Deino at around 400gp / 700gp in late 2015
Karakara's AvatarKarakara
Karakara's Avatar
I think I adjusted slowly along the way as well. Although reluctantly at first. I had all the time this whole "Do I make still some profit... or at the very least no loss (if the hunt was a privat Melan hunt for example) with this hunt?" in my head. Not selling any S/A wouldn´t do either, but this thinking got me to creating an excel table to note down all the important stuff like to be sold S/A, used DCP´s and so on. Basically an income ./. cost calculation xD With that done I could basically easier adjust, because I knew what I was doing. It is sad although logical that the S/A prices drop. Sad because it makes hunting more of a 'I got to sell at least one Melan in order to make some profit/no loss! - if hunted with many DCP´s' way. While it is still logical, the older users usually don´t need that Shiny/Albino anymore because a) they already have it in their collection or b) have other plans and don´t care in the first place. For newer users it sure is easier when the prices are lower, because they can easier buy one. Then there are the Delta Points. Delta Pokémon are (sadly) quite worthless. Shiny/Albino Deltas obviously not, but they hardly bring in enough currency in order to replace the average 24 regular Deltas hatched in order to hatch for example a Shiny. Going with a 1/25 Shiny rate as it was used here before ^^ On the topic of GP however, I do seem to sell most of my special S/A more likely for Gems/ZC than GP - although GP happens too, however not enough to fund my DCP´s which are my main used GP sink and absolutely necessary to me. For the most part I have to swap again ZC for GP (that seems to work best) or trade Gems for GP which seems to work from time to time nicely as well, in order to buy me new DCP´s to fund my hunts. Melans basically almost always sell for pure ZC. As much as I would love a direct GP purchase. xD Although like already mentioned by Opalide it sure at least feels easier to get the felt (even if only felt) lower amount of ZC than the high looking GP amount. Besides who has so many GP and wants to spend them in one go/doesn´t have any plans for them? GP sure do feel/is(?) harder to come by via trading S/A/M, however I think it works nicely by swapping with other things obtained by trading S/A/M Pokés (like ZC/Gems/Boxes...). At least with that I get enough GP into my possession to keep hunting at my own pace xD
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selocon's Avatarselocon
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I struggle with pricing stuff, but one thing I have noticed from my hours of stalking the trade forum is that prices are finally stabilising. And Im happy on that. For shinies, if I sell them, I price them low to get rid of them. Deltas a bit higher, and Albinos double the normal shiny price, not my cheapo "I'm drowning in ghost balls, just take them already!" price. I've also noticed that a few threads even did cheaper prices in GP cause they wanted that so much.
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