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Note: This is a fanfiction story in ENGLISH by someone in CHINA so please help if I made any mistakes ^_^ I might rewrite this because I'm not sure an Eevee can envolve at birth... Prologue Midnight. Anyone would expect murderers to strike at this time. But not a family of Eevees. The female had been caring for three eggs. The male was out collecting berries. And that was when the murderer struck. The murderer was in a cloud of shadows, masking him from any witnesses. He swiftly killed the female, her shriek going up to the heavens. At that moment, the male came back and saw the female, dead inside the tree hollow which they had been nesting in. He started to fight the murderer. What he didn't notice was that the three eggs were slowly cracking open. At the same time. The first was a Melanistic. The second, a Shiny. And the third, normal like any other Eevee. The Melanistic Eevee turned, and walked slowly out into the moonlight. Her body glowed, showing her evoloution. Now, she was a Melanistic Umbreon. She turned, and opened up her head light, glowing violet in the night. Showing the murderer's true face. A Lapras. Her siblings were still squirming by the wrestling Pokémon. The Melanistic Umbreon broke into a run, into the hills beyond. Soon after, her siblings followed her lead, sensing that though their father was there, the place was dangerous. The normal Eevee also broke into a run, her tail bobbing behind. The night was now silent as the last Eevee, the shiny, stayed behind. She found a hollow tree, and curled up inside to rest. Plz suscribe if you liek!
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Aura l Female l Eevee lover l My Art Shop! Have a good day! Type Race Hunt: Ralts! and random, like usual. Shiny Hunt: Ralts!
Type Race: Team Breakneck Blitz (Normal)
Made by Fuchsfee
Hope you guys have fun this Type Race! :D
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Okay. I've been quite inactive with this, and here's Chapter 1 Chapter 1 The shiny Eevee's pawsteps echoed around the cave. Her mind was whirling with thoughts. Who was she? Where was she from? A faint glimmer came from the end of the cave. She heard a familliar sound, but she couldn't grasp what it was. It unsettled her, for some reason. Her ear twiched. "To destroy the core once and for all. Is that clear?" A voice said. "Yes, my lord." "Good. Storm, you send another out to look for Winter." "All- Someone's listening!" The reason? The Eevee had stepped on a twig. She almost slapped herself because of it. "Who?" The shiny Eevee heard sounds of feet pattering behind her. She turned tail and ran down the narrow passage of the cave. Despite her speed, her pursuers were faster. Soon, one of them caught up with her and nipped her tail. She ignored the pain flaring up her lower body, and sped faster down. A few moments later the cave opened up into a larger space, with the passage narrowing after it. Suddenly a shadow sped by the Eevee, blocking the exit. "What do you want?" the shadow asked. "I- I don't know what you're talking about." A force slammed into her, knocking her back into the other Pokemon. "Don't lie. Why else would you be in our base?" "What base?" The shadow probably rolled her eyes at that time. "This base, of course." "I'm sorry, I- I really didn't know there was a base here, I won't tell anyone, I promise!" "How much of our conversation did you hear?" "Just 'To destroy the core once and for all' 'Send out another patrol Storm' " "All right." The shadow stepped back, revealing a dark blue horn and a gray face, with white around the edges. An Absol. "I guess this pipsqueak isn't anythin' harmful to any of us. Just release her, Scar." The one who was called Scar released his grip on the shiny Eevee, and she fled down the passageway, right until she ran into the open. The night was silent, except for the call of a few Hoothoots. Even though the Eevee didn't know it that, the words she just heard was the starting - Of a war.

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