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POLL: should i open all slots and get to them when i do or continue opening only when i can draw

  •  43%
  •  57%

Total votes: 54

This poll is now closed.

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My name's Noct and I do human, pokemon and sometimes furry art I also came up with the cursed melan baits I'm picky with what kind of commissions I’m opening, so be sure to read the latest post and the updates (second post) !! slot availability is in the second post
  • R U L E S
  • E X A M P L E S
  • P R I C E S
♡ All the usual PFQ rules apply (no mature content, gore etc) ♡️ NONE of the images shown here are free to use unless it's your character/your commission ♡ I have the right to decline your commission with no explanation
(password: your favorite color)
♡ No rude comments (this includes advice i didn't ask for) ♡ ️Sometimes art won't turn out as good as the previous works or the style will be slightly off, that's just how art works ¯|_(ツ)_/¯ ♡️ One character per slot ♡ I won’t do couple/group pictures (except for matching icons) ♡ No super complicated designs
(password: your favorite color)
(if you're unsure if yours is complicated, message me or post here and I'll let you know!) ♡ Nothing too masculine (like facial hair) ♡ Give me a finished reference to work with, aka I'm not doing art from description ♡ I won't draw from photos either, sorry Credit me when using
(password: your favorite color)
>credit my PFQ profile when using on PFQ >credit my carrd when using off-site !
♡ Please use the forms and yes the passwords hard to find but it's there, it's a hidden tooltip in the rules ♡ Subscribe after posting !! not necessary but it would be appreciated if you could post a quick thank you or something once you get your commission, it gives me peace of mind If I reject your commission due to complexity please don’t take it too personally. I only take commissions I feel I can deliver properly on. I wanna offer the best possible quality, which also means being honest and saying when I can’t guarantee that.


Option between animated flat and fully colored Style: Usual will be 500x500 so they can be used as icons across all sites and also used as bust shots ! use this site to make the icons fit the needed size for pokeheroes user JohnnyJoestar’s use only for pokeheroes user 20BiTeen’s use only for pokeheroes user kuuruusu's use only for pokeheroes user shindai's use only Style: Animated feel free to ask for a smaller size for the animation ones but the file itself could still be too big to use on certain sites so i suggest leaving it at 500x500 and using this site to resize them as needed - personally i use 124x124 for blink animation and 150x150 for 2 frame when using here if its for pfq feel free to ask me to resize and test it for you ! transparent backgrounds aren't possible unless you have a gif maker program to stick the individual pngs together yourself Option: Blink Option: 2 Frame


click images for full view ! style: quick doodle (a bit of a grab bag on what you get but these are cheap) style: usual (waist up will be in this style) character belongs to PFQ user and my best friend whom i love Octoling FOR HIS USE ONLY pokemon - style: usual character was bought by and now belongs to PFQ user Bird-Kicker FOR THEIR USE ONLY pokemon - style: flat character belongs to PFQ user Misty_Sweet FOR THEIR USE ONLY style: full body character belongs to PFQ user Kodiyak FOR THEIR USE ONLY anthro - style: full body style: full body YCH

poses to choose from

more will be added in the future all poses drawn are by me and are NOT free to use


Extra Rules

• The commission you get will have a transparent background for copyright reasons (images like the sunflora example won't be done anymore) • You can use meme, cursed, etc images • Sometimes the painted style isn't available because some melan colors are too dark to properly work with • Please don't use images that would force me to paint in parts of other people (e.g. this > (x)) • The species in the picture has to be similar to the pokemon you’re requesting. But you can still try to request a cat base for axew for example. I’ll see if I can work with it, if not I’ll ask you for another image (it really just depends on what exactly makes the picture funny or cursed) • Alternatively, leave the needed space in the form blank and let me know you need me to find a picture for you in the “other” space, i’ll see if i can find something that matches your pokemon and pm you about it (in that case the thread will be locked until I've sorted things out with you through pm!)
for PFQ user Skiddo’s use only style: painted for PFQ user Izu.ku’s use only style: flat
add-ons might be needed for more complex pokemon/characters, but will Always be discussed before i accept your commission
Icons Usual | 600zc | 3000gp | 3mil cr | 6$ | Animated 2 Frame | 200zc | 1000gp | 1mil cr | 2$ | Animated Blink | 400zc | 2000gp | 2mil cr | 4$ | Other Full body | 1500zc | 7500gp | 7.5mil cr | 15$ | Full body YCH | 800zc | 4000gp | 4mil cr | 8$ | Pkmn/Feral | 1500zc | 7500gp | 7.5milcr | 15$ | Pkmn/Feral flat | 1000zc | 5000gp | 5milcr | 10$ | Quick Doodles PWYW with a min of | 20zc | 100gp | 100k cr | 0.20$ | Cursed Baits still under construction Flats | 100zc | 500gp | 500k cr | 1$ | + Easy shading (hover)
check examples like pokemon full body
| 300-500zc | 1500-2500gp | 1.5mil-2.5mil cr | 3$-5$ | + Painted (hover)
price depends on how much of the pokemon i have to paint (e.g. a bust will cost less than a full body)
| 500-1000zc | 2500-gp | 2.5mil-mil cr| 5$-10$ |
real money purchase isn’t possible due to paypal fees, me living in europe and the small amounts. i just want people to realize how much they are really paying me before they send in their complaints

accepted payment options

Mixed Payment is ok ! i won’t accept payment in just items though, unless it’s listed above or i’m asking for specific items in the updates/latest post 1zc:5gp:5k cr S/A Legends *'
none of the statue summons like regirock please
Melans *' Gracidea Seed: 30zc Boxbox: 100zc Z-Crystals: 100zc Übercharm: 200zc PR Memory Stick: 300zc Delta points (2zc per point) Summons ** Mega stones/Vouchers ** Large Gems ** *(might be resold) '(worth will be discussed) **(lowest recorded price currently in the market
this means the history of the item counts - this is to disourage payment in mostly items i need to resell)
/ might not accept some items)


remove the asterisk and what's in them to fill out!


[b]Noct, an icon![/b] [size=9][b]Character:[/b] *insert link to toyhouse/image or hidebox with ref image(s)* [b]Kind and Style:[/b] *usual or animated blink/2 frames* [b]Background:[/b] *choose one: color, gradient colors, transparent, let me decide* [b]Payment:[/b] *exact number and/or kind of payment* [b]Password:[/b] [b]Other:[/b] *any comments/extra wishes? if not leave blank* [/size]


[b]Noct, draw this![/b] [size=9][b]Character:[/b] *insert link to toyhouse/image or hidebox with ref image(s)* [b]Kind and Style:[/b] *what kind of commission and what style* [b]Background:[/b] *choose one: color, gradient colors, transparent, let me decide* [b]Payment:[/b] *exact number and/or kind of payment - not needed to be filled out for doodles* [b]Password:[/b] [b]Other:[/b] *any comments/extra wishes? if not leave blank* [/size]


[b]Noct, curse me![/b] [size=9][b]Pokemon:[/b] *insert ref of s/a/m sprite* [b]Curse[/b]: *insert meme, cursed image, etc either as link or as an image in a hide box* [b]Style:[/b] *flat or painted* [b]Payment:[/b] *exact number and/or kind of payment* [b]Password:[/b] [b]Other:[/b] *any comments/extra wishes? if not leave blank* [/size]

filled out example

Noct, draw this! Character: TOYHOUSE LINK Kind and Style: Full body! Background: You decide Payment: 500zc and 2500gp Password: (redacted) Other: could you add stars somewhere, thanks!

advertise me!

[url=https://pfq.link/~L6D8] [img]https://pokefarm.com/upload/Agent8/shop/shop_ad.png[/img][/url]
Agent8's AvatarAgent8
Agent8's Avatar


only doodles for now cause im still unhappy with my prices plus i lost interest in pfq also introducing a 5 slot waitlist basically, if the slots are full you can fill out the form and ask to be put on the waitlist. i might get to yours but it's not 100% guaranteed (though i will do the waitlist before i open new slots)


1. absoreon 2. Kodiyak 3. Kodiyak waitlist for doodles (might do these, might not) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.


thank you all so much !! I appreciate all tips a lot ♡♡ i do have a wishlist... if you dont want to be on the list or as anonymous just let me know ! this is mostly for me to remember your kindness :3c
izu.ku - albino eevees and summons kuromori - shiny blophin, eevee, zc, med + large gems vifts - shiny reuniclus and gp AngelOShadows - shiny espurr, gp and boxes cynicalCrows - shiny munna Agent3 - zc, gp and a melan <3 Moomintroll - albino bulbasaur
Agent8's AvatarAgent8
Agent8's Avatar
saving just in case
Agent8's AvatarAgent8
Agent8's Avatar
hewwo, its nice to see theres already some people subscribed ^^ To celebrate my shop finally existing, I wanna do a special commission! and would ask my first customer to only ask for this commission for now (sorry, but don't worry there will be plenty of time to get a commission of your oc in later, besides i haven't decided on the pricing yet) It will be a mystery character based on your pfq profile, your about, your journal, your tumblr, your toyhouse, anything you wanna link that tells me a bit about you! please don't link things like youtube videos or memes though. You won't know what you get But it will also be PWYW This special commission is open to my first customer ^-^ since this is a special not recorded in my shop, there isn't a form, just specify if you want me to work with your pfq profile or if there are links you want me to look at! - if it's received well, or others wanna get one of these too (message me letting me know there's a demand for these, for example) then I might do these again, every once in a while or to celebrate a milestone
Amethyst's AvatarAmethyst
Amethyst's Avatar
Hmmmmm~ I honestly am not subscribed yet but I dropped by the forums to check new art shops and saw this!! There isn't much personal info here, but maybe I can request using the simple messages I have in my "About me" ? Would have linked my dA but I never post any journals there XD
Agent8's AvatarAgent8
Agent8's Avatar
@ amethyst accepted, I'll see what i can do ^-^ also you can link your dA if you want so I can see if i find something to use in your mystery character there as well ! (even if you don't post, there's still likes, your interests, how you decided to organize your profile etc)
Amethyst's AvatarAmethyst
Amethyst's Avatar
Okay, thank you ~ !!! If it can be of any use, here's my DA I adore your style!! Can't wait to see it!!
Agent8's AvatarAgent8
Agent8's Avatar
@ Amethyst alright, looking trough your profile and dA i saw a lot of blue, silver and white, your (?) killer whale character and I also saw you asked someone to draw a wolf for you in the comments and i finally decided on a mystery character ! Your mystery character is a Fakemon based on a wolf and an orca ! ^-^ maybe a water/ice type ? (since orcas are mostly found in icy cold waters and theres also arctic wolves) hope you like them ! if you could please send over some payment (its pwyw) that would be great :3c
Amethyst's AvatarAmethyst
Amethyst's Avatar
Oh my!!! I've never had a fakemon before (mainly cause I lack imagination) but it looks amazing! And yes, I admit I have a weakness for blue and silver Thank you so much!!
Agent8's AvatarAgent8
Agent8's Avatar
i should be hunting my shiny starter in ultramoon but instead, I'm opening one slot ! no restrictions this time order anything (that's offered in my store) also you'll find i've finally added prices

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