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Arkiger's AvatarArkiger
Arkiger's Avatar

Entry #11

★ 10 MAY ★

Whoa!! I hatched a random shiny terrakion?? That's my first random, and on a legendary to boot. I wish it was a legendary I liked more, but oh well. Cool nonetheless.
I made it to Ace rank, which is good, but I definitely hit a roadblock. I think I need to start dex trading but that's kinda hard with how my anxiety has been lately...
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Arkiger's AvatarArkiger
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Entry #12

★ 11 MAY ★

EVEN MORE WHOA. A random albino mesprit?? After I got a shiny legend?? Man, I’m so lucky lately that I feel like something bad is gonna happen to kill the good vibes...
Type race today, and my choice of team dragon is noibat! I wanted to hunt them anyway, and now is a good time. Already got my first albino bat.
Arkiger's AvatarArkiger
Arkiger's Avatar

Entry #13

★ 14 MAY ★

This is my second shiny noibat so far, so I've already accomplished my goal. I can't decide if I wanna save the chain after the type race because eventually I'll wanna melan hunt them but I want Arceus rank first. Though I'm not sure how long that's gonna take with the egg data dilemma... So far my sketches for dexes has helped tremendously with my poké data and and shiny class, so I'm very thankful for those that have helped. Egg data though, ugh... 70 some just for Champion rank.
Arkiger's AvatarArkiger
Arkiger's Avatar

Entry #14

★ 22 MAY ★

Been a little bit since the last entry. Nothing really exciting has been going on. I've had my nose stuck in commissions and then some self-indulgent fan-art avatars. Meanwhile:

★ Type Race: Dragon ★

x7 x2 x0
I saved the chain so I could continue at some point. I tend to hatch around 250-300 eggs and I get bored haha;;;; I'd still like to get a cute little black bat eventually. Maybe after arceus rank, if I ever get there.

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