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Goldenene's AvatarGoldenene
Goldenene's Avatar

Welcome to Halley and Ribbon's Shop!

Rules & Form

All pokefarm rules apply A customer pays half (50%) of the agreed price, and once your order is complete, then you may send the difference (50%). We have the right to refuse service to anyone. Please be patient with us, we will do orders as soon as possible and in the order they were recieved. Please keep in mind that we are both students and have lives outside of this site! We will draw a maximum of 2 characters per order without additional charge! (+100k/100/20 if your request has more than 2 characters)


Please fill this out! If you fail to do so, we will NOT consider your request!!

Username: Form of payment: Artist you are commissioning: Type of art: Character's Reference: Additional comments:


Payment methods are unique to the artist and are available on our seperate posts! Alternative payments with in-game items may also be made based on the artists item preferences! Exchange rate 5,000 : 5 : 1
Goldenene's AvatarGoldenene
Goldenene's Avatar

Halley's Side!

• Hello, I'm Halley/Golden and welcome to my side of the shop! • • Art Thread!Current Status: Closed! ( 0 slots ) 1. Sanguine [2/2] [C] 2. Jalakins [2/2] [C] 3. KottonxTail [2/2] [C] 4. embers [2/2] [C] -Icon -Fullbody 5. Raiveon [2/2] [C] -Icon -Pixel !Shop Updates! "Closed for now! Thanks everyone :]" - Halley 9/18/19


Headshot/Icon 600,000 - 600 - 120 Full Body 1,750,000 - 1,750 - 300 Pixel Badge 2,000,000 - 2000 - 400 Items I'm interested in! = 25 : 125 : 125,000 = 50 : 250 : 250,000 = 50 : 250 : 250,000 = 200 : 1,000 : 1,000,000 = 120 : 600 : 600,000

Golden's Examples

More examples can be found Here


Full Body


breepi's Avatarbreepi
breepi's Avatar

Ribbon's Side!

• Hello, I'm Ribbon/Bree and welcome to my side of the shop! •

!Shop Updates!

None! uwu


1.BraveHearted (Credits) 2/2*Done 2.Elizadesu (Credits) 2/2*Done 3.JadeING (Gold) 2/2*Done 4.Raiveon (ZC) 2/2*Done 5.LuckyTrefoil (Tidal Bell+ZC) 0/2 6.Delcatty (Tidal Bell+ZC) 0/2 7.DeathBird (GP+Credits) 1/2


!!Paypal is only open for Humans!!

* Also please keep in mind I encourage mixed payments!


Headshots 550,000 - 550 - 110 +Shading 50,000 - 50 - 10 Full Body 1,500,000 - 1,500 - 250 +Shading 250,000 - 250 - 50


Bust 7,500,000 - 7,500 - 1,500 - 15$Paypal +Complicated designs vary from 500-1000/Equiv
Items I'm interested in! =50- 250- 250,000 =50- 250- 250,000 =160- 800- 800,000
Normalium Z
=200- 1,000 - 1,000,000
Waterium Z
=120- 600- 600,000
Fairium Z
=120- 600- 600,000

Bree's Examples

Heres more Examples Click the image to find the characters original owner! DM me if you wish to have your character removed ^^!

Flat Icon Pokemon

Shaded Icon Pokemon

Shaded FullBody Pokemon

Flat FullBody Pokemon


Flat Bust/Icon Cat Examples


Flat Fullbody Cat

Character belongs to me!


All these characters belong to me!
Credit - Credit
Huolon's AvatarHuolon
Huolon's Avatar
I hope it's okay if I commission you both for something? O: Username: Huolon Form of payment: ZC Artist you are commissioning: Halley/Goldenene Character's Reference: Kiwi & Cele (She's just a shiny furret, with blue eyes and that blue bandana shown) Additional comments: They're roughly the same height, that's pretty much it that I can think of (Also this is gonna be a surprise gift for one of my besties~) Username: Huolon Form of payment: ZC Artist you are commissioning: Ribbon/breepi Character's Reference: Hikaru & Caldina Additional comments: Mmm... Nothing important to note, other than they're adventuring buds/really close friends. Caldina is a princess, and Hikaru is her protector more or less xD (Also if either/or both of you accept, know I'm about to go to bed in a few and would send payment asap when I'm awake~)
Avatar was made by Slimemold~ ~Kiwi the Archeodile is my pokesona, and belongs to me~
breepi's Avatarbreepi
breepi's Avatar
@huolon Accepted, I'll pm a sketch as soon as I can ^^.
Delta1413's AvatarDelta1413
Delta1413's Avatar
Username: Delta1413 Form of payment: Would you accept 1 poison z-crystal and 5 fragments? If you don't want the fragments I can do the crystal + currency~ Artist you are commissioning: Halley Character's Reference: full body, icon (can you please include the red bandana in the icon?) Additional comments: I'd love a pixel like your example! You can choose the setting, but this cat is a city dweller if that gives you any ideas Like Huolon I'm going to bed soon, just let me know what payment you prefer and I'll set it up asap :)
The destination is an illusion pfp credit: Choasu
Elizadesu's AvatarElizadesu
Elizadesu's Avatar
Username: Elizadesu Form of payment: 1kgp Artist you are commissioning: Halley Character's Reference: boop Additional comments: Hope she is ok, but if not I can choose another oc o: Username: Elizadesu Form of payment: 1kgp Artist you are commissioning: Ribbon Character's Reference: beep Additional comments: Hope she is ok too o:
Gif by goat-nerd
Art shop Trade Shop Avatar by simonetry
Goldenene's AvatarGoldenene
Goldenene's Avatar
Good morning! @Huolon Youre on my list! Thanks so much :D @Delta1413 Sure, I'm totally cool with you using the fragments! I've added you to my list. Thanks! @Elizadesu She works great! I added you to my list as well. Thanks so much guys!!
breepi's Avatarbreepi
breepi's Avatar
@elizadesu Accepted! Ill pm you a sketch as soon as I can^^.
DADDi's AvatarDADDi
DADDi's Avatar
Username: deino Form of payment: zc Artist you are commissioning: breepi Character's Reference: volo Additional comments: the tail she has is a cat tail!

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