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Malicious MoonSALT Radio!

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✧・゚: *✧・゚:* Welcome to Malicious MoonSALT! *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
Malicious MoonSALT is a radio station playing several broadcasts hosted by several different quirky pokemon, covering some hot topics on Pokemon! Laugh your heart out as these pokemon divulge their funny opinions on some laughable topics!

Broadcast Segments

1. “MoonSALT Overview!” Hosted by Incineroar, Houndoom and Typhlosion, the first segment kicks off the broadcast by giving an overview of recent happenings in Pokemon. 2. “Shinies That Suck!” Hosted by Litten, Rowlet and Poppilo, the three Alolan starters view three selected shinies that, in their and most of the fandom’s opinion, SUCK. 3. “Why, Oh Why Didn’t I Get That Type?” Hosted by Golduck and Eevee, the two Genwunners review five different pokemon that should have/not have gotten a type... 4. “Great, New Games!” Hosted by Absol, Honchkrow and Mightyena, the trio look at recent and new Pokemon projects, like Pokemon Sword and Shield. 5. “Throwback Time!” Hosted by Charizard, Blastoise and Venusaur, the very first set of starters look at the good ol‘ times and share their opinions about it. 6. “Competitive Competition!” Hosted by Zoroark, Lucario and Gallade, the trio covers the latest metagame and meta changes in Competitive and Smogon. 7. “Wrap Up the End Like A Burrito!” Hosted by Incineroar, Houndoom and Typhlosion, the three fire types wrap up the broadcast with a general summary and some snarky comments.
Broadcasts air whenever the pokemon feel up to it! Make sure to tune in to... Malicious MoonSALT!!
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✧・゚: *✧・゚:*Broadcast One *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

“MoonSALT Overview!”

Incineroar: Welcome all who are tuning in to the first ever broadcast of Maliciois MoonSALT Radio, founded by yours truly! In the first segment of this broadcast, we will be giving an overview of the recent happenings in Pokemon. Introducing my new correspondants- Houndoom and Typhlosion! Houndoom: New? We have been here with you for seven years, and you are not the only founder of this radio- Incineroar: Getting that out of the way, let us let Typhlosion fill us in on some of the latest scoops in Pokemon news! Typhlosion: Scoops? You mean ice cream? Incineroar: Who... PUT THAT IN THE SCRIPT? Houndoom: Ignore our hotheaded boss, now, I am pleased to tell all of you who are living under rocks that Pokemon Sword and Shield teasers have been released! Incineroar: Yes, and so are the starter pokemon! Plus, a Pokemon movie called Detective Pikachu is premiering in theatres very soon, so grab your tickets and popcorn! Typhlosion: Additionally, Pokemon GO just had their Shiny Bagon Community Day! but who plays that game anymore... Incineroar: Well, that’s our segment for today! We’ll let Litten... OH MY SON! SO SMART AND HANDSOME ALREADY! Houndoom: We’ll let Litten, Rowlet and Popplio take the stage for... Typhlosion: Shinies that Suck!

Shinies that Suck!

Litten: Hello everyone, I am the great Litten, son of the greatest Incineroar in the world, founder of this radio- Rowlet: Enough, we don’t need yourself inflating your already self-inflated ego! Popplio: Rowlet is right. Stop your blabbering and let’s get onto topic! Litten: I am a lit kitten, and it is NOT blabbering! It is self love! Dad always said- Rowlet: Right. Because you are always Daddy’s Litten Kitten. DLK! Litten: Disgrace to Alola, filth and scum, you rotting leaf litter, waste of air and space, how dare you insult my father, wait till my father hears about this! Popplio: STOP! Just stop! Now, our first shiny we will be reviewing is Weavile’s shiny. Litten: Lemon yellow and magenta? Disgusting! Rowlet: Looks like another failure. Like you, Litten. Litten: Excuse me? Popplio: GUYS! Please, let us share our opinions in a world of peace.
~More coming soon~

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