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PrimarinaGirl's AvatarPrimarinaGirl
PrimarinaGirl's Avatar
: SILVALLY! : What? : OH NO FURRET! : *Still searching for the now-melted Meltan* : IM COLOR CHANGING! : AH! : HELP! : Lemme try something. *Uses Air Slash and Furret goes back to normal* : Oh thank Arceus. : No, thank ME! : It's a phrase. : *Looks over at them furiously, holding up a burnt blob of metal with a Hex Nut inside it* Later on, and theyre all whispering in a huddle... : Were at Plan Y. : Every other plan failed. Plan Z is ultimate. : It has Z-Moves? : It's called Ultra Necrozmium-Z! : We don't wanna use it, it's way to extreme. : Yes... Now all are yelling : WAIT WHATS PLAN Y AGAIN? : TIME FOR PLAN Z!
THANK YOU CASS STAR FOR THE SHINY RADAR! I have offically made it a Melanistic Hunt! My current hunt is now Mimikyu. Also, check out this cool shop! And All sprites below are Sprited by me for my use only!
DarkGerald1's AvatarDarkGerald1
DarkGerald1's Avatar
:Kids, why aren't you walking? You can't just plagarize from Miyamoto! : Well, we just like to glide, mom. Plus, are you jealous that we fused everstones into our bodies and kept our ability to glide in the air? Kids, respect your elders! You do realize that evolving has its benefits for some pokémon like me, right? What do you mean, dad? How does having a metal beard help you? Have you even been studying for pokémon history class? (I made this to express confusion for how sentret, furret, and perrserker have the same egg group)
I'm six hours before server time. I was actually BigGerald1! Shiny eevee pokesona picture made by DannyAndAPotato
If you ask him here, he'll tell you! https://pfq.link/~L2_g
PrimarinaGirl's AvatarPrimarinaGirl
PrimarinaGirl's Avatar
: SILVALLY BURNED ME! *dEaTh* : IVE DONE IT MEL- Oh yeah, I burned him too. : WHAT DID YOU DO!? IM BURNT! *dEaTh* :*Ghost appears* RIP : *Becomes Ghost* RIP : *Becomes a Ghost* RIP : SILVALLY! : WE DID IT WOOP WOOP! : WHY IS EVERYBODY DEAD?! *Starts sobbing* : BRUHHHHHHHHHHH! All the Albinos are Ghosts XDDDDDDDDDD Melans are burnt and Silvally is being naughty
Aryafire1's AvatarAryafire1
Aryafire1's Avatar
: Galar is stupid. : Oh yeah? How so? : I can’t do this there. : *sweating* maybe there’s a reason why
: Galar is stupid. : Oh yeah? How so? : I can’t do this there. : *sweating* maybe there’s a reason why Read more here!
PrimarinaGirl's AvatarPrimarinaGirl
PrimarinaGirl's Avatar
: Sis, whats for dinner- : You sister, Zamazenta, is gone, Zacian. : We abducted her. : She's gone forever- : IM BAAAAAAAAAACK LIL BRO! : IM BORED DAD! : CAN ME AND REGIELEKI SET THIS HOUSE ON FIRE?! : IM VERY BORED DAD! : DADDY WE HAVE RELATIVES IN ALOLA! : Children calm down. Every Galar Legendary and Mythical that are in PFQ so far are family, and they have cousins all over the world. Poor Eternatus is the dad of all them. This is a different Silvally and Type: Null.
Aryafire1's AvatarAryafire1
Aryafire1's Avatar
: Nana can I go with you to the Galar place? : I’m doing important adult business there, Poipole, you have to stay home. Later… : I’m better. : No I am. : I’m from space. : Me too you ain’t special!
PrimarinaGirl's AvatarPrimarinaGirl
PrimarinaGirl's Avatar
yo necro wut dont make me fry you with my prismatic lazer and blend us Into one pokemon gulp ..... <<<< LATER >>>>...... ever think necro is too powerful? YES
Shiny Stone

Shiny Stone

Evolution Stone

(: 0)

A bright stone that shines with a dazzling light.

Sells for 1,500

Lv. 33 — 2,840 / 4,209
Aspear BerryAspear Berry
Aspear Berry (SOUR)
Cheri BerryAspear Berry
Cheri Berry (SPICY)
Chesto BerryCheri Berry
Chesto Berry (DRY)
Pecha BerryPecha Berry
Pecha Berry (SWEET)
Rawst BerryRawst Berry
Rawst Berry (BITTER)
Bitter food
Happiness 27%
Calm nature
(Pfp from pfq wiki]

Pages: 123··· 181920

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