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Alolan Adventures

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thancc- Forgot to say I added another to my original post... That is all good day ;w; Mod Edit: Posts Merged

Open to read!


Hi! I'm Screams, and my profile's mascot is the Archeops, since they're a tad wacky, kinda like what I'm trying to do with my profile!Don't be afraid to pm me, I don't bite!


I have a TON of Phione I want gone! PM me or send a trade request if you want one or two or whatever
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: Galar is stupid. : Oh yeah? How so? : I can’t do this there. : *sweating* maybe there’s a reason why Read more here!
: hey gang- : CIRCLETIIIINE! : *quickly shuts door
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on hiatus. we check back every once in a while though.
one day...
avatar drawn by me of Dirk Strider~ Buttons
background | coidng by me
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Added ~

QUOTE originally posted by M7890

These are hilarius! I've got one as well!

One of mine

Necrozma! What did I tell you about ruining Alolan adults' lives with your Ultra Aura! Ehhh, I dunno. Somethin' about not waking up again or something. That's it! I'm gonna revert you into your sleeping form, again! Nevah! I'm gonna absorb you! A few minutes later... We've got to rescue Solgaleo! Yeah! We've got to rescue Soggy-leo! And I'm gonna make you Type: Null, again. NOOOOOO!!! I'm never going to wear that stupid mask again! Now I know how to make you follow my orders. MUAHAHAHAHAHA!


: Oui, Necro! : What is it this time? : Why don't you give me that Blinding One title? I'm literally the sun Pokemon, so I should have the title! : Are you crazy?! Of course not! That's my true form title! Later... and: @#%*!@#$ : Calm down! : Go away, Dim One! : The moon gives light too!!! ,, and: @#%*!@# : *Slaps head* Meanwhile.. : This is the time to take over Alola! Tee hee!
The moon doesn't give off light tho... moonlight is really just sunlight reflected off the moon or something.
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QUOTE originally posted by scørkaji

: hey gang- : CIRCLETIIIINE! : *quickly shuts door
The nostalgia of preschool came to me with this one lol
Gif by KitKatKutie2
: Mommy, why is Silvally being mean to me? : because he's never had his limbs ripped off and thrown into ultra space to feed to Guzzlord, that's why.
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what the world?
poiple is Sol's child, Cosmog is Luna's. don't hurt Cosmog or you will regret it.
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Oof holy crow

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