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Assassin Academy

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A mysterious academy that only admits Dark-Type pokemon opens its foreboding gates on a stormy day with rolling thunder and torrential rain. Five Dark-Type pokemon who were interested enrolled in the academy soon become the academy’s best apprentices and are known as the Plague Doctors. However these five soon discover that there is more to Assassin Academy than learning how to kill...

List of Characters : The Plague Doctors

Sardonyx- A shiny umbreon wearing a blue scarf matching the color of his rings. The thinker of the group. Luna- A calm, sadistic Absol wearing a obsidian bracelet containing her mega stone, Absolite. The assassin of the group. Lucifer- An argumentive, hot-tempered Houndoom wearing a necklace containing his mega stone, Houndoomite. The brute force and main strength of the group. Kage- A cunning, manipulative Mightyena with a bark worse than his bite, he has a scarred snout. The negotiator of the group. Karma- A snappish, stealthy Weavile, wearing a headband colored red. The resourceful one of the group.
list will expand when more and more characters will gradually be introduced in the course of this fanfiction!
to prevent clutter, each chapter is in a different post. there will be a table of contents added soon! cx
please click on the dragons and eggs so they can grow and not die. thank you so much if you do!
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P r o l o g u e


loading up file... scanning... opened up file: SARDONYX species: umbreon shiny?: yes weapon: rapier kills: 25 rank: 1 whereabouts: UNKNOWN_ status: THREAT KILL ON SIGHT. WANTED FOR KNOWING A SECRET
A shiny umbreon wearing a blue scarf and brandishing a rapier sat in front of a computer, looking at the screen, musing quietly in an academy’s library. He was accompanied by a rather peculiar selection of friends: an absol, a houndoom, a mightyena and a weavile. The absol’s cold yet calm eyes reflected the bright screen and she seemed lost in thought, absent mindedly toying with her throwing knives. The houndoom kept snarling and touching his necklace, while the mightyena observed his scythe with childlike wonder, his paws prodding the blade and handles. Meanwhile the weavile was fitting on metal sheathes that seemed to reinforce her steel sharp claws. “Sardonyx, why don’t we just launch an attack on the Headmaster himself? He is the one that is making all of us suffer!” The Houndoom said roughly. “Because before we even make one step, the Headmaster will detect our presence and in a precise calculate of 0.7 seconds he will strike with his bladed disks on all our pressure points, immediately killing us-“ Sardonyx began, but the Absol cut across him. “Basically we would be dead in a second.” The Absol said coldly. “Brains like yours, Lucifer, you could be part of the Headmaster’s Purge.“ “An uncalled-for, absol-lutely rude remark that dealt a blow to Lucifer’s pride worse than claws!” The Mightyena mocked, and the Weavile wheezed with laughter. “SHUT UP, KAGE! YOU TOO, KARMA!” Lucifer roared. Sardonyx winced and slapped his paws over his ears. The Absol remained quiet as chaos ensued, with Lucifer eventually leaping at Kage, mega evolved, aiming at the Mightyena’s throat, while Kage howled with laughter. Her cold thoughts trailed back to where it all begun, a few months back...

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