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RP "Shop" thread

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Àstrãpï's AvatarÀstrãpï
Àstrãpï's Avatar
I wanted to make an RP Shop, sort of like a cafe, where the user will be able too enter and "order" a "drink, cake, or meal" and "eat it" or be hired to work in the shop Sort of like: User A: *Walks into cafe and sits at table* Owner/Employee (User B): Hello <username>! What would you like today ect, ect ect Where should I put this? Games, Other RP? Thanks
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Milkåmel's AvatarMilkåmel
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Since it's not much of an actual RP, forum games would probably be your best bet. I like the idea, though. Sounds interesting.
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Àstrãpï's AvatarÀstrãpï
Àstrãpï's Avatar
Okay, thanks! I'll link it back here once it is made https://pokefarm.com/forum/thread/214180/Astrapi-s-Cafe [Mod edit: posts merged.]

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