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Egg Hatching Tips?

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Riza's AvatarRiza
Riza's Avatar
Hi everyone, I'm brand new here (my gf has been helping me out a lot so I'm definitely in good hands), so I was wondering if any experienced players had some tips for hatching eggs more quickly? I know about the daily interactions xp boost, but if anyone has any other tricks they'd like to share, that would be greatly appreciated!
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Fuchsfee's AvatarFuchsfee
Fuchsfee's Avatar
Welcome to Pokefarm! ^^ I've got two tips: 1. Make party clicks! A lot of them. Just use the "Open 10" link at the top of the page and click a good amount of other players. Many of them will click you back, so your eggs will hatch faster. 2. Save some GP and get an Exp.Share (preferably on a Persephone day). As soon as you have one everything in your party will get a small amount of Exp. for every click you make. A more long-term tip would be to upgrade your badges. They get very handy on their higher levels, so don't ignore them once you have enough gems together. But as I said, that's something for a bit later on. ^^ Edit: By the way, Pokérus can be a big help to get some eggs hatched, if you can catch it.
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KishanHaru's AvatarKishanHaru
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Honestly, I use This code, Rus Hunt (mass click Host fields constantly), and mass click a select few people who's fields I really like. The main thing is the multi-link code. You blow threw parties which gets you interacted with a lot more and eggs hatch quicker. Helps to have higher wishforge badges too but that's more advanced for later =o Also, what Fuchsfee said lol
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Alright so I guess the official Team Oddity Hatching Method at this point is 1. Wait until the Pokerus host is about to change. 2. As the host changes activate a lucky egg (I reccomend buying on bulk during a Persephone day if you can to save GP) 3. Get ready to mass click the Pokerus host. I use quality of life changes to make mass clicking easier since you can center Pokemon in the middle of the field. As another tip a way to click fast is to use both the mouse and the number keys! If you have another mouse you can go even faster, I usually use key + laptop mouse + external trackball mouse and it goes really, really fast 4. If you finish before the Pokerus host is done then go ahead and click from the random users list since they'll usually return clicks. 5. When the host changes if it's not you then go ahead and mass click the new one too and keep going until your lucky egg finishes. If you are the Pokerus host then mass click yourself if you haven't already!
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MintyDeku's AvatarMintyDeku
MintyDeku's Avatar
One thing I will say as a general tip is try to upgrade wishforge badges! It's quite easy to get a variety of type gems when hatching eggs for the eggdex, so I'd suggest to use them asap. The badges themselves actually function as a passive exp boost to pokémon eggs of the badge's respective type. (Ex. Any grass type pokémon eggs hatch faster with a grass badge) This one is a more smaller fact, but I didn't realize that you can click your own fields for clicks, simultaneously helping your hatched pokémon and eggs. Sometimes you may find that clicking parties isn't doing much, and most fields are hard to click through, what do you do? Well, occasionally you may see users that have "S+S fields" or a similar phrase on their card or about me. This means that user has dedicated time to sorting their fields by flavor, and stacked each individual pokémon in one spot for easy clicking! Whenever you need the clicks, keep an eye out for these users.
This other tip I'm about to mention is more for hunting for a specific pokémon, though frankly you shouldn't hunt until you've gathered key items and a decent supply of Cr/GP/ZC. So when shiny hunting, players tend to fill their entire party with the respecitve eggs of what they're hunting. But according to Uzumi's guide on shiny hunting keeping one or two pokémon of the same respective line (Ex. Gardevoir for a Ralts hunt) actually gives an exp boost! It's definitley handy, and I'm surprised few know about this.

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