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Item clearout: summons, upgrades, gems and more UFT

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APPreacher's AvatarAPPreacher
APPreacher's Avatar
250k credits for your Viridian Epee?
Tsukare's AvatarTsukare
Tsukare's Avatar
Would you take 240ZC for 2 shiny charms?
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KingWonderful's AvatarKingWonderful
KingWonderful's Avatar
300k cr for your viridian epee?
Shadarin's AvatarShadarin
Shadarin's Avatar
100gp for your White Flute? :D
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MSF's AvatarMSF
MSF's Avatar
How much for the Shelter Star Pass? ;w;
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None atm
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Captain's AvatarCaptain
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I'm home from work so I'll be online for the next few hours!
Quote's AvatarQuote
Quote's Avatar


QUOTE originally posted by FunSizeMini

How much are you looking fir shelter pass star?

QUOTE originally posted by MSF

How much for the Shelter Star Pass? ;w;

QUOTE originally posted by nerdofnerds

Hello! Would an offer of 50 zc for your Ice Fang Be acceptable? ^^

QUOTE originally posted by maramens

how much do you want for a shiny charm?

QUOTE originally posted by Biba

would you accept 40k credits for your 4 fossils?

QUOTE originally posted by selocon

How much for the White flute?

QUOTE originally posted by Shadarin

100gp for your White Flute? :D

QUOTE originally posted by ediblenapkin

pokeradar! how much in GP? is 200 gp enough?

QUOTE originally posted by Tsukare

Would you take 240ZC for 2 shiny charms?
Viridian epee is sold, anyone said yes to can send a trade. Thank you for your patience
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FunSizeMini's AvatarFunSizeMini
FunSizeMini's Avatar
I’ll pass for now, but thank you!
DemonZorua's AvatarDemonZorua
DemonZorua's Avatar
How much (in ZC) would you want for your relic crown? ^^ Also may I take the 4 coppers for 5ZC each?
Buying for 60ZC each, just send a trade or PM me.
Buying for 50ZC each, just send a trade or PM me.
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WolfishMagic's AvatarWolfishMagic
WolfishMagic's Avatar
840zc for your 7 shiny charms?

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