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Of Shadows and Purification Setup [15+] [Open]

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Ryko Eon's AvatarRyko Eon
Ryko Eon's Avatar
As the Title says the Roleplay will be 15+ due to Themes and potential Language, if you are not of age to participate, please do not make a form, otherwise, you are more than welcome to join in on this Roleplay.


1. All Basic PF Rules apply, potential Language may be used within the main Roleplay but only when relevant and necessary. 2. No Mary Sues/Gary Stus. 3. Be respectful to your fellow Roleplayers. 4. Each Post much be AT LEAST a Paragraph Long. 5. When 'talking' out of character, such as showing Thought Processes, use these handy little things; * 6. No Killing of others characters unless explicitly given permission by them and only if it would be beneficial to the story, which requires it to go through me. 7. Humans and Gijinkas are permitted, however, certain age groups will have a set amount permitted, Age 16-24 is unlimited, but younger and/or older may be restricted to a certain amount. 8. Multiple Characters are fine, however, you can have no more than Three at a time, if you wish to create a new character and are at the cap, one of them will have to die off. 9. (Placeholder for further Rules should the become relevant in the future)

Opening Plot

You have no idea what you’ve done to deserve this, you’ve done nothing wrong as far as you can tell, so why were you kidnapped by a bunch of crazy people, upon your first coming to, the cells were inhospitable to say the least, your pokémon, gone, taken from you and who knows where they are or what happened to them, everything that made you, well... you, has been stripped away and discarded, to these people, you’re not even worth being called human. A few days in the holding cells later, you were once again knocked out and sent somewhere else, upon waking, you were given a choice, one of which there was no good answer, either be used for Experimentation, or be sent off to... ‘That’ Region for ‘Recon’ purposes, the one which has been dead for hundreds, if not thousands of years, anyone who goes there either dies or comes back infected with some sort of Disease that kills them quickly and then spreads like wildfire through the towns in which those people arrived in, what little dignity and self-respect you have left compels you to take the second option, a single pokéball is given to you, instinctively you know, this pokémon is not there for your protection, it’s too low-level, too... weak, not in any shape or form be of help to your situation. Once again rendered unconscious, you awake in a darkened cargo bay of some kind of boat, feet bound and chained to the benches lining the walls, there are others, likely just like you, but you also see criminals, well known ones that have are well-reknowned for the crimes they have committed, these are the people you’re lumped with? When the Engine slows down and the hatch opens, your restrictions are lifted and you find yourself being tossed like the trash bags on deck overboard, you at least spare yourself any injury when hitting the sand, it’s not over yet however. Getting your bearings, and filled with a bleak determination to get out of here, you watch the one vehicle around already fading into the distance on the Tainted Waters, they sure were in a hurry to leave, but that is unimportant compared to the low growling of a pokémon and the female voice coming down from the Cliff, “Let me guess, taken from somewhere against your wills, given the option of going to the slice ‘n dice table or sent to your inevitable deaths? You never had an option, and you most certainly weren’t told the truth about why you’ve been sent here.” the woman, surely no older than eighteen, slides from her perch and down onto the sands, it’s only when she lands that you notice something... odd about her, Cat ears? A Tail? Fur covering parts of her body? Whoever this is, certainly isn’t human, and doesn’t share the other traits of a Gijinka either. “Let me give you hapless wretches a true set of choices, One, you can try to fight me and end up as food for Nadira here,” she waved a hand at the now obvious Silvally, which looked distinctly hungry, “Two, you can try to hack it on your own, you won’t last more than a day before the infection gets hold of you, or Three, follow along and perhaps survive for a while.” Her arms folded and her expression changed to one of almost mild curiosity, you could now make out a slight... Buzzing sound? Definitely Mechanical, but where from? A few of the more... Criminal types immediately attempted to take the woman out as if they knew something you didn’t, but... they soon disappeared as they met a grisly end, the only correct choice? Obvious. Simply put, you’re not in a good position, either you follow this strange woman, perish to the ‘Region’ or risk going on the Experimentation Table if you even manage to get out of this hellhole, regardless her plans for this place will become clear in time, but for now, just try to survive, rebuild what little you can, and maybe, just maybe, by helping her, you can help yourselves. [Note] In your Character Form, you are more than welcome to adapt the opening plot to fit your characters position, should you be using a Gijinka as a Character, adapting the opening plot to fit the Character will be Mandatory, as in the world I have in mind, Gijinka are not Trainers and as such, do not have Pokémon to take.

Character Sheet

Character Name: Gender: Age: Home Region: Appearance: Preferred Types: History Prior to... the ‘Incident’: Other:

Current Characters

My Own


Character Name: Minerva Gender: Female Age: 19 Home Region: Technically, none, however she calls Gaea Town in Torren her home. Appearance: Approximately 6 Foot and 1 Inch, weighing around 112 Pounds, Fur around her Chest, Wrists, and Ankles, Cat Ears atop her head with no human ones making it clear those are very much real ears, has a tail true, said tail is often wrapped around her waist to avoid getting snagged on various obstacles, Human Eyes with a red colour, white hair and fur, chest is medium sized but has gone through several reductions on her own part, fairly skinny, has a black 'Band' covering about half of her lower left arm. Preferred Types: Doesn't really care for Typings, does tend to lean towards Dark, Normal and Steel types however. History Prior to... the ‘Incident’: For Roleplay reasons, nothing is being put here, when she opens up to people, this will be edited. Other: Houses a Nanomachine Colony within her, which makes for interesting Side-Effects, the same group that captured you and sent you to this 'Region' is constantly hunting her down, in a vain attempt at 'Reclamation'

Krysler Fermon

Character Name: Krysler Fermon Gender: Male Age: 18 Home Region: Unova, Opelucid Outskirts (Black2 Version) Appearance: Stands around 6 Foot 1 Inch, weighs roughly 114 pounds, Brown Hair, Green Eyes, as expected from a Trainer who traversed a Region, is fairly well built, just enough tone and mass to keep himself going, fairly unremarkable otherwise if you discount the Birthmark on his neck that resembles the Left Half of the Yin-Yang Symbol. Preferred Types: Psychic, Fairy, Poison History Prior to... 'The Incident': Actually grew up fairly well for a 'Plasma Baby', excelled in School, was slated for an Apprenticeship under Drayden, this required him to leave home unusually early for Unova Standards and travel the region, he did fairly well in the League, getting up to his 7th Badge before the attempted Neo-Plasma Takeover, he was fourteen at the time of this, and lost most of his team when Opelucid was frozen over, this alone was enough to make him quit the League Challenge for two years, to grieve, rebuild and process it all, he was due to restart his Apprenticeship but... the main plot of the Roleplay occurred, he is as far as most are concerned, namely those who believe the Media, dead, killed in a tragic accident in Spiral Mountain which coincidentally, was his last known location. Other: As far as the 'Dead Mans Land' goes, he's heard of it, who hasn't? It's always a topic of conversation in crowded places, especially when rumours of a person living out there, still sane, alive and very much un-infected started to crop up in the Old Plasma Circles, which his mother used to be a part of, as such, he has minor interest in the area, however, would never actually make the step to go there on his own, too risky, and the effects of a Rare Survivor making it back from there are both well-documented and well-versed, it was not on his 'to-do list' to try it on his own, ever. Is rather Idealistic, potentially pursuing said ideals to a fault, and on occasion, has to be restrained from doing so, a far cry from the 'King' who was all about Truth-Seeking.

Cisilly Paniani

Character Name: Cisilly Paniani (Has two Nicknames, Lily and Sissy, prefers Lily) Gender: Female Age: 12 on day of Arrival. Home Region: Alola, the Paniola Ranch. (Not Birthplace) Appearance: 5 foot Tall and around 91 Pounds, slightly dark Lilac hair that when fully grown, falls just below the shoulders, eyes are a pale blue-green, when working, is usually found in the atypical full body dungarees that the Ranch workers have, during free time, wears a baggy shirt and shin-length shorts, sandals completing the attire. Preferred Types: Fire and Psychic. History Prior to... the ‘Incident’: To start with, Cisilly isn't originally from Alola, though she might as well be, there was a bit of a scandal in Kalos involving a wealthy pair that resulted in her birth, straight from the hospital room, immediately after birth, she was carted off for Adoption, the male of the pair had pulled strings to ensure she'd go to the worst kind of parents possible as revenge against his wife, by the time these papers surfaced, she'd already been adopted by a rancher couple who had recently lost their own newborn due to complications, a saving grace this early on in life. One month after the papers were found, the rancher pair were already long gone back to Alola, she was raised well, home-taught as tuition fees weren't something that could be afforded on the island, and expected to assist with the Ranch Work once old enough to carry a shovel, there were a few incidents involving a few of the Pokémon on the ranch, a hoof from a fairly young Tauros giving her quite the scarring on the neck, another involving the family pet Arcanine getting a bit too boisterous and leaving her right arm in a burn cast for a month, other incidents were minor and just a part of the learning process. When given time off, she'd be free to do as she wished, provided one of her 'siblings' accompanied, which she had no problems with, having been raised in a sizeable family as is, however, a month before her 12th Birthday, her 'brother' was attacked by a strange group, and stood zero chance against them on his own, she stepped in to get him away, and was taken instead against the feeble protests of the 'sibling' who by now would've recovered. Other: Has dormant Psychic abilities yet to awaken, these will likely play no part in her life on the region unless forcibly awakened early. She was supposed to get her own first Pokémon on her 12th Birthday, to hatch from an egg, and raise on her own, as was the family tradition on the ranch. Was adopted into a VERY large family, of the children there are Seven older than her, Five younger and one on the way, it might be something to say she functions better when someone else is around, and doesn't function well alone. Quite enjoyed the atmosphere of Paniola Town, rarely saw the Trial Captain, but the one time she does remember seeing them, more-so remembers the fire types he was renowned for. Raised some absolute hell when dragged into a cell, enough for them to keep her forcibly sedated until tossed into the Cargo hold on the plane that recently crashed.



Character Name: Venus, often goes by just V. Gender: Female Age: 16 going on 17. Home Region: Kanto. Appearance: waist length brown hair, tied in a ponytail. Tall and lanky. Often seen wearing dark colors or white on rare occasions. About 5 foot 9 tall. Preferred Types: psychic, dark and ghost. History Prior to... the ‘Incident’: Used to be a trainer helping Oak with the pokedex before getting mixed up in some bad things with team rocket and quitting. Now only wanders around with her eevee, probably the only one left she can truly trust. Other: N/A


Evelyn (Eve)

Character Name: Evelyn (Eve) Thatch Gender: Female Age: 19 Home Region: Almia Appearance: Tall, with long straight brown hair. She has a slightly large forehead and had a strong, fit body. Evelyn has tanned skin, bright green eyes, and a purposeful wide smile. Preferred Types: Flying, Normal. History Prior to... the ‘Incident’: Eve was a Pokemon ranger in training. She was, unfortunately, not very good at it. Well, to be specific she wasn't very good with any of the equipment. She had a great affinity for befriending pokemon, but was quite the klutz. At any rate, after several years longer than it should have, which included a lot of broken styluses, she graduated from Ranger school and joined a ranger base in the nearby town. Her first mission was to help investigate rumors of illegal doings of a group recently come to the area. Unfortunately for her, it resulted in her capture and separation from her partner pokemon as well as everything else she had before. Eve comes from a large family, with 2 younger brothers, a younger sister, and an older brother. The last they've heard from Eve was her excited letter telling them about her graduation. Eve's partner pokemon, a furret, had been with her sincce her early days in ranger school. She saved him as a sentret from some larger pokemon and took care of him through out the years. Other:

Luna Umbra


Character Name: Levi Umbra Gender: Male Age: 19 Home Region: Orre Appearance: A fairly tall male with deep green hair that naturally spikes towards the back of his head. He has dark eyes and lightly tanned skin. More noticeable however, are his huge Flygon wings and tail. They seem way to big for his body, roughly twice the size they should be. He usually appears fairly somber. Preferred Types: Dragon, Ground History Prior to... the ‘Incident’: He was originally a typical trainer. He grew up in a part of Pyrite called The Under, a very rough and dangerous place to live. Levi lived with his mother and younger sister. Their home was very small. His mother worked as a waitress at a bar but made very little in tips, so he had to start doing something to help bring in money. Since he was only twelve at the time, he couldn't find a job anywhere; that's when he met the Man. He was offered a Pokemon-- for free. All he had to do was win a battle with it. Since his family was so poor, his mother could never afford to get him a Pokemon of his own. Levi immediately accepted, and the Man gave him a regular Pokeball. The Man then stepped back and released a Rattata, initiating the battle. Levi released his new Pokemon as well-- a fairly large Trapinch. He won the battle quickly and easily, and the Man left without another word. Levi tried to call out to him and follow him, but the Man seemed to disappear in the crowd from the battle. He took his new Pokemon home right away. His tired mother was shocked, and his six year old sister was terrified; in fact, she was crying. She kept saying something was wrong with it. Levi started to get annoyed after a couple hours of her crying and decided to keep Trapinch in its ball. The boy knew what to do. He started to battle with his new friend. Somehow, they won every battle. It seemed unreal how his Pokemon moved. It could hit flying types with ease and dodge nearly every attack. Levi managed to make a lot of money, but also began to bond with his Pokemon. Eventually, Trapinch evolved into Vibrava, and finally into Flygon after a few years. That is when the Man came back. He appeared one day and challenged Levi to a battle, which he accepted without hesitation. Loss didn't exist for him. The Man released Shadow Lugia, and Levi suddenly felt concern for the first time in battle. They fought hard, but Flygon wasn't powerful enough. The Man took them both as his battle prizes. The next thing he remembers is the experiments. The pain and the lights. Somehow they fused him with his Pokemon, but something seemed... Wrong. More wrong than fusing a human and Pokemon. He was sent along with the rest of the people, but kept in the bottom of the boat, making it very difficult to survive. Other: THERE'S YOUR CONVINCING GIJINKA BACKSTORY :) I'M SO PROUD OF MYSELF I TYPED THIS ON MOBILE


Ianthe Kataware

Character Name: Ianthe Kataware Gender: Female Age: 14 Home Region: Johto, Ecruteak City Appearance: Natural snow-white hair and a pale complexion that gives her some sort of ghostly vibe, pink eyes and wears glasses. She normally dyes her hair a lavender color, though hasn’t done so recently due to the kidnapping, and as such her hair is currently still a very light purple color. Underneath her hair are two ‘ponytails’ that strongly resemble Mesprit’s two tails. She likes to wear a combination of black and purple clothes, and always has a fog badge tied to her shirt. Preferred Types: Ghost, Dark, Ice, Electric History Prior to... the ‘Incident’: Ianthe comes from a line of Team Galactic scientists, starting with her grandparents. Her grandparents did several experiments with human genetics, including one experiment on Ianthe’s grandmother, though all seemed to fail. The project was then put on hold, but when Ianthe was born many years later, the project was picked up again by her parents. This was because, while the tampering with DNA had skipped a generation, Ianthe was ‘different’. In the years that followed Team Galactic had finally managed to capture Mesprit, and some of Mesprit’s DNA was mixed with Ianthe’s. After this, however, Ianthe’s parents had decided that ‘enough is enough’ and they escaped with their daughter, bringing Mesprit with them as well. The Team Galactic executives didn’t appreciate this and sent several people after them to recapture Mesprit and Ianthe, as well as ‘kill off the traitors’. Ianthe’s parents were soon captured, though Mesprit managed to teleport both itself and Ianthe away in time. Ianthe ended up all the way in Johto, Ecruteak City to be precise, and was found by Morty’s parents. The couple ended up adopting the ‘abandoned’ child and raising her as their own, giving Ianthe a relatively ‘normal’ childhood ever since that moment. On her tenth birthday she received an Eevee from the Kimono Sisters which, ironically enough, was also an albino like her. She has travelled through Johto and Kanto since, and eventually decided she wanted to go back to Sinnoh to figure out what happened to her parents. When she returned to Lake Verity she learned that her parents were in fact still alive, but had been sent to a ‘certain’ region and had since returned…tainted by said dead region. Seeing them was the last thing she remembered before getting knocked out and captured. Other: Has experience as a substitute Gym Leader and is quite good at adapting to using Pokémon that aren’t her own.

Riley Faulley

Margaret 'Maggie' Hosclaw

Character Name: Margaret "Maggie" Hosclaw Gender: Female Age: 23 Home Region: Hoenn, Lavaridge Town Appearance: Maggie is a natural-born redhead. Her fiery hair stretches down to about halfway down her back and is oftentimes frayed and scruffy looking. She wears thick-framed prescription glasses over bright blue eyes, but her glasses are a little ill-fitting and slide down her button nose consistantly. She has freckles dappling a fair-skinned face, though her arms and legs are a little warmed from the bright Hoenn sun. Her preferred attire consists of mostly jean shorts and brightly colored shirts of pastel greens, yellows, reds, and oranges. Similarly to a Day-care assistant, she always has a bandanna tied atop her head. Preferred Types: Fire, Ground, Rock History Prior to... the ‘Incident’: Her story isn't one of excitement or intrigue. Maggie was born and raised in Lavaridge, her first Pokemon being gifted to her by the gym leader Flannery after her Camerupt managed to give eggs. She was one of the few kids in her town, the rest of its residents being older adults who come in for the hotsprings powered by the nearby volcano. She started her journey as a trainer with her Numel which she lovingly nicknamed Caramel. However, she wasn't much cut out for the life of a trainer. She found her calling when the day care couple found themselves short-handed and overflowing with needy Pokemon and numerous amounts of eggs. It was more of a volunteer kind of thing, but the amounts of experience she gained from working as a breeder more than paid for the time. Then the diseased started coming in. Mauville's Pokemon Center was flooded with Pokemon who would bite, claw, and snap at their trainers, rescued from this Dead Region no one dared to go to. When Mauville was finally at capacity, Verdanturf started taking the extra. When that finally filled, the day care started quarantining these violent Pokemon. The virus spread, from the diseased to the patients to the outskirts of the cities flowing with natural flora and fauna. It was chaos. On an emergency run to pick up medications for Pokemon who had been injured by a couple of quarantines, Maggies had been knocked out. Dazed, confused, scared out of her wits, she was placed in a scenario where she was forced to choose between being "experimented," for whatever that meant, or being "reconnaissance." Knowing she wasn't keen to being cut open, and having years of extensive knowledge of Pokemon, she chose the latter. She found herself in the Dead Region, found herself being chased, and found herself in a whirlwind of activity where she ended up following this strange cat person. She had no idea where Caramel was, she had no idea how far away from home she was, and she was scared out of her wits. Other: She has years of experience handling Pokemon and understanding their behaviors and natures.



Character Name: Carmen, though those closer to her call her Jay. Gender: Female Age: 16 Home Region: Unova Appearance: Carmen stands at about 5'6. She is rather skinny, though rather athletic. She has a few small scars, mostly from getting caught in a few scrapes while exploring. Carmen has long, blonde hair which is typically kept in a loose, messy braid. Her eyes are bright green, and seem to stare right through anyone she looks at. Carmen has a rather kind and warm expression, typically sporting a small smile. She's typically seen in normal shirts and jeans, though will wear whatever seems comfortable. Preferred Types: Fire and Bug History Prior to... the ‘Incident’: Carmen lived with her family in Unova, and was constantly pressured to go get a starter and become a trainer. Carmen had other dreams, however, and vehemently refused. She put up with her family's pestering as long as possible, just going through school and spending as much free time as she could exploring. Of course, without a Pokémon,she got into a fair deal of trouble, but she always came back in one piece. Other:


Character Name: Olivia Gender: Female Age: 16 Home Region: Unova Appearance: Olivia stands a bit taller than average at about 5'10, and has short blonde hair cut into a scruffy bob. She has cold green eyes and pale skin that seems to be untouched by the sun. Her arms are completely covered in yellow feathers, ending in a cuff around her wrist. Blue feathers extend from the sides as well. The yellow feathers from her arms reach all the way to her shoulders and around her neck, causing a formation almost like a neck pillow. Her face is free from the feathery formations, although her skin is slightly rough to the touch. Feathers are present in patches down her body, though stop appearing halfway down her legs. Olivia has has a red tail tipped with feathers, though it's a tad bit shorter than the tail an archeops would have. Preferred Types: Normal and Fairy History Prior to... the ‘Incident’: Olivia lived as the only child to a pair of renowned, yet worryingly eccentric scientists. She had a fairly average childhood until she was about eight. Her parents believed they had made a breakthrough in their research, but were lacking in proof for said research. They had had a goal to give people powers that Pokémon had, allowing trainers to become closer with their team. Olivia, in her childish naivety, volunteered to be given these powers. After all, who wouldn't want to have superpowers and be able to speak to Pokémon? The only problem was that her parents agreed. While Olivia did end up having some powers, she looked nowhere near how her parents expected her to. In an attempt to keep their mistake hidden, Olivia was kept inside and away from the public. Regardless of her current state, Olivia's parents still loved her dearly, and still treated her as their child, albeit with a tad more caution. Olivia, however, could not return the love her parents shared with her. It wasn't for at lack of love, or trying, just just a realization overtime of what her parents really had agreed to. Olivia spent more of her time with Pokémon than people, and eventually found a way to escape her parents' home. She hardly had been outside for a day before the incident occurred. Other: Olivia is an Archeops Gijinka, and has limited powers, being a very limited amount of flight (she needs a running start, and since she uses her arms, cannot carry anything) and limited access to the move ancient power.


Eian Hemlock

Character Name: Eian Hemlock Gender: Male Age: 19 Home Region: Johto (Azalea town) Appearance: *Page 10* Coal dusted short pink hair, pale skin with hidden burn marks, around 5'8 so on the more frail looking side but tallish. His eyes may look pinkish due to chemicals he comes in contact with being abrasive to his eyes but usually it's supposed to be a brown color. His outfit consists of stuff you'd see on snake and toxic plant handlers, though more ruined thanks to the rough tumble into here, not to mention the coal house that stains his clothes from the small town to get burning wood for winters past. So his outfit consists of boots, long duct taped insulated cargos, long sleeve white breathable turtle neck. Now imagine holes, cuts, abrasions and of course scuffs on all that in a horrendous way that ruins their uses to avoid toxicity. Still he has a chance of survival because of his built immunity to some poisons, doesn't mean he can't be poisoned more like it would need to be a bit more than average to do it. Preferred Types: Poison, Dark, Psychic, and Water (IS AFRAID OF FIRE TYPES) History Prior to... the ‘Incident’: Well you could imagine he was born and raised a small town living as an only child to a family of wood carvers. It's such a cute begining, though things went south since the begining as well. From the team rocket incident and slowpoke at the well many many years before to the well becoming toxic and abandoned. He often in his youth sought to clean the water seeking help from professionals or looking it up. He did indeed clean the well with help from his townfolk pitching in but soon found a facination towards toxicity itself in it's study. Starting from toxic plants naturally occuring in the wild, testing them and how potent they were. Later growing a fondness to posion typed pokemon which had his parents fearful of his handling and hanging around types like that, being so deadly in a potential stand point. Somehow he was able to reassure them he was a compentent person in that he wouldn't put them or his hometown at risk. Due to this he administered his own self created antidotes to his own town and left hoping the contribution would prevent another outbreak. The pokemon he has had prior to this merely lived in the forest as he studied, he never captured, owned, or named them. Still he did grow fondness to them. His capture was quick, things were going to go downhill for this quiet little mountain town child and growing up was going to happen and happen fast. You might ask why he fears fire types...lets just say poison and fire don't mix into a good thing and he had too many close calls of near explosions to count. Other: The poison immunity does not reach to anyone else and can't be transmitted, it is a skill actual humans can do called toxicity immunization and takes YEARS to do and would NOT be recommended under other circumstances. This does not mean he can't be affected by say radiation, bites, fumes, and strong amounts of the toxcins. His immunity also means he is much more likely to have hallucinations if he becomes injured due to his state of mind being under it's own toxic influence so doing anything like mega evolution is IMPOSSIBLE for now.

Mega Evolutions

The ability to Mega Evolve a Pokémon in this region is available, but cannot be used on Shadows, some Closed Hearts are capable of it, but Shadows are clean incapable of it until Purification. As per other Regions, in order to perform a Mega Evolution, you need the Keystone and the relevant Species' Stone, unlike other regions however, there is nothing in play to curb Trainers from utilising the technique multiple times a fight, doing this however, is highly discouraged. There are Reasons for this, one, there is no technology to prevent the energy flow caused by a Mega Evolution from entering the Trainer, meaning the Trainer feels the closest thing to a Pokémon's Evolution that they ever could, this is highly dangerous, and can potentially kill the Mega Evolution user, it takes complete sync with the Pokémon to pull off, and the resulting fatigue providing no damage is done to the Human Partner is severe. Any Pain or Injury felt or inflicted on the Mega Evolved Pokémon is mirrored onto the Human Partner in any applicable way, so if the 'Mon loses an eye while Mega Evolved, the Human will likewise lose said eye, a crushed Lung? Human gets that too, utilising Mega Evolutions can be lucrative and end a tough fight quickly, but it's a double-edged sword of the highest calibre, do not stretch out a Mega Evolution, and be damn well careful about how the Pokémon in question fight while under the influence of the Mega Evolution.

Character Owned Pokémon


Nadira (Reborn Shiny Silvally) Akrye (Delta Paras, Ice/Steel) 'Phys' (Reborn Shiny Aegislash) There will be others as they're revealed

Krysler Fermon

Delta Stufful - Pure Fairy Delta Ponyta - Pure Rock Closed Heart Sableye

Cisilly Paniani

Closed Heart Skiddo


Delta Elekid - Dark/Grass


Delta Shroomish - Water/Normal


Delta Magikarp - Dragon/Poison


Delta Swinub - Electric/Fire


Delta Heliotile - Pure Fire

Eian Hemlock

Closed Heart Taillow


Closed Heart Cubone


Closed Heart Absol

Other (Open to Change)

With the exception of Minerva, if someone has constructive criticism about a character of mine, please, do PM me about them, I'm open to hearing your thoughts and opinions. As well as the Main Series regions, Some Fan-Game regions are in effect for this Roleplay, Torren (Insurgence), Reborn (Reborn) and Aevium (Rejuvenation) are the three current Fan-Game Regions that will be included within selectable regions your character is from, however, position of 'Augur' if you choose to create a character from Torren is non-applicable, again, for reasons as of yet undisclosed.

Varieties of Pokémon

Closed Heart

These Pokémon are early in their Infection or have some kind of Resistance to the problems plaguing this region, these are the easiest Captures and are more than likely capable of listening to their trainers, however, there have been reported cases of Closed Heart Pokémon still attacking their trainers or other Pokémon without restraint.


Shadow Pokémon are fully infected, do not listen to commands 99% of the time and WILL attack both human and other Pokémon indiscriminately and with intent to kill, only strong Entities with overpowering wills, Shadows can be reverted to Closed Heart Pokémon, and can then be further purified if the conditions are correct, they may turn into a Corrupted if there is a lack of a Corrupted in the area


Corrupted Pokémon are beyond Saving, the infection has fully taken hold and evolved to a point where no amount of help can revert them, think of a Shadow Pokémon, but a thousand times worse, where there are Shadows, at least Three Corrupted at minimum will always be calling the shots, in order to fully cleanse an area of Shadows and the Infection, these Corrupted must be... Put Down, as they will otherwise spread the infection without cease and very rapidly undo any work at Cleansing the surrounding area.


Deltas are incredibly common in the Region, the infection running rampant having mutated and warped the species in the area over the lengthy amount of time the Region has been abandoned by Human and Gijinka influence, Deltas as you may be aware are of Different Typing than regular Pokémon, and likely have different abilities, upon a Closed Heart being Purified, do not expect the Pokémon itself to be something you have experience with.


Don't expect to see these, on top of the rampant infection and how the genetic pool has been so vastly mutated, Regular Species have been all but wiped out, not to mention that should a Regular Pokémon exist, it will be hunted down as a part of the food chain or just to get rid of an 'Anomaly', should you find one, be extremely careful with it.

U Wot?

Bear in mind the Age Setting

Better make sure you're allowed

Final Warning, if not of the Age Restriction, please leave

Roleplay Thread

Ryko Eon's AvatarRyko Eon
Ryko Eon's Avatar
Ok, I believe I am done with my Starting Framework for the Set-Up Thread, should anyone want to join up, you are more than welcome to do so at this point, and of course if you have any questions about this RP, feel free to send me a PM with said question/s included.
Matamoja's AvatarMatamoja
Matamoja's Avatar
Character Name: Venus, often goes by just V. Gender: Female Age: 16 going on 17. Home Region: Kanto. Appearance: waist length brown hair, tied in a ponytail. Tall and lanky. Often seen wearing dark colors or white on rare occasions. About 5 foot 9 tall. Preferred Types: psychic, dark and ghost. History Prior to... the ‘Incident’: Used to be a trainer helping Oak with the pokedex before getting mixed up in some bad things with team rocket and quitting. Now only wanders around with her eevee, probably the only one left she can truly trust. Other: N/A
Name: Matamoja "And what if none of their souls were saved? They went to their maker impeccably shaved"
~Sweeney Todd
Ryko Eon's AvatarRyko Eon
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Question: In the lore it mentions we're given a pokemon, even if the pokemon is extremely weak. There isn't a spot for it in the form, do we get to choose the pokemon (assuming we still have it when we're dumped in "that region") or will it be assigned to us?
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Good Question, and I shall Answer: Basically, the 'mon you've been given is a 'Route 1' 'mon, which likewise has been experimented on, it's not that the Pokémon are weak by Stats, it's that they're weak in health, and I don't mean the HP stat, without medical attention, those Pokémon will be the first victims of the region in question.
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That is good information, but it doesn't actually answer the question itself. Since there isn't a spot on the form for it, how do we know what our actual pokemon is? Is the selection only stuff like ratattas and pidgeys and so on? Or should we operating under the assumption that said medical attention won't be available so we can't save the pokemon either way?
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I figured it wouldn't make much of a difference as to whether they'd be on the form or not, as they'll be removed shortly after arrival in the region anyway, whether they perish or not is as of yet undecided.
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Ah, well in that case I won't worry. It sounded like they would still be with us, but if that isn't the case then it is what it is.
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If certain pieces of Salvage hold together long enough, the 'Route 1ers' may end up back in your characters hands, as said, it depends entirely on if Salvage can hold up long enough for a full medical treatment.

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