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Obscure Shinies/Albinos That You Would Buy?

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Silverr Rose's AvatarSilverr Rose
Silverr Rose's Avatar
So I am in the process of upgrading all of my badges, and while I do so I would like to hunt different Pokemon. I was wondering, what are some obscure Pokemon that you do not really see around/that aren't hunted and that you do not want to hunt yourself, but you would buy the shiny/albino of? This thread can be used by others as well, just in case they would like to hunt any of the Pokemon in this thread. ^^
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Valtikka's AvatarValtikka
Valtikka's Avatar
Slowpoke <3 Also Surskit and Venonat.
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Agent3's AvatarAgent3
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Alkali's AvatarAlkali
Alkali's Avatar
Not exactly sure how obscure these are, but Shellos and Eelektrik.
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Nightmøn's AvatarNightmøn
Nightmøn's Avatar
I like vullaby and I didn't see their eggs quite often in the shelter. I would like to buy a shiny and a albino one someday, But I'm not sure if I want to hunt it. I would like to hunt Dhelmise and Golett too, but genderless pokemon are quite difficult to hunt. So I'll pass for the time being. That all the "obsure" pokemon I'll not hunt, but I'll be willing to buy shiny/albinos. I'll edit if any others come in my mind :)
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Lunalatic's AvatarLunalatic
Lunalatic's Avatar
Elgyem. I rarely see eggs for it in the shelter, and melan Beheeyem still hasn't been discovered. It'd be cool to hunt one after I get Arceus rank.
I usually hunt mine eventually, since I prefer hunting something no one else is. ‘Cause then it’s easier to get a special bred by me. Only problem is the users picking up the eggs ‘cause they don’t have the dex. I have a couple, Rufflet to get Braviary but it’s male only. The others are finishing my evo-lines in shiny/albino with Klink and Tynamo.
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Gørdeen's AvatarGørdeen
Gørdeen's Avatar
Little Plapitoads?(and the lines) Never seen anybody hunted one
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bugology's Avatarbugology
bugology's Avatar
A lot of underrated gen 5 pokemon...Shelmet, Timburr, Foongus, and Darumaka come to mind. I never see anyone hunting them but I'd buy 'em if I could!
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selocon's Avatarselocon
selocon's Avatar
Munchlax. It's a 10k egg, and I melan hunted it once. Gave up after like 4 shinies cause it's a pain. One day I might go back to my catbears.
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