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Z-crystals UFT

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Blaine123's AvatarBlaine123
Blaine123's Avatar
I dont have enough GP sorry.
I may not be responding as much during the month of April as i have some medical issues going on that need dealt with, along with my birthday on the 15th in which i will be out of town.
gu-moo's Avatargu-moo
gu-moo's Avatar
Aii I'd like to buy your nightmare shroud ;v; my initial price to buy one is 40zc, but I wanna confirm if that price is okay with you or not I dont have a lot of zc with me ;v;;;
buying nightmare shrouds for 80ZC 4 / 1200
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Kasei's AvatarKasei
Kasei's Avatar
How much are you looking for for your eclipse flute ?
Jade's AvatarJade
Jade's Avatar
75 zc for the Flyinium?
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Mceyebrows's AvatarMceyebrows
Mceyebrows's Avatar
60zc for the two epees?
FunSizeMini's AvatarFunSizeMini
FunSizeMini's Avatar
@gu-moo- Sorry that’s low for me! I want at least 100-150zc. I can take mix payments though! @Kasei- Hmm.. 200-250zc? @Jade- Could you do 100zc? @Mceyebrowns- Sure! Please send trade
KainCrow's AvatarKainCrow
KainCrow's Avatar
If that means the shroud is UFT, may I offer 150 ZC? :3
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1:5:5k for my ZC, 1:6:6k for your GP/CR
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Jade's AvatarJade
Jade's Avatar
Sorry, 100 is a bit too high as I'm not in desperate need for it right now and after the TR I can easily get them for 75. So I'll pass, sorry
gu-moo's Avatargu-moo
gu-moo's Avatar
I can work with 100 :0c
FunSizeMini's AvatarFunSizeMini
FunSizeMini's Avatar
@gu-moo- I got a better offer for 150zc. Let me know if you want to do that instead or it will go to Kain

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